A Vow


The year is drawing to a close. Scotland, our country, not a region of another country which doesn’t actually exist, is about to, deliberately by the design of others, become a poorer place, on many different levels, against the democratic wishes of its people.

If there is a simpler, clearer argument for a return to what is normal in most other places in the world, the rightful independence of our nation, let us put it into words and shout it loudly from the rooftops.
I read with anger over the last few days the many stories of our fellow Scots, our friends, our families, not born there, but who have lived, loved, worked and made valuable contributions to life in Scotland, those who chose to live their lives and bring up their children in a country they feel part of, where they feel at home, now being effectively told by a government in London that they are not  welcome. Scots who have resided there for years, many with Scottish born adult offspring, have to fill in a form, pay a fee, disclose personal information, information which the Westminster mafia can then share with whomever they want, go on a list, and be ‘assessed’ as to whether they can continue to live in Scotland after 2020. 

Can you believe that? Think about it. Who gives London’s government the right to speak for us? We voted overwhelmingly against such sinister insular xenophobic nonsense.  That is not my Scotland, and I suspect that for many of you reading this it is not your Scotland either.
2019 promises to be chaotic. There is no certainty about anything other than that. You only need to look at the UK’s political  inter-actions of the last two years to clearly see that Scotland’s people are ignored, scorned and dismissed by those in power in our neighbouring country to the south which makes our decisions for us, whether we agree with those decisions or not. If you can’t see that you are deliberately deluding yourself. The decisions London makes are based on their priorities, protecting their wealth, their control, not our priorities.

Scotland’s abundant assets are seen as theirs to use as they see fit, for their benefit, not ours. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is falling for the deeply entrenched well established propaganda that promotes a view that Scotland requires the security of being chained to England to exist. If that’s your view please do a bit of your own research will you, look beyond Reporting Scotland and the Record, then make up your mind.
Having worked now for several years to further the cause of what I believe is right, Scotland returned to a state of independence as a modern progressive outward looking European nation, able to make its own decisions, with politicians answerable to its people, I say this now, on Hogmanay 2018, a kind of a New Year resolution, I vow (and this is a real vow not a unionist plastic one) that I will continue to do, and with a renewed vigour in 2019, whatever I can do that is within my power to promote that cause, excluding anything of a violent nature, until we achieve our aim of independence.
It is time to dissolve the union. It really is. They are hurting our ain folk. This has got to stop.


Two Caledonia’s


I am a wee bit out of the loop having just come back from spending a week and a half in the South Pacific in the vicinity of New Caledonia and Vanuatu, (disappointingly I didn’t come across David Mundell making a speech to one of the several indigenous tribes of those islands about how the Scottish separatists have a one track mind, nobody wants another referendum of any kind about anything ever again, and how, he, as a man of honour and principle, intends to continue to betray his countryfolk whilst reneging on threats to resign, all for the sake of his personal quest for a cosseted secure elitist future nestling in the arms of an impotent,in world terms, post-imperial Nationalist, with a capital ‘N’, British (English) establishment). Shame really.

Anyway I did overhear my wife’s conversation with a female security guard who explained, following the recent independence referendum to determine whether New Caledonia should extricate itself from colonial control from Paris, a referendum that went the same way as Scotland’s in 2014, that the separatists are encouraging their child bearing aged people to have more children so that they can get government houses and by dastardly means increase the voting numbers for self determination. Sounds familiar that opinion. There clearly must be a French equivalent of the Daily Depress doing its work in those parts.

Apparently though, according to a young lady I spoke to, a law student supplementing her income by acting as a tour guide, the people of New Caledonia have been promised another referendum within the next two years and they are confident the result will be different this time. When I mentioned that I was from Scotland she nodded and smiled, saying ‘Ah yes, I saw this, the English government don’t want to let you and your resources leave them’ demonstrating an understanding of Scottish politics beyond the level of many of the folk that live there.

It is however the season of goodwill, unless you are a disgruntled traveller trying to get a wink or two of sleep on a cold concourse floor at Gatwick because some eejit with a drone has been able to outsmart the glorious might of the powers that brought us Brexit the disaster movie, or you are one of the many struggling just to survive on the streets of our towns and cities, like the poor soul who perished the other day within a paper aeroplane folded out of an MP,s expenses claim throw of the Houses of Parliament.

The look on Nicola Sturgeon”s face as she stepped towards the awaiting media the other day, following yet another encounter with the bewildering crazy dancer of Downing Street, said it all. Get that 2019 diary out First Minister, and circle a date in bold blue ink. Let’s get on with it.

We’re no’ in right now, please don’t leave a message


It is painfully clear now that the crazy dancer of Downing Street, the repetitive robotic orator of empty rhetoric is surely heading for the glue factory, put out to pasture, where she can run freely through ‘fields of wheat’ all day before spending long evenings helping her husband count their money.

Mind you I’ve said something similar to that many times before, only to see her use a mixture of luck, arrogance, blind ignorance, ruthlessness and the utter incompetence of those trying to shift her to bend in gale force winds but not break, leaving her still sitting precariously at the top of the pile of self-serving right-wing wallopers who control Scotland’s resources and govern us from another country.

Her Brexit plan in tatters she’s been floating roon Europe on some sort of self-imagined mission to save the day, St Georgina on a trusty charger, having discussions with bored European leaders who have all moved on to something else to think about on their own domestic political agenda. (The European family of nations having agreed to the terms of their narcissistic cousin’s departure to Venus on a rocket he made out of squeezy bottles a few weeks ago.)

There is nothing more to discuss at this point, with her, each conversation with a European leader commencing with a welcoming ‘ Why didn’t you phone first?’ and an under the breath ‘ I could have pretended to be out’. Angela Merkel even made the mistake of letting her out of the limousine she was locked in.

If the rumours are true the nasty nasty party, cynical,self-indulgent bastards that they are, are just about try and topple her, again, whereupon a sickening orgy of backstabbing, arse licking and what’s-in-it-for-me will ensue, before some other elitist plonker, like a turd which refuses to accept a flush, floats to the top. That’s the problem you see about Westminster having the power, they don’t give a hoot about anybody but themselves.

It is very simply all about them.

Our country can, and soon must, unfasten ourselves from the UK straitjacket, cut ourselves loose. Otherwise Scotland will remain tied to a concrete slab dragging us down to mediocrity and continued decline by subservient association.

Ruthless nationalist fanatics


It gets harder and harder tae maintain the correct level of concentration required to stop a reflex dry boak every time I read a Tory Brexit associated news report as we near the vote in England’s parliament which potentially will hasten Scotland’s return to its rightful independent state.

I say England’s parliament because clearly it is laughable to maintain the entrenched fallacious pretence that the UK is anything others than an affectation, a vehicle to allow England to maintain power over Scotland, Wales and the north of the island of Ireland.

Those crazy bewildered feckers caught in a mythical mindset of the 21st century rebirthing of Rudyard Kipling’s India, those with a public school superiority complex and fond memories of nanny spanking their arse with a wet lettuce leaf, continue to leave the rest of us wondering whether spending the first twenty five years of your life learning random quotes from Greek tragedies really is the best preparation for a life in the Palace of Westminster.

Mad Boris de Pfffiffffl is now being likened by some amongst his wacky right-wing cabal as a noble majestic lion of CS Lewis children’s fiction, ready to jut out his noble chin, sweep his impressive mane from side to side and roar a Great British roar which will pour forth hordes of union flagged face painted flying monkeys back through time to swarm all over the banks of the Suez Canal, turn the flotilla of small craft at Dunkirk into giant transformers which pick up Tiger tanks in each hand and hurl them back to the Rhineland, and set off a task force from Portsmouth to enforce a new much bigger exclusion zone around the Falkirk Isles which has Buenos Aires in the middle of it, allowing the Sun to use the word ‘ Gotcha’ as a front page headline every day for the next year.

They are totally bonkers this mob, as well as heartless and ruthless.

The revelation the other day that former Tory government minister Priti Patel, sacked for trying to start her own government negotiations with Israel a while back, is clearly, when it comes to her heart and soul, no’ very Priti at all.

Starve the Irish intae submission she reckons. Then they’ll be compliant and accept the will of the new Empire. They might even want tae beg forgiveness for asserting their right to sovereignty in the first place and come back under the yolk. Here we are nearly in 2019 and English politicians are seriously advocating interfering with the food supply of a peaceful neighbouring country. As if what they’ve done to Ireland in the past wasn’t enough.

Heartless,vindictive fanatical nationalist (the bad kind)bastards.

Nicola, please, start the ball rolling. We must get away from these rockets, and soon. Independence now, independence always.

Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the circus


There is absolutely nae truth in the rumour that the British state broadcaster had tae pull their lunchtime edition of Propaganda Scotland yesterday because they couldnae find any more Scottish related billionaires from large corporations with a vested interest in doing the bidding of London to tell us how great Brexit is, or think of anything bad tae say about the Scottish NHS, Education, the Saltire Bridge, Baby Boxes, Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency of Govanhill, trains and minimum unit pricing for swally. No truth in it at all.
My goodness isn’t it all going well, the smooth, almost seamless, divorce from our European trading partners? Fresh from an almighty kicking in parliament as her government was defeated not once, not twice, but three times the other day, one of which resulted in them being found to be held in contempt of the House, surely a new low for a sitting government, the crazy dancer of Downing Street is reeling like Donald Trump at a MENSA Convention. Indeed moving on 24 hours or so, and being forced to reveal legal advice on Brexit she didn’t want to reveal, the choruses of “ Liar, Liar, big weird flared Black Watch tartan troosers on fire” are resounding around the circus chamber of the House of Commons like a football choir on cup final day.
The weird and wonderful ultra-loyalist DUP mindset sees the sash afflicted bowler hat shaped headed politicos spitting fury at the prospect of the people they represent gaining a massive long-term advantage economically over the other countries of the broken Union. Fit to be tied they are at the very idea. These are clearly people who prefer to shoot themselves in both feet, after individually lopping off all of their toes.
Meanwhile the forced out legal advice, we can all see now why the beleaguered Theresa May preferred to try and keep it under wraps, advises that there will be many years of disentangling the Irish EU trade  links under the proposed Brexit deal, if it ever happens at all, which clearly puts Scotland, whose people voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, the same people who were told in 2014 that the only way to stay in the EU would be to vote No to self-government, once again at the bottom of the pile, distanced from the incoming financial investment and preferential trading which Norn Irn will undoubtedly enjoy under the special status Brexit will give it, ignored again, and up for economic decline and losses of billions of pounds a year. Don’t you just feel loved and wrapped warmly in the arms of our “Precious Union”? 
Next Tuesday, when a Commons vote is currently set to throw Brexit into further chaos, is a long way away yet. Will there be Brexit Ref Two, the sequel, or yet another General Election, or a change of Prime Minister, or with one bound will the disco queen pull a very confused and irritated rabbit out of the hat and win the day? Who knows. My money is on a swarm of locusts descending on Hyde Park and decimating the winter pansies.
One thing though, If those we have entrusted to represent the people of Scotland’s democratic wishes cannot get themselves positioned to take full advantage of the madness that is Westminster in the almost unprecedented crisis that it is in at the moment, to further the right and just cause of Scotland returning to an Independent self-governing outward looking state, then they are in the wrong jobs.
Our time surely must be coming, and soon.