We’re no’ in right now, please don’t leave a message


It is painfully clear now that the crazy dancer of Downing Street, the repetitive robotic orator of empty rhetoric is surely heading for the glue factory, put out to pasture, where she can run freely through ‘fields of wheat’ all day before spending long evenings helping her husband count their money.

Mind you I’ve said something similar to that many times before, only to see her use a mixture of luck, arrogance, blind ignorance, ruthlessness and the utter incompetence of those trying to shift her to bend in gale force winds but not break, leaving her still sitting precariously at the top of the pile of self-serving right-wing wallopers who control Scotland’s resources and govern us from another country.

Her Brexit plan in tatters she’s been floating roon Europe on some sort of self-imagined mission to save the day, St Georgina on a trusty charger, having discussions with bored European leaders who have all moved on to something else to think about on their own domestic political agenda. (The European family of nations having agreed to the terms of their narcissistic cousin’s departure to Venus on a rocket he made out of squeezy bottles a few weeks ago.)

There is nothing more to discuss at this point, with her, each conversation with a European leader commencing with a welcoming ‘ Why didn’t you phone first?’ and an under the breath ‘ I could have pretended to be out’. Angela Merkel even made the mistake of letting her out of the limousine she was locked in.

If the rumours are true the nasty nasty party, cynical,self-indulgent bastards that they are, are just about try and topple her, again, whereupon a sickening orgy of backstabbing, arse licking and what’s-in-it-for-me will ensue, before some other elitist plonker, like a turd which refuses to accept a flush, floats to the top. That’s the problem you see about Westminster having the power, they don’t give a hoot about anybody but themselves.

It is very simply all about them.

Our country can, and soon must, unfasten ourselves from the UK straitjacket, cut ourselves loose. Otherwise Scotland will remain tied to a concrete slab dragging us down to mediocrity and continued decline by subservient association.


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