Farage’s new Party finds another parliamentary candidate


The Nag’s Head Public House Peckham, on a wet Friday lunchtime. A tall almost emaciated ungainly man with a dirty blonde shoddy haircut, wearing a khaki combat jacket and jeans two sizes too big for him, walks unsteadily and very slowly towards a table in the corner carrying a tray of drinks, concentrating hard not to spill any of the beverages under his control.

“Blimey Rodders” says a smaller man dressed in a 1980’s style trench-coat and wearing enough fake jewellery to shut down Argos. “You ain’t carrying a ticking time-bomb there my son. Hurry up, will you. The back of me throat thinks me tonsils have dried up and fallen off. Sacre bleu amigo, sacre bleu!”

“Hold up Del” says an elderly man sporting a big white beard and wearing a duffel jacket. “Give the lad a chance. Do you know during the war I was serving as a deck steward in the Russian convoys on the ‘Glorianna’. One day I had to carry a huge tray of champagne glasses through the Captain’s Mess in a force 9 gale when suddenl……”

“Oh do shut up Albert!’ said the smaller man again. “Rodney if you don’t get here shortly with them drinks Mike will be calling last orders and it’ll be time to set the stall up in the market tomorrow.”

“I’m coming Del. Just you sit there and throw out your orders, don’t mind me” the younger of the two Trotter brothers, Rodney, was not impressed by the heckling of his older brother Derek.

Arriving at the table Rodney distributed the drinks around the table in front of the various assembled company, depositing the last, a cocktail glass decorated with a cherry on a stick, a wedge of pineapple and a small umbrella, in front of his brother. “There you go Del” he said, “A Pernod, a dash of Peri Peri sauce and ginger ale, just like you asked for”.

A man in a second hand checked suit jacket who had a remarkable facial resemblance to a horse which had been hit on the head with a plank spoke “ What about that Brexit then?”

“Eh?” said Del. “What do you mean Trigg, what about Brexit?”

The slow thinking equine-faced man spoke again. “Well, I don’t feel any different.”

“Eh?” said Del again, looking bewilderedly around the other faces at the table, the others were equally as bemused. “What is he on about?” Trigg, what are you talking about?’

‘Brexit. We left, and I don’t feel any different, we’re still here, aren’t we? We didn’t go anywhere” said Trigger.

“It’s been cancelled Trigger, twice” said a moustachioed used-car salesman sitting to the confused man’s left. “ We’re not leaving now until October.”

“Thank God for that then “ said Trigger “I haven’t even packed yet. How many pairs of socks do you think I should take?”

A number of heads around the table shook, some eyebrows were raised, and the assembled company went back to their drinks.

Rodney, open-mouthed, raising a finger as if he was about to say something in response, changed his mind, and took a sip of his half pint of lager.


Resistance is not futile


Like just about everybody else, supporters of a self-governing Scotland or otherwise, I’m heart sick at the very sight or sound of the B-word, hence instead of blogging I’ve been getting on with other things until there is something less repetitive to comment upon.

All of this has gone way beyond farce, a former imperial power refusing to accept the reality of its place in the world in the 21st century and being caught, by a huge viewing audience around the world, under a massive spotlight with Its union flagged Y-fronts around its ankles whilst it repeatedly beats itself around the face with a loose floor plank which keeps popping up every time it puts a foot on the other end. It’s lit-up clown nose lets out the parp of an imaginary release of flatus (to the accompanying sound of much audience laughter) upon every stroke of the plank. It really is pathetic.
The First Minister of Scotland, fresh from yet another sit down in London with the Borg, where yet again the robotic-voiced negotiating tactic of the cybernetic organism reputed to be in charge of the collective known as Brexit Britain seems to have been “ We are the Tories. Lower your shields and surrender your country. We have added your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own, just like your oil and whisky. Your culture will adapt to service us.  The ‘people’ have spoken and we will do this in an orderly fashion. Resistance is futile”, is surely making plans for the forthcoming snap General Election, (a stage we haven’t reached yet, as we await the complete meltdown of the various factions of right-wing British politics) to provide the indicative answer to the question of sovereignty at Scotland’s ballot boxes.
All of this ‘taking back control’ nonsense spouted by the Farages, Redwoods and Johnsons of this world seems to have somehow gone a wee bit awry, particularly seeing as this week Westminster’s government is sweating like Donald Trump at the barbers about whether the European Union will grant them another extension to prolong the nightmare even further.

It looks likely they will, Donald Tusk’s idea of a flexible one year extension may end up being the likely serving suggestion. If it is this will likely generate a number of  consequences. There will be a major stooshie amongst the trough swillers in power, the rabid right-wing Rule Britannianites versus the not quite as right-wing bonkers Tories will get into it big style (Oh! What will Fluffy do? Where will his loyalties lie? Is his ermine cloak likely to be in any danger?).

This bunfight of backstabbing, like a Game of Thrones wedding, will result in the disco-dancing queen of Downing Street retiring to a life of running free through fields of wheat on a farm, the introduction of a new leader of the party, possibly a semi non-entity like Raab C (for Conservative) to absorb the heat for the rest of them,  It’s all about the party you see, and…..a General Election.
In amongst all of this continued circus of chaos, the politicking of an election campaign, and the internal frolics of the other mob of self-servers on the official opposition benches (around questions on free movement, accusations of religious bigotry, are they still fake socialists or do feel that they might want to be actual socialists, do they agree with Brexit, are they Europeans, does anybody actually know what Jeremy Corbyn really believes in, the man is a soundbite? it’s all about the party with them too)there will be room for Scotland’s government, as part of a clapped out, not-fit-for-purpose Union, but crucially still in the European Union for at least another year, to take advantage.

As much as the legitimate mandate that Scotland’s government currently has to seek a further canvassing of Scotland’s people about how they see their future is being ignored surely even the faux democracy of a punch drunk Westminster could not ignore the question of granting a section 30 order following a further decisive overwhelming ballot box majority, like 2015,  for the party of power in Scotland based on a manifesto pledging self-government and continuing European Union membership.
Was it Napoleon who said “ Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”? Not that they are giving us much opportunity to interrupt them at the moment, but I think our opponents, not enemies, are doing most of the leg work for us. I just hope those that we have trust in to see Scotland over the line, returned to its rightful independent status, are ready to act when the right moment presents itself.

Eventually the weight of carrying those goalposts which seem to move just about every day at the moment will be too much for those who are stopping us achieving our goal to bear any further. The signs are there already. That is when we will win the day. It’s coming soon.

Lead in their pencils


I note, not greatly with interest (the excruciatingly boring prolongation of Brexit talk at Westminster must surely have just about all of us at the stage of semi-coma by now) that Members of the House are to attempt a new, and somewhat radical, way of making any sense at all of any of it.

This they will endeavour to achieve by perusing lists of various options that might be available to them (cancel the circus, send for a plumber, turn back the clock 100 years and pretend your important, etc) and utilising A3 pencils and ballot papers to attempt to communicate amongst themselves, coming out of their little silos to determine whether there is the slightest chance of any consensus on any way forward at all. Bits of paper and pencils to the rescue.
I fear however, as a result, and going on recent history, that the only feasible answer they’ll  come up with is that Colonel Mustard did it in the conservatory with a candlestick.
Somebody please bring this to an end. What a laughing stock. For the love of goodness, one way or the other, get it stopped or get it done, and let’s get back to the job in hand, returning Scotland to its rightful self-governing status.

On the prize


It looks like it’s time for the sandbags and the tin hat tae come oot again. There’s been yet another outbreak of the EsEnPeeCivil War, an on-off conflict which has the makings of reducing the Hundred Years’ War between the Houses of Plantagenet and Valois to a minor disagreement over the last remaining rouleau de saucisse at an early Greggs street stall in medieval Calais toon square.
Down in London to lend her support to the mass demonstration seeking the option for the ordinary citizens of the countries which make up the UK to get another shot at making their minds up about Brexit,Nicola Sturgeon, in amongst dozens of selfies she ends up in most working days, had her phoatie taken with Malcolm Tucker’s alter ego, the fictitious character known as Alastair Campbell. Light the blue touch paper and stand well back. Cue wailing, gnashing, calls for her to resign and loads of those drawn out ‘I’m leaving and never voting SNP again’statements on social media, sometimes from folk who ironically would rather vote for the party Campbell is associated with anyway, if only Jeremy Corbyn would stop pretending he is Ernie Wise with a beard but no chin.
Indeed Campbell, in his guise as fixer-in-chief and puppet-master of the ‘Things can only get better’ roadshow, during a period of time which entirely destroyed what was left of a once great movement for social change, a ‘modernisation’ where many personal former socialist nests were feathered, an era when it wasn’t entirely clear which of the political parties involved in the two-party Westminster stranglehold was the most neo-liberal in their policies, in a centrist orgy of the well –off getting better off (the less well off, they had Honest Tony’s cobra-like grin, tea and sympathy to console themselves with, when he could find a space in his diary to grudgingly empathise between acquiring prime city real estate and a vast wealth) is an unsavoury character.
His involvement in the smoke and mirrors spin leading up to, and into, the Iraq War is unforgiveable. That must surely sit heavily on his conscience. He is a man whose personal battles with his own demons have been well publicised over the years. He must live with his decisions, for surely they were his. We are all responsible for our own actions.
Lately Campbell has been very much involved, and vocal, in the campaign for a ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit. Getting his photograph taken during a mass demonstration about that campaign with the only real plausible political leader around in the UK at the moment, a leader who agrees with him on this subject, and that is important for us to note (on this subject) I’d imagine from his point of view, and very possibly the First Minister’s too, helps raise the profile of that campaign, a campaign which is looking to bring about a second vote, a vote aimed at keeping the UK in the European Union, which, remember, is the democratic will of those who Nicola Sturgeon, as First Minister of Scotland, serves, the people of Scotland.
Her appearance at the march in London, and her speech, where she was honest in making it clear that she believes the future of Scotland is as an independent country but also made it known that she cares about the future of the remaining UK, as our neighbours, once we’ve gone, can only have won her friends in a country where ordinary people usually hear anything about Scottish independence through a filter of British nationalist media portraying us all as sinister separatists who don’t like them.
Politics is like that. Sometimes a political leader doing the ‘day job’ has to set aside her own feelings, her own views, for the sake of the bigger picture. Eyes on the prize folks. It’s coming, but only if we stick together. Don’t do the British state’s dirty tricks division’s job for them.

The laughing clowns


The mind indeed boggles. The current goings-on, and the reportage of those goings-on, in the crumbling seat of government of the former imperial power of which it was once said that the sun never sets, are heading towards being compared to a nostalgic tribute to early 1970’s psychedelic experimental comedy. Farce involving swirly lights, go-go dancers, sudden loud humming noises, and the odd clown face popping up and laughing hysterically.
Amid the chaos and disarray of the Brexit disaster it appears that the very sight of the leader of the third largest party at Westminster results in a mass evacuation of the Commons Chamber.

It’s worse when he gets up to speak. Prime Ministers suddenly remember they’ve left an egg on the boil in the cabinet office, pretendy socialist messiah’s bustle off to spend quiet time underlining sentences from ‘Das Kapital’, and crammed benchloads of political free-loading pond life scuttle off to the bar or that nice little bistro up the road, to escape.

Ian Blackford let out an involuntary belch the other day and 36 Tories ran screaming from the room thinking he was about to make a point.

It is said that if he is caught short and strolls off for a comfort break in one of the Commons toilets, which by the way, are still stacked high with the thousands of little glossy square sheets of paper that used to be hard copies of the Scottish government document ‘Scotland’s place in Europe’, (their repurposing being the result of giving former Brexit Minister David Davis’s team something to do for a few months, folding and ripping rather than using scissors which they might hurt themselves with) a handpicked cross-party group of LabTors are dispatched to covertly switch the bog light off once he’s in there.
The media, if anything, are worse. The State broadcaster has stealthily placed an electronic pressure pad under his seat on the party which represents the democratic majority in Scotland’s benches, which automatically switches its’ live feed to old episodes of the Magic Roundabout and Mr Ben when Blackford even as much as shifts a buttock in anger.

Heaven forbid they should ever broadcast the man speaking live. Why would he need to be heard in this great and wondrous precious union of equals, the mother of parliaments, the finest example of democratic partnership that the world has ever seen? Who would listen? What he has to say and the views of those who elected him and his colleagues to that place are irrelevant. Scotland does not matter.

The imperative of Scotland once again becoming a self-governing country is really that simple.
Honest to goodness, if you really do think that you are receiving balanced reporting of the most significant political event that has taken place since WW2, and its potential consequences, you must be living in that psychedelic world of laughing clowns mentioned earlier.

Simply not credible


It’s not often that this blog rants off at the same rapscallion in two consecutive posts but events lead me to make an exception in this case.
He’s at it again, which seems to be a phrase I find myself writing on an alarmingly regular basis.

The Viceroy of Joy, the jelly-spined face of Scotland’s government by another country, fresh from an early cloak-fitting session at Deidstoat Brothers in Bond Street, has just broken the brass-neck-ometer. In fact he’s shattered it in to a thousand pieces, with each small shard landing on the ground almost in unison to form the perfect shape of the words ‘Numpty Alert, Not Credible’.
The SNP, the democratically elected majority Scottish representatives in the London based seat of power, put forward an amendment in parliament yesterday which specifically sought to exclude any possibility of the UK crashing out of the largest free trading bloc on the planet with No-Deal ‘under any circumstances’.

When voting took place on this amendment the Secretary of State Against Scotland and his ProudScot red, white and blue privilege-chasing colleagues with North British accents on the Tory benches, voted en-masse against this motion, helping to defeat it 324 votes to 288.
Afterwards, whilst being interviewed for the telly, David Mundell, came over all awkward, coy and twitchy (he might have even blinked) when asked why he voted against the SNP’s motion to rule out a No-Deal.

Apparently, and this is a belter, our quasi-potentate voted against ruling out a disastrous No-Deal because he doesn’t want a No-Deal.  Are you following this so far?

Also, and this is one takes the whole packet of digestive biscuits, it’s his firmly held belief (if anything about him could be considered firm, definitely no’ his spinal column, that’s for sure) that the SNP are double-super-secretly pushing a No-Deal agenda.

In his opinion those nasty outward looking progressives, whose policies represent the 62% democratically majority-decided remain in the EU instruction given to them by the people of Scotland, desperately want a No-Deal…… Which is why they all voted for the amendment that they themselves put forward to rule out a No Deal.
Work that one out somebody, I cant. It is beyond rational thought.
A link for this rambling nonsense may follow here…https://t.co/hqcTuNOEHp
if the link works.
I’ve said it before, history will not look upon this fellow kindly.

The Viceroy of Joy


It was always a stick on, a cert, a sure thing, you could have bet the wean’s inheritance and yer Granda’s top set on it. We’ve all predicted it, most of us for a considerable time now, and as sure as day follows night it has happened. After the EU getting the blame for Britain’s staggering incompetence as they squirm and agonize as they untangle themselves from the largest free trading market on the planet, we were always going to be next, us vile separatists who want to be outward looking and European.

No prizes for guessing who the deliverer of this profound nonsense was to be, yes you’ve got it, the Viceroy of Joy himself, the coveter of a stoat’s winter jaiket dyed riid for riid neck, the government of Scotland from another county’s man in Scotland, the chep with the spine of the lesser spotted siphunculus, which I see defined on “wiki change it to whatever ye like” as meaning  ‘a small tube’ ( well if the shoe fits) David Mundell (which used tae be pronounced like bundle but ye cannae be called bundle in the House of Lords, Bungle mibbees, but no’ bundle).
Aye, according to the shifty wee man whose pronouncements about how he views politics as they currently exist in the circus which is pre-Brexit Britain, mirror almost exactly what Theresa May said five minutes previously, and are equally therefore as flip floppy in content as the disco dancing diva of Downing Street’s robotic drivel, the party of devolved limited powers, and soon to be more limited, in Scotland, the one with the majority of MP’s democratically elected to Westminster to represent Scottish constituencies, is going to cause a disastrous no –deal exit from the EU. It’s nothing to do with the Tories being infested with useless right –wing and far right-wing brainless and entitled third and fourth generation inheritors of daddy’s money morons whose idea of negotiating with somebody is to tell them what to do in a loud voice in case they don’t understand English. Naw, it’s not their fault. It’s ours.
We’ve tae swing wholly and firmly behind Theresa May’s rank rotten Withdrawal Agreement, and he’s written tae SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, who is still laughing, to tell him so. This after his stoic leader once again pulled a ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit, whatever that actually is. Yet further delay to allow her supposedly to continue to negotiate with EU commissioners who are openly saying that Britain is pretending to negotiate something that is already agreed and will not be changed. She’s kicked the can further up the road to around March 12. At this rate Westminster parliamentarians may find themselves voting on arrangements for leaving the EU after they’ve actually left the EU.

If I was the owner of a business in the UK right now which does a fair bit of trade with the countries of Europe I think the squeeky bum element to my planning for the future would be audible. Imagine self-harming your own economy to the extent where a withering recession is almost inevitable, all in the name of keeping rebelling factions of your political party happy. These nutters are playing with people’s live, and the tragedy is they are good at nothing.
History will not be kind to you Davie. I hope the seat on the red benches that you ae holding out for is worth it. It remains to be seen if they’ll let you keep it once Scotland is self-governing. You’ll have outstayed yer welcome.

It is in your hands


Around two year ago we were starting to rumble. The grassroots groups of the movement for self-government for Scotland were beginning to mobilise. It’s on, we thought, it’s on. It was time to take our case to our family, friends and colleagues once more.

The announcement at the time from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that she would be requesting permission, via a section 30 order of the 1998 Scotland Act, to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence, aiming to be timed to allow the people of Scotland the ability to have full knowledge of the facts, when they emerged, with regards to UK and EU Brexit negotiations, and the implications for Scotland, prior to putting their minds to the question of sovereignty, almost started the Indy 2 campaign rolling.

An honourable move by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon aimed at saving the people of Scotland, and our EU resident friends who live in Scotland and work and contribute to Scottish life, from an economic and social train wreck.

This, as we all know, was stymied by a knock back from London (who ever heard of a partnership of equals where one of the partners has to seek the other’s permission to do something?) a snap General Election with good and bad unintended and unexpected consequences for the hapless Prime Minister of Britain, and the shameful co-operative actions of the branches of the British parties of unionism in Scotland contriving the electoral demise of a number of representatives of the party of self-government on a binary one issue manifesto. However, thankfully not to the extent where the mandate the party of limited devolved government has for implementing change was in danger, a situation which is still the case.

Folks we are nearing that time again, and this time we will not be seeking permission. We won’t be asking Westminster, we’ll be informing them that we are seeking the views of our fellow Scots about their future.

Brexit is a shambles. It has been so since day one, whether you look at it from a British state viewpoint or otherwise. Both the British government and their gutless, and now splitting, official opposition are clueless about any sort of intended or expected outcomes. Even now as we are about a month away from the UK leaving the European Union when representatives of these entities speak publicly on the subject you still get the feeling that every word uttered has been laundered through a focus group several times before seeing the light of day to ensure that the language used is bland and opaque enough to continue to keep the many as bewildered as these elected officials are.

Whitehall has hidden the facts and consequences, the potential catastrophe of Brexit, much of the complications of which they don’t really understand, from the public now for more than two and a half years.

You are left in a situation where the leader of the UK government is playing a game running down the clock until the witching hour in the hope of frightening parliamentarians into getting behind a deal which will have terrible consequences for the economy of the UK and may well tilt Scotland into a recession, as opposed to a No deal which will be even worse.

Sometime very soon the truth about how the future outside the EU in a deluded inward looking protectionist Britain will be for the people of Scotland will emerge, it is inevitable, and when it does Nicola Sturgeon will have only one decision to make. She won’t have a choice. Our case will be clear. We need to be ready, particularly if the date she sets turns out to have a short lead up time. Oh, and helping us by sorting the currency question out would be a good thing First Minister.

The SNP, Scottish Greens and SSP are not going to win this referendum. You are, the hundreds of thousands of advocates for Yes, stall workers, organisers, canvassers, bloggers, speakers at events, positive models of behaviour, being respectful, displaying empathy, listening to concerns, communicating factual information about what independence actually means, setting out what an independent Scotland will look like, painting the picture, in ways that our not-yet-persuaded folk can relate to in real life, not abstract theory, real life. You are the key.

The tired cliches of Project Fear should trouble us no more.  The disrespect, the marginalisation, the deliberate media portrayal of around 50% of Scots, us, (soon to be more when we get at them)as somehow a cult, that it’s the SNP’s referendum, that it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s idea, all of that nonsense will mean not a jot, this time. We’ve heard it. They said all of that the last time. They didn’t deliver on promises to pliable voters, and now they’ve really got themselves in a world of economic disaster, a nightmare of their own making. A future full of doubt is the future of NO.

What about the ProudScotButs and the dyed in the wool red, white and blues? We should step away from them. Let them howl at the moon. We will spend our time confidently, respectfully and positively targeting our peers with clear factual information setting out the story of hope, inclusion and opportunity that self- government brings.

Let the official Yes Scotland, or whatever they’ll be called, when Elaine C Smith tells us more, set up a professional rebuttal unit to counter on a timely daily basis the British nationalist media propaganda. There are plenty of reliable well-respected experts they can call on for factual responses to scaremongering nonsense. Let them handle that. Us on the ground, we’ll concentrate on the people we need to convince, our fellow Scots.

We’ll be tested, oh will we be tested. We’ll be tested even more than last time because this time they think they can lose. That thought never occurred to them until the final two weeks of the campaign the last time. We’ll be watched like hawks by every media source west of the Pas de Calais, desperately trying to highlight any eejit that abuses or threatens or says anything that can remotely be construed as menacing about someone in the No campaign, particularly celebrity trolls.

We’ll get called all sorts of horrible names, we’ll get accused of racism by racists, narrow nationalism by narrow minded nationalists and of being vile divisive separatists by folk who think the French, Spanish and Germans stole their last Rollo.

There is an easy fix for all of that, We’ll do them in with kindness. We’ll smother the hatred as a nonsense by demonstrating exactly the kind of people we are, not the people they are trying to convince others that we are. They’ll talk about us creating a bitter divide amongst Scots. Let them concentrate on that stuff, that’s what their good at. We’ll  concentrate on the opposite, what we are good at, positivity, inclusiveness, making friends, narrowing the divide. We’ll make their false assertions look farcical, and we’ll win.

We’ve all got to work with each other. We’re a wide movement. We can hammer out and respect any significant political differences in the returned independent Scottish parliament when the hangovers are gone and the flag waving is done, when we are building our Scotland.

Until then we’ve got to get ready, get organised. There is a job to do, the biggest task most of us will ever get involved in, and although many of us have been champing at the bit now for some time it might be coming quicker than you think.

There is no margin for error. We must win this time.

Ten minutes of your time


Now, if you are someone whose viewpoint is straight down the line Rule Britannia please read no further. The following is not geared towards you, because there will never be any circumstances that will change your opinion. The British state can do anything to you and you will accept it, taking the view that you trust what they are doing is for the best for your country, which for you, first and foremost, is Britain. Fair enough, that’s your view. You are perfectly entitled to it.

Otherwise, ladies and gentlemen of Scotland who voted No in the referendum of September 2014, now that we are less than forty days away from your country being removed from the European Union against the democratic will of the majority of Scots, please I beg your indulgence for just a few minutes.

First up, a bit of context, an example or two, of which there are many, of the kind of behaviour demonstrated by those who have control over the major decisions made for and about your country. Decisions made in your name, and for your family. Decisions made by the British State.

40 odd years ago vast reserves of a precious natural resource were discovered in the waters around your country, as were similarly found in the waters of your neighbouring country  Norway.

Norway, taking the sensible approach decided to benefit their citizens by creating an ‘oil fund” from the tax receipts of this find, which they used to create an extensive welfare and health system, with a standard of living envied by other countries. Essentially Norway uses that money to improve the lives of its people and keeps some of it aside for a rainy day. When things are tight, when the world has an economic slump, they have a bit put by to protect themselves from the ravages of blights on society like unemployment, poverty and homelessness.

So what happened in Scotland’s case? Well, first of all when surveys had established how much oil potentially was actually in Scotland’s waters the Westminster government rubbed their hands, but then they panicked that the people of Scotland would find out that they were sitting on a lottery win and may wish to therefore return the governance of their own country to themselves as a consequence. The cabinet of the British government then made a conscious decision to hide the extent of the oil reserves in Scotland’s water from the people of Scotland, a deception which continued for 30 odd years. If you think this statement is fabricated google ‘The McCrone Report.” Professor Gavin McCrone was a highly respected UK government economist who wrote a paper about the consequences of Scotland’s extensive reserves of oil . He deduced in his paper that if the people of Scotland had access to the financial benefits of their own natural resource Scotland would be one of the richest countries in the world. His paper was buried as confidential for many years. Look it up. Please do. Also look up the comments on the discovery of oil in Scotland’s waters by former Westminster Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healey, who came clean on the subject in his later years before his passing in 2015.

So what did the government of the UK do with all of the money from the tax receipts from the oil found in Scotland’s waters? The vast amount of revenue gained from tax receipts from oil found in Scotland’s waters was spent financing Margaret Thatcher and her successors golden age of Britain. It built the M25, Canary Wharf, the Channel Tunnel, it financed weapons of mass destruction, it provided the financing that bailed out high risk failures in the City, the banking industry, it financed the additional burdens on the welfare state, that Britain’s governments increasingly over the last forty years would rather just went away, resulting from de-industrialisation, the rapid decline in manufacturing, and the subsequent mass unemployment of Britain’s workforce.

In terms of deception the British State union backed media, (let’s not beat about the bush here, the BBC is an arm of the British State, it is not impartial) is not providing you with a fair reflection of events, it’s telling you what you need to hear from the perspective of protecting its patron. If you don’t believe that go and look up how the BBC World Service is funded. It was originally funded directly by the Foreign Office up until four or five years ago, now it’s spun as some sort of grant aid thing to muddy the waters a bit.

The BBC will tell you that according to reports like the annually produced GERS Report Scotland is poor and couldn’t possibly survive financially on its own. Now please bear in mind that this report, the report they refer to as evidence of Scotland’s inability to manage its own affairs, as well as providing information on the spending and financial management of the Scottish devolved limited powers government, who have control of less than 20% of the financial levers needed to have some semblance of control of Scotland’s economy, and do a pretty good job by anybody’s standards within those tight limitations, also provides information on London’s spending and debts accrued by that government in London, for example money spent on nuclear weapons stored in Scotland, away from English population centres, which they then divide up and allocate as Scotland’s debt. Money spent on our behalf, for their benefit, not ours. Effectively Scotland doesn’t make the decisions, or have input or influence on the decisions which result in an allocated millstone around our neck of a huge historic debt created for us. In reality the language used in the GERS Report should more accurately describe this annually calculated sum as the UK Government’s debt in Scotland.

Then we have the unionist media’s perpetual game of Oil Hoaky Coaky, which generally takes two particular forms.

Form one occurs when the world price of oil price drops, always for a reason completely out-with the control of Scotland, generally because two or more major oil powers somewhere around the world, the middle east, USA or Russia are sanctioning or embargoing each other over something or other. For weeks and months on end the editors who dictate what eventually will come out of Jackie Bird and her like’s mouths each evening at teatime and the political editorial staff of the Herald, Scotsman, Record, et al would have us believe that there is a second ice age about to hit Scotland, they feed us with a diet of the ‘separatists’ the ‘nationalists’ are obsessed with oil (we aren’t). Self-government for Scotland is about oil and about oil only is the message you  are supposed to receive from the reporting. Oil is worthless, they say, it’s a burden best left in the hands of those in London who know better. A recent example of this propaganda spin can be seen in BBC’s Question Time show from Motherwell, in a programme where the audiences are rigged to make it look like remaining part of the union is overwhelmingly the view of the majority of Scots, when a bloke from an extremist and religiously bigoted organisation, who appears to have a season audience pass for the show, enthralled us with “ You told us oil was going to be a million pound a barrel (eh?), now you can get a barrel for a tenner doon the barras.” Guffaw guffaw!

Then we have form two which occurs when the price of oil goes up, or we are in sight of any kind of election time. Suddenly like snow off a dyke the oil disappears. It’s as if the vast amount of this rich resource around Scotland, that we still hear about being discovered through new exploration sites in different areas of the Scotland’s waters on a regular basis, knows that the price has gone up so for some reason it decides to hide. The media headlines are awash with ‘it’s running out, experts give it five years, twenty years at the most, oil industry slump, Sir Ian Establishment-Billionaire who owns half of Scotland, and the fishing, predicts oil scarcity disaster.” It doesn’t add up, or make any sense.

Oil is not the be all and end all of Scotland’s right to self-determination,. In fact it’s a red herring. It has nothing to do with it. Scotland’s people have the right, like any other country in the world, to expect the perfectly normal proposition that their country is governed by people who live there. Union, as it exists in the UK is not normal. It is a contrived relationship which allows one larger country England to legally subsume its neighbours.  

However in terms of British state propaganda telling you that your country is too wee and too poor to govern itself it’s worth noting that until the last major oil price slump the tax revenue from the oil in Scotland’s waters contributed per head of population each year for several decades to the Exchequer in London far in excess of the monies returned to Scotland to pay for essential public services by way of the block grants Westminster decides Scotland should have, our pocket money. Living in Scotland you have helped keep the rest of the UK’s finances afloat for decades. Yet as long as you believe what the newspapers, and the telly channels, who are all owned by establishment backing figures or individuals or organisations who stand to lose out if Scotland becomes independent tell you, that Scotland is the only country in the world who couldn’t possibly govern itself, we are unlikely to flourish.

Please, take a step back, have a think about all of that. Do your own research. It’s not conspiracy, it’s not fake news from the internet. Be informed. There is plenty of corroborative information out there.

So that’s a wee insight into the kind of people you are dealing with, an elite who are not interested in your views, and only see Scotland as something they can milk and take advantage of.

Coming on to the current predicament facing Scotland. You, as a country, voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union by 62% to 38% , England and Wales voted to leave. Therefore it would be reasonable to assume that democratically the people of Scotland should have a say in whether they should remain as part of a trading bloc of 500 million potential customers for Scotland’s goods and services, yes? No. As is clear as it can possibly be Theresa May’s UK government has ignored any and all attempts for this to happen. The Scottish First Minister, after much consultation with European partners and experts in the field, produced a document way back outlining ways in which firstly the UK itself could escape the ravages of a “hard” Brexit, and secondly, if the UK didn’t want to do that, proposals to protect Scotland’s place in Europe, which, after all, Scotland’s people have voted resoundingly for. Copies of that document have probably been servicing the Downing Street lavvies for the last year or so. Scotland stands to lose up to 80,000 jobs as a direct consequence of a ‘hard’ Brexit. Already as we approach the cliff edge major corporation are changing headquarters from the UK to Europe. Foreign car manufacturing companies being just the latest to announce they are shutting their doors in the UK and relocating. it’s only going to get worse.

Perhaps when you voted No in 2014 one of your considerations was the unionist statement that unless you voted No Scotland would be flung out of the EU into an economic wilderness, a financial disaster. Unfortunately, and tragically ironically we are about to find out that exactly the opposite is the case, with the same disastrous outcome. Think about it.

Brexit is all about the Tory Party, and the gutless Labour Party unwilling to challenge preconceptions about immigration. The British government, stuck in a longstanding internal squabble between right wing factions, would rather sacrifice the economy of all parties to the union than agree to EU citizens continuing to move and work freely in the UK. Scotland, with an increasingly ageing population, relies heavily on EU citizens coming to live, work and pay taxes in Scotland to help pay for its public services. It has been estimated that Scotland needs at least 25,000 immigrants a year to settle and work just to remain economically stable. No matter what the Daily Mail and others tell you, the net financial gain to Scotland’s future wellbeing from the taxation and spending of immigrants who live and work in Scotland, as well as the cultural benefits we receive to our communities, far exceed any of the xenophobic simplistic nonsense that the haters continually feed us.

If all of this stuff doesn’t bother you, if you are somebody who says “ I don’t do politics” please try to think a bit deeper, and a bit longer term. All of this is actually about you, to benefit you and your standard of living, to protect and improve your family’s health and wellbeing, to create opportunities for your children, and their children for a better life.

Alternatively if you are somebody who says “ Why bother, they are all just the same, they are only in it for themselves” I think you are wrong.

You could be living in a country right now where an Independent Labour Party with real Labour values, not the current plastic Tories of Westminster and Holyrood , are vying with the Greens, the Scottish Socialists, the SNP and whatever the Tories would become in an independent Scotland, for your vote. These political parties would be answerable to you, putting forward policies that benefit you, your families, and future generations of Scots, not London and the home counties.

You wouldn’t live in a country where its government, bizarrely when you think about it from another country, knows you don’t vote for them. A government, which is always the case in the present system, which has no need to ever keep any promises to you, or even consider you because arithmetically you literally don’t count. You are a non-entity.

If you’ve got this far sincere thanks very much for taking the time to read this. Folks, you’ve just got to do something about this. It can’t go on the way it is. Future generations of Scots will suffer, and suffer badly if you don’t. Scotland will only prosper as an independent country, where those you place in charge of government are answerable to you.

Come join us.

The Maleficent Seven


Oh dear. British politics has taken yet another dull yin right atween the een. A wee shame. Never mind eh. I’m just waiting for the Hootsmon or the Herald’s headline “Shock as Labour split.Surely Nicola Sturgeon must now take independence off the agenda.”
In truth no one in Scotland who has been paying the slightest attention, for at least the last thirty years, to the politics of our country, and how events at Westminster have impacted that, will register even a flicker of surprise at the fankle the Maleficent Seven of the (New/ Old/ fledgling/ socialist/ anti-socialist/Once spoke to a member of the Militant tendency/ I used to support becoming a republic until I was reminded about how good the honours list was for my bank balance/ I never liked Ken Livingstone/time to modernise/ New again/ Cannae spell the words Keir Hardie correctly on their conference display board/Newish but old socialism messiah who is as charismatic as a mug of cold instant cup a soup) Labour Party have caused for one half of British unionism’s establishment, on the pretext of Brexit and prejudice.
Hell mend them. At least with the Tories it’s clear what they are, and they don’t hide it. Labour on the other hand are a disgrace to everything their founders ever hoped they would become. Their values are diluted to the point where corruption, their Blairite past, and their directionless lack of identity present, has created a husk of a movement which has given up on all that progression for the many in society could have been, in the name of personal gain, titles, privilege and greed.
I notice, reading the BBC State broadcaster report on the split, that they’ve sought the reaction on these startling events from what they loosely describe as the “other parties”.  These consisted of the Liberal Democrats, the Tories and, predictably, Nigel Farage. Clearly the second largest political party with representatives at Westminster in terms of membership numbers, from Scotland, as in all things ‘precious’ to this farcical union, do not matter. A bit ironic really, seeing as many of the members of that second largest party, from Scotland, used to vote Labour. We await further converts.
The British state is in turmoil folks, and it’s going to get decidedly worse. Now is the time. Our leaders must act and name the date.  Let London try to deploy Project Fear at Europe, Ireland and us, all at the one time, amidst shortages, huge traffic queues at ports, as the impacts of their self-inflicted economic vandalism start to bite. Let us make our case to our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues, those who were not fully convinced in 2014, let’s do it now, and let’s do it right, and not even Captain Mainwaring and a platoon of pensioners armed with pitchforks will stop us returning to ourselves what is rightfully ours, a progressive outward looking sovereign self-governing Scotland.