An open letter to the First Minister of Scotland


An open letter to First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

First Minister, thank you.

Thank you for your tireless work, your great energy, your leadership, your reassurance, particularly in reassuring our children and grandchildren, your direction, humanity and honesty.

Thank you for having a conscience throughout this dreadful pandemic which we all face. Thank you for the sleepless nights which I am sure you have undoubtedly endured worrying about the safety of those you serve. Thank you.

First Minister I urge you at this time to strongly consider taking the following action.

Please take steps to implement border controls with our neighbouring country to the south, England in order to reduce the dreadful impact of the current pandemic in Scotland.

This strategy has been seen elsewhere in the world to be very successful in reducing the spread of contraction and morbidity of the Covid-19 virus. Australia for example, has closed all borders between each State, effectively stopping the disease from community transmission in some States, achieving this in a very short period of time.

We are all watching with horror the events that are unfolding as a result of the relaxation of the lockdown in England, and the resulting consequences of the Cummings disaster, where thousands now casually disregard official advice. You know what is coming soon. So do we.

The Scottish Government should, with some urgency, whilst retaining its measured responsible approach, introduce emergency powers under their current devolved responsibility for law and order in Scotland, in the Scottish Parliament, to override the retained power and responsibility that London retains over Scotland’s border controls.

Border controls must be put in place at the English border, Scottish ports and airports to prevent the impending inevitable second wave spreading into, and engulfing Scotland, causing devastation.

It is clear that Johnson, Cummings, Gove, Hancock, Patel et al must surely be replaced shortly by a coalition all party UK crisis government, centred on doing the right things to protect human life, not corporation profits.

The incompetence of these idiots is killing tens of thousands of our fellow human beings, our friends, our neighbours, our relatives, innocents who have become the victims of elite exceptionalism. A central regime going against the trend, ‘following a science’ different and oppositional to every other first world country, being plucky Bulldog British, condemning the vulnerable and blameless to death.

Over the UK the death rate hasn’t fallen, in fact it is on the rise. The cabal of clueless underachievers in charge haven’t met, or achieved, any of the targets or tests that they said would need to be achieved before they lifted the lockdown.

Letting the shielded and vulnerable return to mixing with others is criminally negligent beyond belief. This is an absolute human catastrophe.

Please close the borders, allowing only freight and essential travel into, and out of, Scotland, and do so soon, before it is too late.

Once again, thank you for the selfless work you put in to your job on behalf of those you serve. Such actions as those suggested above can not be undertaken lightly. However this is not about politics, it is not about sovereignty. It is about saving human lives.

Just a misunderstanding


The Downing Street foyer. A lone lectern and microphone stand sit in front of a tall rusting 1950’s style General Electric fridge.

Several flat screen tv’s hang on stands around the corners of the corridor. Their screens filled with talking heads.

Two shifty looking red-faced hacks smelling of brandy, wearing cheap suits, and displaying visitors badges highlighting their credentials as stragglers broken off from the Telegraph and Express baying wolf pack, leaned in boredom against the walls, phones in hand switched to record, their stories already written in support of whatever nonsense was to be uttered next.

The fridge door opens, and a befuddled beady eyed haunted looking figure, with unkempt hair, and the look of a confused coo gazing through a North East mist, emerges.

Stepping to the lectern the bumbling unkempt figure flicked the remnants of that morning’s fried egg and kippers from his ill fitting tie, and cleared his throat…

“So, thank you all for coming today. I wanted to clear up some of the confusion that may have occurred after yesterday’s briefing, and specifically any issues regarding Dominic Cumming’s, my aide and special advisor.

I know there has been a lot of anger and emotion generated amongst the general population as a result of allegations being made against him that he flaunted the lockdown rules, devised by him, rules which we expect everyone else (cough cough, sips from glass of water, hand visibly shaking) to comply with.

I know my words yesterday in support of Mr Cummings may not have gone down well in some quarters, as the many thousands of complaints by the British public today have demonstrated.

However I have information now that I can share with you that will undoubtedly ease your minds on this subject, and clear this matter up once and for all.

Following yesterday’s briefing Mr Cummings and I spent some time last night re-examining our private diaries for the initial date in question, when it is alleged that he drove his family 260 miles north of London to his parents property in Durham.

We concluded that somehow there has been a massive mistake made, a misunderstanding of significant proportions.

It can’t be right. It didn’t happen because on the night in question he was with me.

I sent him out for chips. I had cod and chips with two pickled onions, and he had a special fish, mushy peas and a battered fritter, and we had a late night conference call with HRH the Duke of York about a charity event we want him to head up.

I’m glad that clears everything up. Now I must be off, state affairs wait for no man, and all that.”

As he hastily turns away, the shambolic looking figure opens up the fridge door, and someone nearby thought they heard him whisper “Move over Dominic, I think we’ve gotten away with it.”

Enough with the Nike nonsense


For goodness sake, Britain’s media propaganda arm in Scotland, give it a rest with the fallacious and spurious insinuations of cover ups by the Scottish Government.

The mainly invisible Boris Johnson and his band of posh cretins, still quietly amongst themselves believing in the bonkers herd immunity theory, (the plebs and their children can get Covid -19 or Kawasaki Disease and expire but we’ll keep Eton, Winchester and Harrow shut so that future versions of themselves can remain protected) go about their merry way, lying through their expensively worked upon teeth, even when it is easy to prove that they are lying, and making criminally incompetent decisions which are causing unnecessary deaths by the score.

All the while this cabal of entirely unfit for purpose self servers are not being held to the slightest bit of account by their impotent media, apart from by a former sleazy newspaper editor born-again tv anchor whom they’ve banned themselves from talking to.

Meanwhile, in Scotland the hacks of the press are still trying to find a smelly turd where one does not exist.

if this rubbish about conferences in Edinburgh, and who did what,when, why in February, weeks before 251,684 folk from all over the place, crammed in together, attended the Cheltenham Festival, continues for much longer Nike would be as well launching a new set of sports shoes, Nike Sturgeons, to give Michael Jordan a run for his money. At her daily briefings Nicola Sturgeon can lob them, sole first, at the baying idiots on the screen in front of her every time they ask her a dippit question.

Scottish media, away and make a real job of journalism instead of sucking on the teat of the British state. Enough with the falsehoods. Leave the First Minister of Scotland to get on with her job, the task of keeping the people of Scotland alive.

A Four Nations Approach


The now infamous and disgraceful Sarah Smith ‘mistake’ is just another, if extreme, example of the systematic unceasing undermining of Scotland’s right to make decisions for itself.

During the current human crisis which is the world pandemic news and current affair programmes by the British state broadcast media continue, with unrelenting pressure to try and convince you that the Scottish Government should fall into line behind the wildly incompetent, and criminally negligent British Government.

This is oft quoted, and pitched at you, as a need to avoid the confusion of different rules, a need, they say, for a “Four nations approach”,

Anybody who feels that they may be on the slippery slope to actually falling for such nonsense, please bear in mind that a “Four nations approach” as the media and unionist politicians mean it, refers to three nations doing exactly what the fourth and largest nation tells them to do.

This applies even where these three other nations (actually two other nations and a province) are entirely at odds, and disagree with, some of the decisions the larger nation takes which put the lives of thousands of folk in danger.

Those lives are secondary in importance to the larger nation having total overall control, and the power of veto, over what are supposed to be partners in a political union.

There is something desperately wrong and sickening about that arrangement.

Rue Britannia


“Enjoyed the opportunity? “ Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland has, according to one of the British state’s broadcaster’s propaganda agents in Scotland, Sarah Smith, enjoyed the opportunity to set her own lock down rules, and not have to follow what’s happening in England and other parts of the UK.

“Enjoyed?” This, only a few weeks after the strain of the responsibility of decision making and leadership in Scotland during this dreadful time for humanity so very nearly overwhelmed Nicola Sturgeon, whilst being subjected to a particularly cutting line of questioning about Scottish care homes at Holyrood FMQ’s, that she struggled desperately for a moment to stop herself bursting into sorrowful tears. “Enjoyed” Sarah?

C’mon, that is a low blow, even for the BBC. This despite the Scottish Government at every opportunity possible making the point that petty politics should be set aside right now as clearly there are far more important things to worry us all, the First Minister herself going out of her way to avoid the trap of criticising the bumbling deadly incompetence of her equivalent and his train wreck load of numpty government ministers south of the border.

So much so that when asked to step in tae the interview fire pit of the born-again former sleazebag Piers Morgan, (because the British government are feart of him), to try and explain the hashy bashy London lockdown release rules last week, where ye can meet yer granny aff the bus, but only on a Tuesday, and only if you are wearing a patch over yer right eye, and have a window open, but if you’ve a cleaner or a nanny, ye know, like we’ve all got, they can come in and exercise in your hoose as long as they’ve bought a chrysanthemum at a garden centre, and if you’ve got a dug you are allowed tae play tennis, up tae 7pm, apart from Sunday’s (the silly feckers even got the day the rules were coming into force wrong) even then she refused to be drawn into politics, and criticising them. Morgan in the end had to try and put words in her mouth, which she repelled very well.

But naw, the relentless nip nip nip of the British state still goes on, even in a world pandemic. Rule Britannia? Rue Britannia!

Smith in her comments too was factually incorrect, as she often is as a cheerleader for London. The First Minister is entirely in step with most of the other countries of the UK, just about all of them in fact.

There’s only one that isn’t, the one that’s made an entire arse of every decision they’ve taken since all of this started, the one that will have a number of questions to answer regarding systematic, and at times, deliberate criminal negligence causing the deaths of many thousands of innocents. That government is centred in Downing Street.

Surely to goodness when this is all over it is time to unlock the shackles of a false Union, a Union that doesn’t care if you live or die, as long as those in control of that Union possess the power, assets and resources that Scotland allows them to keep. It is that simple.

Common sense?

“This is the BBC. I’m Alvar Liddell. Now direct from the Cabinet Office in Downing Street, the Prime Minister….”

“We shall fight it in the air and seaports, although Dobbin has long since bolted, it’ll still be able to come from France though, but you cannot go to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, we shall fight it in the water supply, even though it isn’t in the water supply, or in the seas and oceans, we shall send you back to work, giving us growing confidence, now that you are like canaries in a mineshaft, but thankfully giving us renewing strength in the City, we shall defend our fortunes, whatever the cost may be, to you. We shall persuade you to go to work, but don’t go to to work, leave your homes but stay in, between nervous daily trips on packed buses and trains on your day off you can gather like sardines on the beaches, we shall continue to fight and be wholly incompetent on the international PPE acquisition markets. Stay Alert, we shall fight our invisible deadly enemy in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; if you see it hit it for six with a cricket bat and run for it, we shall never surrender.

Is all of that clear? It’s just good old British common sense.”318D447E-E7BB-4F93-8276-0BAAD5221E80

Pants on fire


How do they get away with it? How can an elected Minister of the dysfunctional UK government of these days of crisis, in a press briefing, stand there and cluck triumphantly a barefaced untruth about the numbers of citizens tested on a given day, a falsehood easily checked and able to be rebutted by anyone with more than 2 brain cells, and get away with it?

We’ve seen in the last week the criminally negligent corruption and incompetence of the UK government exposed in a Panorama investigation, with allegations revealing failure to prepare for the pandemic we all face, failure to protect those that put their lives on the line for the rest of us, and possibly worst of all, when they feared that their incompetence would be exposed they officially downgraded the Covid -19 virus in terms of risk so that legally they could not be held accountable for not providing health care workers the vital PPE they knew that they hadn’t stockpiled enough of.

All of this which should be sufficient to see a public inquiry launched, and key decision makers questioned and held accountable, but no, that’s been conveniently swept under a carpet, oh look Boris Johnson has become a Dad again!

Even the BBC itself, who produced the programme, failed to promote its content too loudly or follow up in the days after the broadcast in any of its news content.

I think anyone now who has the slightest doubt that the main and principal function of the BBC is to be the British state broadcaster, there to be a platform and defender of the government and established power holders of England and those acting on their behalf in the subsumed surrounding countries it pretends it’s in a union of equals with, is more than naive, they are deluding themselves.

I thought it was bad the other day when the Lazarus-like Beetlejuice version of Winston Churchill started gibbering on about the UK being over the worst of the virus, past the peak. I nearly choked on a cheesy wotsit though when he said “we have so far succeeded in the first and most important task we set ourselves as a nation to avoid the tragedy that engulfed other parts of the world”.

What planet is he living on, is he still delirious from his recent encounter with Rona? Is he on some sort of mind altering hallucinogenic medication?

At the last count the UK had 27,510, oops sorry 27, 511, oh sorry I did it again, 27,512 deaths, that we know about, from this deadly virus. Think about that.

Britain has the second worst death toll in Europe, with only Italy, and the land of the giant nappied baby leader across the Atlantic worse in the world, and it’s catching Italy up rapidly.

Why aren’t the media all over Johnson and his crew, questioning what is coming out of their mouths versus the facts? Does it take just the loathsome Piers Morgan to stand up to them?

Now, we have Matt Hancock, standing behind the podium yesterday, falsely trumpeting how magnificent his government’s policies and strategies have been in ‘ramping up’ (they love that phrase almost as much as ‘following the science’) the pledge they’ve failed on to reach a mythical target for testing per day by the end of April.

Matty reckons they’ve exceeded their target of 100,000 daily tests, in fact his ‘audacious’ target setting at the beginning of April has borne fruit, with 122,000 odd tests carried out on the last day of the month (said confidently with neither a red neck or a nervous finch or fidget).

No they didn’t, 50,000 of the tests counted in that figure are not tests that have actually occurred. These 50,000 are test kits which have been posted out to people’s homes that haven’t came back in yet.

The actual figure they tested was 73,000. Where is the media scrutiny of these blatant falsehoods?

It would appear that at time of world crisis, in a situation where government incompetence is leading to the deaths of thousands of our fellow human beings, on an unprecedented scale, propaganda comes first.

Better Together? Ooft!

They are clearly at it


See aw this feigning confusion over pretty simple and clear advice coming out of Nicola Sturgeon’s mouth, it’s getting a bit worn oot, is it not?

Oh borders, borders, borders, whine the yooniversity of the bewildered, red, white and blue, and the hard of thinking.

‘The virus doesn’t recognise borders, so it’s pointless having different precaution advice for Scotland and Our Green and Pleasant Land’ they yodel from the rooftops of Bedlam. Politicians, journalists, talking heads, social media shouters and ex rugby players, they are all at it.

Wee Davie Mundell, the former Viceroy of Joy, bringer of all things misery and smoke and mirrors on behalf of the British state to the country he was born in from the country he sycophantly adores, is the latest. He’s “confused”. (To be fair, it doesn’t take much to confuse him) on the issue of face masks, as he describes it, and the conflicting advice coming from Scotland’s First Minister and those he toadies for in London, even though he got huckled out of his job for a guy with a weekend hunting estate.

Firstly. It’s face covering, not masks, masks are for frontline health workers, the heroes that Panorama the other night so easily exposed as being thoroughly let down and left in mortal danger whilst doing their jobs by the government that Wee Davie loves so much and craves to get back into. A government criminally negligent, a government that had a cheek to stand in a minute’s silence the other day in tribute to over a hundred medical staff who could still be alive if they had done their job properly and protected them.

It’s face covering in public places and public transport where it might be difficult to adhere to social distancing. Easy really. Around yer ample gub and nose Davie. Could be a scarf, a cloth, a pair of Union flagged Y- fronts, could even be a cutoff section of that ermine cloak you’ve got hanging in your wardrobe in anticipation of a wee £320 a day reward you are expecting at some point for services rendered. Any of the above will do.

It’s not mandatory, it’s advised. It’s not considered 100% effective, but here’s the thing, there is some evidence that it does help slow the spread of the virus as we protect each other from much of the droplets associated with coughs, sneezing and talking. ‘Some’ is better than Rona roulette I would suggest.

Sweaty Matt Handless at the daily evasion exercise that the London Government Corona virus updates have become (they cannae even be bothered to provide somebody to sign for the deaf) tells us that ‘the science’ doesn’t support wearing face covering.

I’d love to see that science the Tories keep going on about, the science that varies from most other countries in the world, apart from the one governed by a big baby in a nappy the size of a hammock, the science that is killing the people of the UK in droves, that science.

Matty the perspirer, on several occasions has also disavowed the idea that stopping 50,000 people a week flying into the UK, without health checks, quarantine or restriction is a sensible thing to do, as in his, and “the Science’s” opinion this isn’t adding to the spread of the virus, a view which frankly is clearly bonkers, a situation which in reality will continue to perpetuate the spread of Covid-19 and kill more people until eventually, tails between their legs, the Tories decide to take that action. So I wouldn’t really pay the slightest bit of attention to him.

The media are at it as well, trying to stir up the constitutional shyte, like a wee group of primary school
kids taunting two of their classmates into a fight, and misreporting the First Minister’s words, claiming constitutional chaos and confusion.

Just stop it. The whole world is involved in just staying afloat and keeping people alive right now. The people of Scotland will remember, when this is all over what they saw and heard for themselves in the Scottish Government virus briefings, and how these were subsequently reported in the media. We have long memories.

Better together?


So there we have it. Near chaos.

Smoke, mirrors, planes sitting on runways for days to pick up vital equipment that were apparently supposed to land in the south of England the day before they were even ordered (work that one out).

A rudderless ship heading for an iceberg the size of a huge temporary hospital that they built without ensuring that it is adequately staffed, therefore resulting in gravely ill patients being turned away.

Who is currently the Prime Minister? Is it the unelected Cummings? Where currently is the Prime Minister?

If Boris Johnson is well enough to speak to the world’s most dangerous narcissist, an individual who is so self-interested and thick that he is going to cause record numbers of deaths from this virus in his country, from inside his fridge at Chequers, a conversation to work out a joint ‘Special Relationship’ approach to the crisis, (God save us all) why can’t he deal with media questions from a comfy fireside armchair there? The man is a lazy incompetent coward. He wanted the job title, not the job.

It begs the question is there a daily raffle amongst Tory ministers to see who ends up looking sweaty, nervous and uneasy at media conferences in Johnson’s absence, even though the BBC aren’t giving them a hard time anyway? Hancock is looking like he is going to burst into either tears or flames. And now we’ve got a military presence at the briefings too, cue signalling to the Home Counties heartlands images of Vera Lynne, D-Day at the Daily Mail, St George’s Day, good old Winston, ‘we’ll fight it in the fields, we’ll fight it in the isolation wards’… etc …and dry boak.

Why are bureaucrats and medical experts covering up for incompetent negligent governance?

In the past few days a senior medical officer has made comments, attempting to rewrite the history of the last couple of months, which suggest that the UK’s approach to the Covid-19 crisis is an ‘exemplar’. What planet is she on?

We’ve also seen a senior bureaucrat, who when questioned by an oversight committee on why it was that the UK did not take the EU up on their offer to be included in a scheme to source and distribute vital patient ventilators, said initially that it was a political decision, a government choice not to be involved, suddenly overnight change his mind and ‘correct’ himself saying that the UK hadn’t received the details of the invite on time to allow this to happen. Oops, a wee slip of the memory. Yet he seemed so sure of his first answer on the video recording of his answer to the question. Curious that.

What pressure is being placed on these people, and by whom?

Did the cover up of their attempt to cut Scottish and Welsh health and care workers off from vital life saving PPE go well, once they were caught red handed?

Do the allegations of the last few days that false social media accounts were being used, again until they were found out, with the images of real NHS workers, but given fake names, to back up the government’s falsehoods on twitter and Facebook that there is enough PPE to go round, and that the deeply disturbing herd immunity idea, debunked by the WHO, was a good thing sit well with you? Is human life that disposable?

Why is it, if Westminster’s government feel, by some means of serious self-delusion, that they are in control of this crisis, and have reliable strategises to address the changing requirements of getting through a pandemic, do they send out a succession of junior ill equipped ministers like lambs to the slaughter, to be eviscerated by the usually loathsome but currently performing a vital national service in exposing governmental ineptitude, Piers Morgan?

Do they think this instils confidence in the population of the countries of the union, watching such exposure of grave incompetence? Yet more cowardice from those in power.

Does the fact that although, thankfully, responsibility for health services is a devolved power to Scotland, (imagine it wasn’t?) all other powers that would assist the Scottish government in its battle against the coronavirus, keeping Scotland’s people safe, powers like border security, are still in the hands of these right wing numpties in London, make you uncomfortable? It should.

Does the knowledge that many other countries of a similar size and population to Scotland around the globe, countries with full autonomy, are recording significantly less mortality as a result of the pandemic than Scotland make you wonder why that is?

Better Together? My auntie Fanny.

Don’t ever forget this.

Caught red handed


It gets worse. Caught in the spotlight being underhanded, in fact being potentially criminally negligent with the health and safety of health and care workers in two of their “precious union’s” member countries, to the benefit of their own, the London government reverted to type.

As is their way they evaded official questioning until some sort of half baked denial could be prepared (Matt Hancock felt suddenly as vulnerable as a security guard stuck in a lift wae Jason Bourne, delaying a phone conversation with Jeane Freeman), they released a statement to their loyal and true red, white and blue patriotic nationalist media, to start pumping out damage limitation propaganda, and then, with a straight face, denied that there was ever a problem in the first place.

Oh aye, the concerned Ministers of the UK’s devolved governments, anxious to find out how the English NHS and English social care system somehow managed to achieve priority in the procurement of life saving Personal Protection Equipment were much assured about that.

‘It wisnae us’, pleaded the Britarse Empire. ‘We didnae tell them to do that. It was a big boy wae a goggly eye and one arm shorter than the other, who then ran away.’

This despite the clear factual evidence of two of the four PPE providers in question and the CEO of Scottish Care, who let the cat out of the bag in the first place during a radio interview, categorically still insisting that the instruction to deny frontline care staff in Scotland and Wales, fighting for the lives of the old and the vulnerable, losing out to the benefit of carers in England, came from Public Health England.

The BBC and others will tell you this is all speculation, a mistake, those nasty nats just stirring up trouble again, and oh look, how could they do this at a time of such crisis. Some of you will believe them. Those who believe the 24/7 unionist propaganda will lap it up, reassured and validated in their cognitive dissonance.

The fact is this. They have been caught red handed. The British government in times of peril do not care about the people of the other countries in their union. You do not matter, they do not need your vote, you are an irrelevant inconvenience. You are tolerated only for the resources and assets they can take from your country. You are expendable. You may as well be the sheep they supplanted your forbears with centuries ago.

There will now be a clean up exercise. The companies involved will be persuaded, one way or another, that actually they were confused, they interpreted the directive wrongly and it was all their mistake in the first place. The CEO of Scottish Care will find a mini-character assassination coming his way to fog up his credibility, and our government in Scotland will be urged to shut up about it in the interests of unity at this time of crisis, with promises that it will never happen again, until the next time.

The British government haven’t even got the integrity to be honest during a time of unprecedented crisis for the health of the planet’s human population.

Oh what a miserable corrupt non-entity the United Kingdom really is. Scotland must take all matters of government into its own hands. Our people’s lives depend on it.