Ruthless nationalist fanatics


It gets harder and harder tae maintain the correct level of concentration required to stop a reflex dry boak every time I read a Tory Brexit associated news report as we near the vote in England’s parliament which potentially will hasten Scotland’s return to its rightful independent state.

I say England’s parliament because clearly it is laughable to maintain the entrenched fallacious pretence that the UK is anything others than an affectation, a vehicle to allow England to maintain power over Scotland, Wales and the north of the island of Ireland.

Those crazy bewildered feckers caught in a mythical mindset of the 21st century rebirthing of Rudyard Kipling’s India, those with a public school superiority complex and fond memories of nanny spanking their arse with a wet lettuce leaf, continue to leave the rest of us wondering whether spending the first twenty five years of your life learning random quotes from Greek tragedies really is the best preparation for a life in the Palace of Westminster.

Mad Boris de Pfffiffffl is now being likened by some amongst his wacky right-wing cabal as a noble majestic lion of CS Lewis children’s fiction, ready to jut out his noble chin, sweep his impressive mane from side to side and roar a Great British roar which will pour forth hordes of union flagged face painted flying monkeys back through time to swarm all over the banks of the Suez Canal, turn the flotilla of small craft at Dunkirk into giant transformers which pick up Tiger tanks in each hand and hurl them back to the Rhineland, and set off a task force from Portsmouth to enforce a new much bigger exclusion zone around the Falkirk Isles which has Buenos Aires in the middle of it, allowing the Sun to use the word ‘ Gotcha’ as a front page headline every day for the next year.

They are totally bonkers this mob, as well as heartless and ruthless.

The revelation the other day that former Tory government minister Priti Patel, sacked for trying to start her own government negotiations with Israel a while back, is clearly, when it comes to her heart and soul, no’ very Priti at all.

Starve the Irish intae submission she reckons. Then they’ll be compliant and accept the will of the new Empire. They might even want tae beg forgiveness for asserting their right to sovereignty in the first place and come back under the yolk. Here we are nearly in 2019 and English politicians are seriously advocating interfering with the food supply of a peaceful neighbouring country. As if what they’ve done to Ireland in the past wasn’t enough.

Heartless,vindictive fanatical nationalist (the bad kind)bastards.

Nicola, please, start the ball rolling. We must get away from these rockets, and soon. Independence now, independence always.


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