Hypocrisy – Old and new entrants


I take a few days out and look what happens, the circus that is politics in Scotland elevates to a new level of bedlam that satire would definitely struggle to duplicate.

Former First Minister Alex Salmond, Red Alexis, the Lenin of Lithgae, turned out, not surprisingly to around half of the population of Scotland, to not actually be the c**t for Red October, but instead produced a current affairs programme on a Russian news channel which discussed and promoted such noble subjects as equality, fairness, dignity and democracy.

I enjoyed it, and it was refreshing to see an English language news programme actually interview Carles Puigdemont, the President of Catalonia, rather than just defend their employers position by dismissing him, his government and the people of Catalonia who voted for them as ” Ex, or deposed leader”, “separatists”, ” illegal”, ” awaiting extradition”, or ” a minority” .

By the wailing and gnashing of teeth that went on last week by all of the usual suspects, and some new ones, in the British state media you’d think Salmond had taken a dump on the back lawn of Buckingham Palace just before a garden party and had pledged to move into an office in Lubjanka Square after undergoing an obligatory political re-education programme somewhere roon aboot Murmansk.

That fella Torrance is gonnae ruin his own health if he’s not careful, with his Salmond obsession. He should get out and get some fresh air more often.

Higher up the British nationalist food chain the notion that Salmond now has a wider platform to promote self-determination for Scotland without them being able to manipulate, spin or filter the content of his programmes is causing more cases of aching piles than constipation, and that can only be a good thing.

Somewhat putting the faux outrage over Alex Salmond’s TV show into the shade, the news that one half of the two Not-so-Cleverly Sisters, famous for their long-running duet in the Scottish media ” Get on with the day job Nicla” Kezia Dugdale, is to abandon her chair at Holyrood for a bit to fly tae the deepest darkest jungle in Australia to be humiliated publicly for money. Up until recently she had been doing this regularly anyway during First Minister’s questions in parliament but for not quite the same level of coin. At least Alex Salmond gets to interview the democratic leaders of new countries for his rubles and hopefully RT won’t insist that he has to masticate the roasted genitals of a blue-tongued lizard.

Surely hypocrisy abounds when ‘Kez’ and her military fetishist political colleague, who prides herself in winning the Ruth Davidson of the Year Award on an annual basis for her services to the British state, an ambitious politician who now has one eye on a safe seat in the country she really wants to be part of a government in, can do such things,

Ruth, as we all know, likes to get her neb in on on every talk show, soothing-the- masses nonsense that’s Great British in nature, or even attend Conservative Gala dinner and dances in the south of England that she can manage. The day job? Meeting constituents? Perhaps not so much.

Then we have a new player on the scene. Freshly squeezed out of the tube of regularly changing leaders of the Scottish branch office into Kez’s old job, and triumphant over all opponents for the position ( he beat Anas Sarwar) Tricky Dicky Leonard is on the case. First impressions would suggest he is going to turn out to be just like the previous three or four incumbents, but where Kez was always a wee bit transparent, and Johann Lamont just looked like she’d swallowed a wasp who’d been feasting on a particularly sour pickled onion, he’s looking like he’s as fly as a sober jailer. This he demonstrated very quickly by his blatant attempt publicly to somehow shoehorn Labour into getting credit for something they had absolutely nothing to do with over the last few days, as the Scottish government has gone into overdrive to try and stop engineering firm BiFab from going into administration.

Even as the GMB Union made their feelings known that they appreciate the great efforts that the First Minister and her team have put in to protecting the livelihoods of their members, Leonard has been somehow trying to spin a yarn that it was Labour pressure which forced the Scottish government to somehow capitulating to something or other, a figment of his own mind perhaps, rather than what actually happened. A classy guy. He’s as many faced as his leader, whose knowledge of Scotland seems to sit purely on the level of ” There would be turbo-charged austerity in Scotland if it became independent.”

Meanwhile the First Minister of Scotland, as part of the actual day job, spent last week trying not to laugh hysterically, or pull her own hair out, listening to Theresa May’s robotic determined nationalist madness, maintaining her professionalism in front of the cameras afterwards outside the Downing Street Big Top in order to not start a stampede, flying to a meeting of Arctic Circle countries to have her words listened to by an audience who respect her opinions as a leader who recognises that the environment of our world is headed for the file cabinet of seriously and irreversibly bolloxed if we don’t do something drastic to try and fix it, before coming home to get into two days of intensive negotiations to broker a deal to save a Scottish firm, protecting 1.400 Scottish jobs.

That is the kind of leader I respect. That is the kind of leader who should be leading an independent Scotland.


Constructive and cordial


A large ornate oak door creaks open, leading from an anteroom into an impressive meeting room furnished with a long highly polished table surrounded by a set of antique chairs.

Above and behind the central chairs on one wall there is a portrait photograph of a stern late middle -aged woman with a bouffant, a set of pearls and dressed in a blue suit. The photo seems to glow in its frame, and the eyes follow viewers around the room. The lense used to take the photograph reflecting the photographer’s skills in the airbrushing techniques of that time.

At the table sits a tall lean angular woman with grey hair, also in a dark blue suit. In her hands she firmly holds around half a dozen sheets of A4 paper.

” First Minister of Scotland Sturgeon Prime Minister” announced the Downing Street flunkey as he leads a diminutive figure in a light coloured suit into the room.

” Ah Nicola, how are you? Come in, come in, would you like some tea? ”

” I’m well thanks Prime Minister. How are you? It must be all a bit hectic for you at the moment, with one thing and another.” said the Scottish accented smaller woman.

Looking slightly worried, awkward, and anxious to change the subject the taller of the two women announced “Ah, here’s our David with the tea tray. Come in Secretary of State for Scotland, we’re all friends here.”

At this a bearded man in glasses with fading ginger hair, slightly sweating from his brow and top lip,entered the room carrying a tray of expensive china cups.

” Good morning Prime Minister” said the man, beaming, a look on his face like he had just received a nobel prize for sycophancy.

Turning his attention across the table the man continued ” Ah Nicola, nice to see you again. Can I tempt you to a Great British teacake?” he said, gesturing towards the tray, ” or we have fruit. We’ve got some really nice fresh strawberries, British in origin, from somewhere in Fife I think.”

At this the small lady he was addressing, now seated at the table, pen in hand, doodled a tiny slightly stylised version of the word ‘bawbag’ on the sheet of complimentary note paper in front of her.

” No thanks, Secretary of State, tea will be fine. Getting down to business, thanks very much for arranging to see me again Prime Minister. As you know this is the first time we’ve met since March. Time is getting short and I notice you’ve now set an official date for the UK leaving the European Union so I assume you must be well advanced in your preparations. I’m very interested to hear about them, and particularly about where you’ve incorporated or taken account of, my government’s feedback and recommendations to you with regards to Scotland. I’ll shut up now, because I’m sure you must have so much to tell me.”

At this the tall lady’s face turned somewhat ashen, her mouth beginning a series of what seemed like involuntary movements up down and from side to side (a trait which newspaper snappers loved her for) and she replied ” Ah, I see…. em, well, em, that’s David’s area, isn’t It David? ” she said nodding at the sweaty man.

“Oh yes Prime Minister, I’m across all of that Scotland stuff, I’m from there originally you know. You see Nicola, what you need to understand is nobody wants another referendum, we’ve received petitions that tell us that. I hear it every weekend at the Conservative young farmers club, I made a speech to the Myanmarese pipefitting industry on the subject a few months ago and to be quite frank, it’s just not on.”

Keeping her patience the small lady in the light suit replied, looking from one to the other of the two London politicians facing her. ” Uh huh. Right, that’s not what I’m specifically talking about right now, but we’ll get back to that directly. No, what I’m talking about is Brexit, your government’s plans for it, and how you propose to adjust the plans to accommodate the issues which impact Scotland and the democratic will of the people of Scotland who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.”

At this the increasingly sweating man, who was beginning to turn a deep shade of red, in either embarrassment or fury, it was hard to tell, looked at his leader, who wore the puzzled expression of a startled bunny which had just wandered on to the fast lane of the M6.

” Ahh yes, I’m with you now” he said. ” I misunderstood you” Looking deep in thought he continued ” I remember a speech written for me by central office about Bonanza. Yes, that’s it, It’s actually all about Bonanza. I loved Bonanza when I was a child. I used to imagine I was Big Hoss as a cantered around the border country on the back of my granny’s shopping trolley. No wait a minute, that’s not it, I’ve got it now. A Bonanza of new powers, that’s it. Scotland will get a whole lot of new powers and control of revenue and stuff like that once the UK leaves the EU. Trust me, trust us, we want the best deal for all of the UK.”

“Uh huh” said the First Minister, “which ones?”

Pores leaking like a Glesca water pipe after a thaw, and starting to leave at puddle at his feet, the Secretary of State Against Scotland, scrambling to maintain some form of dignity replied. ” Well when I say a Bonanza of new powers what I really mean is, they’ll be returned from Brussels to Westminster and then we’ll work out the best approach as to who should have future control. There are a lot of benefits to be gained from a one policy approach you know, isn’t that right Prime Minister?”

“Undoubtedly David, undoubtedly” said the Downing Street Premier.

The niceties now well and truly over, lips thinning, face becoming serious, the First Minister of Scotland spoke. “Right then. I see. Moving on. Prime Minister, the document we produced and sent you many months ago, in fact it was almost a year ago, ‘Scotland’s place in Europe’, did you or your ministers read it, and act upon it?”

(PM) “No”.

(FM) “Michael Russell from my team has been trying to maintain contact with your Brexit minister and his team. Michael has made several recommendations and suggestions, on my government’s behalf, with regards to how Scotland’s fishing, agriculture, environmental and other sectors should be managed as part of the run up to, and then post Brexit period. Have you factored any of this in to your detailed plans?”

(PM) “No.”

(FM): “Have you considered the proposals that have been made regarding Scotland, which has an ageing population and relies heavily on immigration to bolster the workforce and the economy, to have its own immigration policy?”

(PM) “No.”

(FM) “Do you actually have any detailed plans for exiting the European Union other than contriving a breakdown of negotiations and walking away with no future deal in place? ”

(PM) ” Not really.”

(FM) Thanks for clearing all of that up for me. Having heard all of this I can’t therefore agree to recommend that the Scottish Parliament pass a legislative consent motion to approve your Withdrawal Bill to leave the EU, which you will do against the will of the people of Scotland.

(PM) Suddenly very interested in the sheets of A4 paper that previously were in her hands, but were now being frantically picked up individually and handed back to her by her sweaty man in Scotland. “”Oh come on Nicola, don’t be like that” (now reading out loud from her papers) ” Brexit means Brexit”, “What we need now is to unite, come together as a country, and ensure that we can get the best deal for the whole of the United Kingdom.”

“We have enjoyed unprecedented levels of engagement” during this process. “The UK and Scotland must continue to work together to ensure businesses and consumers have the certainty they need as we leave the EU”.

“At least, as a favour, please tell the press that we’re on the same page, that we are getting somewhere, that we had a constructive chat, otherwise the pound will plummet. I promised the business community at the hedge fund luncheon that we wouldn’t rock the boat any further.”

(FM) ” Did ye, aye? Well I’ll see whoever takes over from you at the referendum ballot box soon. Thanks for your time Prime Minister. Oh and by the way David the tea was cold.”

Pots and kettles


Faux outrage, offence and deeply damaged sensibilities abound. Get the sharpened pitchforks out of the shed and light the torches. By jove, there’s an agitator stalking the countryside, stirring up the peasantry, and frightening the horses.

As we are now all aware, to the point of overkill (there are lost tribes in the Amazon jungle who have just had David Mundell make a speech to them about it) Alex Salmond, the Lenin of Lithgae, has accepted an offer to host his own show, produced by his own production company, on the Russian tv channel RT, which is seen as a media outlet for Russian state propaganda.

Oh my goodness, gnash those teeth, wail like a Bob Marley tribute show, how could he do such a thing? How could an ex-First Minister of Scotland engage in such dastardly behaviour?

They’ve turned him, Putin’s henchman have bedazzled him, he’ll corrupt us, and before you know it there will be thousands singing songs about tractor quotas and crop yields in George Square, accompanied by bands of roving balalaika players looking for a gig.

Imagine that eh, a politician daring to host a TV show on a channel known for political propaganda.

Let’s not then talk about the BBC, or the fact that up until 2014 it was not licence payers who funded the extensive World Service part of the broadcaster’s service but the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This fact has no bearing whatsoever on the channel’s output, production decisions or reporting, no, not at all.

Fair and impartial they are. Squeaky clean and as shiny as a freshly polished turd. They pride themselves on it. They are so committed to their fairness and impartiality that they need to keep telling us about it, in the hope that some eejit somewhere actually believes that they are genuinely fair and impartial.

Just look at the BBC’s reporting of the situation in Catalonia. If you fancy a game of state protectionist bingo you’ll easily find the words and phrases “separatists” “ex-Prime Minister” “Deposed leader” “illegal referendum” “charged with sedition” “only 43% turnout” (and the old classic we all remember from 2014, which only really means technically moving a nameplate for risk management purposes, not jobs, not workforces, but sounds convincing in a Project Fear sense) “businesses leaving the state in their droves” spoken or written by the score. Fair? Impartial? Not a chance.

It’s almost as if those poor people who took severe blows to their heads and bodies a few weeks ago, whilst exercising their democratic rights, from the truncheons of anonymous dark-suited and helmeted militia, never actually existed. We must have just dreamt that.

Maybe, once the Alex Salmond show gets up and running, Nick Robinson could come on as one of the guests, or better still, be commissioned to write a weekly review of the content and guests. If this was anything like his fair and impartial reporting during the late summer of three years ago it would be bound to be worth reading, it would be pure bollox, but worth reading.

I think we’re all more than capable of watching the show, and deciding for ourselves whether we think Salmond appears to have been influenced by Russian oligarchs or whether he remains firmly just a Rabbie Burns man (the Russians like him too). If the Russians do have any designs on influencing the content of his show I don’t fancy their chances much. Good luck with that.

I think many of us will find it refreshing to hear, for a change, a bit of candid discussion on the politics of Scotland, and the wider UK, in a forum not able to be manipulated or influenced by the British state, which, I suspect is one of the major reasons they are getting their union-flagged Y- fronts in such a fankle about Salmond’s new project in the first place.

Unprecedented levels of engagement


I scratch the dandruff off my increasingly thinning-haired napper each time I regularly read what seems like the same two conflicting reports in the media.

On the one hand we’re told by the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, having been promised ‘a genuine role’ in the process, that they are being kept almost wholly in the dark by Theresa May about the British government’s comprehensive plans, worked out on the back of a lilliputian’s fag packet, for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

On the other, we have the London Prime Minister and her life support crew, including our own dear Viceroy, Mr air-miles, a man who will travel anywhere in the world just to hold a press conference to tell the people of Scotland bad news, David Mundell, all telling us about the remarkable co-operation and ‘ unprecedented levels of engagement ‘ between the various parties involved.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? How can this be? How can there be such differing perceptions of the outcome of the same conversations? Who is telling the porkies?

Then it struck me, eureka, the light bulb moment. There is an explanation. It’s the nervous cough!

Right from day one, and the first contact between the brand new shiny buoyant Daily Mail bolstered then reincarnated Margaret Thatcher zombie and the First Minister of Scotland, the visit to Bute Hoose, the photo-shot in front of the duel saltire flags, then the next contact, this time in a Glasgow hotel, away from any possibility of the same point being made twice by way of imagery, a meeting where the Praying Mantis-like figure started to look a bit quesy in the presence of Nicola Sturgeon, it’s been gathering psychosomatic pace.

Disaster after disaster, resignations, foreign diplomats pointing at her and giggling, wealthy far right wing public school Neo-fascist colleagues leaving hate notes in her locker and spiking her champagne with laxatives, finding herself chasing around a forest in Scotland looking for pixies with the world’s most enthusiastic tank commander, and then chapping the unanswered doors of the villagers she still has locked up to hear her five hundredth rendition of the ‘Strong and Secure’ mantra in the local scout hall for the benefit of the TV cameras, election disaster, more laughing Europeans in suits, the anticipated feeling of the cold steel of a political skelp between the shoulder blades, more scandal, porn, further resignations, sexual innuendo, oops we only just noticed that our behaviour may have fallen short of what it should be, covert meetings, rogue or otherwise, with unpopular atrocity implicated states who should know better. It’s like trying tae herd unruly posh and nouveau posh cats, therefore the nervous cough is getting worse.

The keynote speech at her party conference for example. An audience straining, in between ducking tiny globules of coughed up breakfast muesli and chamomile tea, to hear the sage words of their leader, bemused, confused and clapping loudly in the intervals where her paroxysms of hacking seemed to recede for a moment. A room full of sweaty bilious hungover Tories, bewildered unable to comprehend their figurehead’s message. One rattling burly Buckinghamshire party worker was heard to say to a colleague ” Did she just say the words bum-fluffed golfing strawberries just then?”

Hence we can then work out what’s happened, where the misunderstanding has occurred, and identify the tactics that have been deployed during the JMC meetings between the devolved governments and May’s circus performers to discuss and co-operate on planning for Brexit.

Initially, at the early meetings of the JMC that she would attend herself, the Prime Minister right on cue, following introductions, and upon catching sight of the leader of Scotland’s government, would unexplainably burst into uncontrollable coughing, mumbling as best she could a semi-prepared statement that no one could decipher through her wretched convulsions. The room full of confused delegations from Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh would then be addressed by their own various equivalent Lord High Commissioner Mundell who, looking sternly across the table would say only ” I agree wholeheartedly with the Prime Minister”. This would result in many shaken heads around the table, and the occasional fantasy about shaking throats, but it worked a treat.

This ploy tended to act well as a delaying tactic for a while until the London government in their arrogance finally gave up all cosmetic pretence that they were even the slightest bit interested in trying to convince the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that their views mattered and would be respected, by scheduling further meetings sporadically, which did not require the attendance of Mrs May, who was busy being laughed at elsewhere.

However there is no truth in the rumour that at the opening of the British Irish Council Meeting in Jersey yesterday Damien Green tried to pull a similar trick by presenting a pre-recorded speech from a rasping coughed Prime Minister May to the delegates via his laptop. He hasn’t got it back yet, allegedly.

Running away from the circus


Reminiscent of the old BBC2 annual Easter showing of the 1950’s several hours long epic ‘Quo Vadis’ where Peter Ustinov’s Emperor Nero runs around his palace composing music, eating grapes and becoming increasingly unhinged as the city of Rome burns like a DUP barbecue in July in the background, awaiting the excruciating pain of the release from power, Theresa May surely must be getting to the pointy end of the end soon.

After a day where the incompetence, corruption and dysfunction of her cabinet were exposed clearly in the public’s headlights yet again, and her watery, robotic, confusing leadership tested further, what better way for a faltering Prime Minister to spend an evening but to get togged up in her finest Alexander McQueen or Amanda Wakeley wee black number, the pearls that came with the family hedge fund’s first billion, and toddle off to a banquet in the City to celebrate the 25th anniversary in the job of the newspaper editor who brought us such delightful headlines as ” Enemies of the People” (accompanying a photograph of three High Court Judges) ” Fury over plot to let 1.5 million Turks into Britain”, “4,000 Foreign Murderers and Rapists we can’t throw out” and the timeless classic “1million more immigrants are on their way”.

Then again if you are sinking like a jobby imprinted on a rock tied to the untethered anchor of a cruise liner trapped under a skip full of wet clay, perhaps you would still be sucking up to the vile right-wing hate mag The Daily Mail to try and bolster your public appeal amongst the boiled-egg-and-check-how-my-shares-are-doing-breakfast set of the Home Counties.

Can it be long then before we start to see the Mail dog whistling to the faithful with ‘Bold Theresa rising like a Phoenix from the ashes’ or ‘ PM invokes the Churchill Spirit to blast EU Bureaucrats’ or ‘ Cabinet clear out shows May’s mettle’, please no, celestial beings of all beliefs and none save us from this torture.

Boris Johnson, the least qualified person, in terms of diplomacy and tact in the whole of Great Britain for the position he holds (Bernard Manning being still dead) Foreign Secretary, is becoming more than just a hindrance or a laughing stock. The incompetence he displays is highly dangerous, his most recent bout of ‘Boris being Boris’, his lack of preparation or understanding of the task resulting in disaster. Every time he opens his gob a poor innocent British-Iranian woman held in Iran, a charity worker and a mother, gets hauled into court and charged with something else to add to her sentence. Shut the muppet up Theresa. He should resign for that one alone.

As for the Priti Patel saga the whole thing reads like an Armando Iannucci fly-on-the-wall political farce. I’m half expecting Peter Capaldi’s Malcolm Tucker to appear in the background of a news clip featuring a smug Ms Patel wandering through reporters shouting ” Look darlin, your career is fuckin over. You’re a headline today, fuckin gone tomorrow. See if you were a pizza, you’d be a couscous and dandelion supreme, tasteless and fuckin pointless’.

Did Downing Street order her to quietly meet with the Israelis? Did she do it all off her own bat? Did her resignation come as a result of Theresa May being too chinless to sack her, or was she given the go or we will force you out ultimatum? Who knows, who cares. At least it was nothing to do with sex this time, though,wait a bit , there’ll be another one of them along like the X39 bus tae Glesca shortly.

What the whole thing with Johnson and Patel (sounds like a firm of French polishers) does illustrate though is that May is weak and her leadership skills are so poor that she is currently trying to herd a large room of very fat, self interested, ruthless, backstabbing right-wing extremist cats, and doing it disastrously.

Meanwhile a group of European Commissioners and their negotiating team sit in an air conditioned room in Brussels looking at their Swiss watches and scratching the heads that they are slowly moving from side to side in disbelief.

I read yesterday somebody making a point about the challenges facing us, the thousands of advocates for Scottish independence. I paraphrase somewhat but it was something along the lines of expressing frustration about the fact that we need to justify our position at all times, on every aspect, on every detail, of the case for self-determination, so why don’t Westminster have to justify the continuing existence of rule from London.

When you look at the British state as it exists today in 2017 whomever it was that made that point has it entirely right. It is time they were held to account, it is time to see past the media spin, it is time to escape from the circus.

It is time to return to independence.

Gordy’s on the glue


What a nerve Gordy Broon must have. He seems to be on a mission to completely rewrite his part in the political history of the last thirty years.

‘Naw, naw it wisnae me, I wisnae there, I never saw it, that’s no’ my signature, a big boy did it and ran away.’

I know he’s got another book coming out (I saw his last offering on the bargain shelf in a book shop) but surely to goodness he doesn’t think that people’s memories are that poor that they cannot remember actual events.

See they bankers, reckons Gordy, they are all a bunch of greedy self-serving wasters that if it was left tae Gordy, according tae Gordy, would be in the jail.

Aye right Gordon, as Chancellor and then unelected Prime Minister you constantly used public money and sold public assets to bail the bastards out.

This is a guy, who when he had the keys to the Treasury pocket calculator drawer disastrously, in an attempt to reduce risk, decided to auction off half of the UK’s gold reserves, 395 tonnes of the stuff, which sold at such low prices at the time that ten years later estimates suggested that he’d cost the public purse 5billion pounds by doing so.

According to Gordy that little skirmish in Iraq a few years back, you know the one, hundreds of thousands of human beings blown to bits, refugees by the score, orphaned weans starving in the rubble and then growing up to want to hit out at anything western, near civil war and tribal conflict still happening today because of it, returned squaddies coffins arriving at Brize Norton regularly, aye that one, well anyway, although Gordy voted in support of that monstrous action and backed his war criminal freend Honest Tone’ in his sphincter licking exercise of Bush the junior at the time, he actually was no’ very much in favour of it. If Gordy told me that day follows night I’d get up early in the morning just to check.

Clearly, unlike his leader and cabinet colleagues, the sage-like Gordy, revising history, wisnae very convinced by Colin Powell, who wasn’t very convinced himself, about the Intelligence briefing and subsequent UK government report, plagiarised from a university student, that Saddam could have his double secret, hidden under the bed, fictitious weapons of mass death armed, ready and stored ready for action in a red phone box in Croydon in about forty five seconds.

Condoleezza who? Gordy would say. Never met her, couldnae pick her out of a crowd scene, never had her phone number in my contacts list.

As Jimmy Reid once famously said ” When New Labour came to power, we got a right-wing conservative government. I came to realise that voting Labour wasn’t in Scotland’s interests anymore. Any doubt I had about that was cast aside forever when I saw Gordon Brown cosying up to Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street.”

He’ll be telling us next that he’s a socialist.

Slippery as a patch of black ice outside a Wetherspoons, historians in about fifty years time will have a moving target to throw a net over when trying to pin down exactly his part in the downfall of the UK.

What a state


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I present to you the British state.

You live in a union of countries whose privileged sovereign, born into extreme wealth simply because her ancestors used all means available to them to seize power from other likeminded individuals to claim sovereignty and subjugate the many, through her advisors is hiding parts of her extreme wealth in places where the tax system of the lands she is monarch of cannot reach it.

A tax system which pays for the now often dangerously underfunded vital public services of those lands, services which were created to serve, support and provide essential care for ordinary people, people described by the hereditary privileged sovereign as her subjects.

As a consequence of financial decisions of this type, made on the advice of advisors, and not against any law of the land, the monarch, and it could probably be assumed, her extensive family, whom you would expect would personally benefit from the same type of financial advice, as well as any number of other super-wealthy individuals and corporations also hiding their wealth in places out of the reach of the tax system, many public services are underfunded, failing, and failing badly enough that human beings in one of the wealthiest countries in the world are destitute, hungry, living with untreated chronic health problems, and dying in the streets of the UK’s towns and cities.

The NHS in England is drowning in financial neglect, deliberately being smothered, lined up to be carved up and incrementally privatised by a government intrinsically linked to multinational corporations, through perceived class, favour and patronage. Yet more individuals who hide their immense obscene wealth in places where the tax systems of the countries where they carry out their business cannot reach them. Organisations who profit hugely, who channel the wealth created by the many to a limited few without contribution or conscience. Profit is God.

Meanwhile the ordinary people of the United Kingdom, who pay their taxes, contribute the sum of 370 million pounds to renovate the opulent palace that the sovereign whose advisors hide some of her vast wealth lives in when not in residence of any of the other of her opulent residences.

The notion that subsidising hereditary royalty is somehow the natural and proper order of things is further perpetuated and promoted by those in charge of state and elite sponsored media who seek reward and favour. Their job is to convince the citizens of England and their ‘partner’ nations on many levels that they are part of an entity which is worthy, which has meaning and value, which has a common intertwined existence. We are unique, we have tradition, we have ceremony, we are all ‘Great British’ in the minds of those whose task is to convince us that their nationalism is not nationalism at all, it is patriotism, and patriotism is good.

The extended family of the monarch can be caught publicly seeking cash for access and patronage, or seek to add the names of their offspring, further down the line of succession, to the gravy train civil list, or attempt to seek preferential treatment over more deserving applicants for university, or, as will happen very shortly, wear a uniform and a chest full of medals having spent only weeks in initial basic training for a military career (he was good at Its a Knockout though) but the media will always perpetuate the myth that “Oh look, they are just like us”.

Described as a democracy in reality the false term United Kingdom simply refers to a group of smaller nations with no power to determine their own futures, no control over their own assets or resources and no real decision making role with regards to relationships with other nations of the world outside the fallacious United Kingdom being subjected to comprehensive rule by a dominant larger neighbour. Our assets and resources are not ours, they are theirs.

This was clearly demonstrated when in 2015 the citizens of Scotland, the largest of the dominated nations selected 56 of 59 possible representatives to represent them in the ruling neighbour’s government chamber from a political party whose fundamental policy is to pursue self-determination.These representatives, and by extension, the people of the nation who elected them, were subsequently ignored, belittled, marginalised and scorned in a forum where they were, and those that remain, still are, politically impotent. They have no power to take decisions on behalf of their country. The decisions taken about their country by the ruling governing England puts their needs first, on all occasions, above the people of Scotland’s priorities.

The cultures of the smaller countries dominated by England are diluted. Their languages, art, and individual unique distinguishing features belittled,they are and absorbed as much as is possible without becoming clearly obvious, This is all part of a process over the longer term to present the smaller nations as indistinguishable from their ruling power as possible, as regions, in a sense, as parts of Greater England.

Add to the mix the obscenity to democracy of an additional layer of government of around 800 unelected Lords and Ladies, decision-makers that the citizens of the UK have not placed there , former politicians, business men and women, celebrities and ex civil servants, placed there through favour of the government of the day or again via hereditary privilege, all eligible to claim around 300 pounds per day expenses,many accumulating yet more substantial wealth by being deeply involved in private enterprise through directorships and positions as executive figureheads, often with clear conflicts of interest, and the divide between the very rich and everyone else becomes clearer.

Meanwhile in Scotland the use of Foodbanks has risen by 20% during the last year with a record 76,764 three-day emergency food supply packs given to people in need in the first half of 2017 as a result of the withering and inhuman procedures set up to introduce Universal Credit.

The Trussell Trust has indicated that their research indicates that issues with a benefit payment represent the biggest cause of referrals to a food bank in Scotland, accounting for about 42% of cases.

This in a country where 40 odd years ago a UK government commissioned economist identified, upon the discovery of a vast reserve of a natural resource in Scotland’s waters that if the people of Scotland were to be made aware of the consequences of this discovery, they would find out that they were one of the richest nations in the world.

Needless to say the British state did not think advising the people of Scotland of this fact was a good idea and kept this information confidential.

It’s time to take the yoke from around our necks.

Balancing parallel universes


Oh how we laughed. I didn’t actually, I just shook my head in disbelief whilst reading Editor Frank O’ Donnell’s article in the Hootsmon’s online version, as one of the cornerstones of unionist media in Scotland (it wasn’t always the case) comes under threat from a takeover bid by a Norwegian investor whose plans to topple owners Johnston Press include installing the former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond as chairman.

“Narrow political agendas will harm the Scotsman, a trusted brand with a loyal, intelligent audience” writes Frank.

On that first point yes we, not of a unionist mind. know that narrow political agendas harm the Scotsman because it has already happened, and has been so for a considerable number of years.

On his point about the Scotsman’s current audience has he actually read the imbecilic comments section of his online newspaper? Perhaps too ‘loyalist’ would have been slightly more accurate than ‘loyal’.

According to Frank, since he took up his role in April he had pushed an ‘aggressively pro-Scottish strategy, an unrelenting commitment to Scottish news’.

Apparently the Scotsman will no longer support a particular party at an election or a referendum. They don’t now ‘ think along party political lines’ wait for it, here it comes , they see themselves as thinking along the lines of ‘ what is best for Scotland’ because they trust the intelligence of their readers.

Who knew? Has anyone noticed? How do they know what’s best for Scotland, who appointed them to that job?

So does that mean then that in other words we, at least 45% of the adult population of Scotland, are simply not intelligent, and the people who produce the Scotsman at the moment, perhaps for not much longer, know with absolute certainty that remaining under the rule of a neighbouring larger country is ‘what is best for Scotland’?

The Scotsman currently, in my opinion, is the most biased newspaper in Scotland with regards to its editorial content. It has deteriorated to the point where it is often down there at times at the level of the loathsome UK Daily Mail and Express.

The only derogatory headline they’ve managed to not use so far about the Scottish Government and the independence movement is ‘ Nicola Sturgeon ate my pet hamster’s chew toy.’ Though I’m sure that if we wait long enough they’ll get there.

Its opinion pieces hover around the bizarre at times with recognised members of various branches of bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover type think tanks and UK sycophantasia regularly telling us how sinister we are and what’s bad about an established mature country with assets coming out of its lugs regaining control of its own destiny.

Throwing in a regular article from Lesley Riddoch and a small number of balanced journalists to make itself look nominally fair is not impartial, and doesn’t fool anybody who doesn’t see the world through red, white and blue specs. Have you ever read the comments that appear on any Lesley Riddoch article that’s published? They verge on criminality.

If the Scotsman, as claimed, is indeed impartial, then Scotland, during the period of the current Scottish Government should be almost a third world country, with the majority of our citizens reduced to penury, our natural resources gone, and the health and education services of our country broken down to absolute chaos and closure, going by the tone of the vast majority of the articles published by that newspaper consistently and relentlessly over a number of years. Is this the case?

In his article O’ Donnell highlights his paper’s editorial interpretation of having a ‘pro-Scottish’ agenda (still maintaining that it is impartial) as opposed to his perceptions about Alex Salmond’s Interpretation of a ‘ pro-Scottish’ agenda, which he described simply as being pro-SNP.

So, therefore it’s okay then for a longstanding Scottish newspaper to have a pro-Scottish agenda as long as that agenda is unionist only.

I tell you what Mr O’ Donnell, we are not looking for bias on either side, just balance please, real impartiality, not news items sieved through a British nationalist spin machine and spat on to a webpage to feed the narrow minded.

This piece, which frankly convinces me that there are such things as parallel universes, ends, almost predictably, with a wee smidgen of our auld friend Project Fear, hinting that in the current editor’s opinion Alex Salmond couldn’t run a raffle, and there are more than 2000 jobs at stake at Johnson Press.

They don’t build frigates though so that’s a relief…..

Out of the woodwork


Is this the beginning of the start of the long agonising end of Theresa May’s slapstick, cowbell and red nosed circus troupe?

Michael Fallon, a man once left looking like he was going to dissolve into play dough in the playground, before being rescued by a female version of Malcolm Tucker, when Bernard Ponsonby had the temerity to ask him a straight simple question about why his government continually takes the piss out of what they’ve left standing of Scotland’s shipbuilding industry by promising orders that never materialise or become diluted or get redirected, has chucked it as Defence Minister, as he feels his behaviour may have ‘fallen short’ of the standards expected by the UK military.

When is it, dae ye think, that politicians who have fallen short of expected standards actually recognise that they have fallen short of expected standards?

Them being a bunch of honourable folks with levels of integrity and honesty way above us ordinary mortals do you think from the very moment that they fall short of expected standards that they agonise on a daily basis, contemplating their behaviour over their Pate de Foie Gras? Do they ring their hands in tortured guilt each day as they weigh up the consequences of revealing or admitting their actions against the huge loss to public service their admission might cause? Do they continually suffer the pain of going against their honest better nature for the greater good of serving their country?

Or do they just think oh shite, I’ve been caught, and then try to pretend to look ashamed?

If this is a sign of things to come at Westminster some worthy somewhere around Whitehall who has just very recently joined the government after 40 years spent alone on a desert island whilst wearing boxing gloves better get on the bat phone to Brussels to ask them if it would be alright with them if things could carry on as normal for a bit longer than expected because there’s a slight problem in London which might take a bit of resolving and might also result in a few changes to the faces sitting in the comfy seats at the front of the Commons chamber.

If they are looking into the background of every Bullingdon boy and Tory yahoo born into wealth and self superiority who park their arses on both red and green benches in the Palace of Westminster for behaviour which might have ‘fallen short of expected standards’ we’ll be here until Meghan Markle is being referred to as Princess Meg before they get to the bottom of it.

Will we hear from house servants, nannies, waiters and waitresses at a local Conservative Association & Foxhunting bash, party workers, office staff, or worse?

Will we hear of power being used to take advantage of the vulnerable ,where the perpetrators can’t rely on too many gin and tonics as a defence?

We’ll see. The truth will out, or sadly yet another file will get locked away in a bulging secure drawer in Downing Street.

For ‘Sir’ Michael he can now wander off to collect his three hundred quid a day signing in money for the Lords between photo shoots for the annual report of the corporate board executive memberships he’ll no doubt shortly take up, probably in the defence industry, and lunch at the club, just a wee bit earlier than expected. Ho hum it’s a hard life.

Scotland would be so much better without the millstone and old school pals corruption and baggage of Westminster. It really would.

Nostalgia? Keep it


My goodness, these unionist think tanks, determined, in fact hellbent, on finding out exactly what is supposed to be good about one country ruling over two or three others whilst pretending to be in a partnership of equals, and then trying to persuade the rest of us that this is actually somehow a good thing, are springing up like weeds in a windae box. Anybody would think they were preparing to defend a second Scottish independence referendum.

On the heels of ‘These Islands’ a motley group of worthies put together to attempt to influence the easily impressed in the style of past days when we, the many, would defer almost automatically to academia or the clergy, some with several letters and lofty designations after their names, none of which end in ‘at Her Majesty’s Pleasure’, a think tank highlighting and emphasising our ‘shared past’, we can only anticipate what will be the next new unionist propaganda source to come our way.

Maybe we’ll get ‘The Churchill Spirit’ or ‘The Sceptred Isle’ or some other dry boak inducing jingoistic sentimentalism to line up nicely with the backs against the wall,Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard attitude, which is gaining momentum, against those nasty European bureaucrats, as we get nearer to London’s bluff being called. How they yearn for nostalgia, diehard unionists, for bygone glory, a time when we all pulled together,or kept our mouths shut.

Oh for the halcyon days when Prime Ministers spent their time sailing yachts to Jersey, where gluttonous representatives of Rochdale were seen only as jovial celebrities, ripe for a bit of leg pulling in what passed for comedy or light entertainment at the time, where institutionalised abuse by the powerful was dismissed as simply foibles of the elite and locked up in a file in a maternalistic Premier’s desk drawers.

Oh for the days where other politicians, frightened of the incoming citizens of lands his own country had colonised, pillaged and ravaged, those coming to see what those broad shoulders could actually offer them, could be cheered and lauded as a visionary for forecasting ‘rivers of blood’ as a consequence.

Oh for the good old days where sinister eyed, but smiling faced, disc jockeys could move amongst the powerful and the hereditary ultra privileged, seen as one of their own, or a court jester, whilst using fame to gain the access to take advantage of the sick, the disabled, the vulnerable and the young.

Nostalgia? Keep it. We’ll look to the future. That future is independence.