Is there anybody there?


Theresa May, in her usual charismatic style, thrilled a standing room only chamber at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday.

Holding the packed audience of diplomatic worthies from all points of the globe in the palm of her hand the stateswomen of the century, a Churchillian figure in political stature, a totemic symbol of hope, she who put the ‘G’ in Great Britain, stood silently, head slightly bowed in humble acknowledgement as she accepted the repeated 10 minute standing ovations from her adoring global political groupies as each of her golden shards of wisdom reached their ears. This reporter counted 25 interruptions of this kind to her speech. Surely a new record at the UN.

Then she woke up…

Being as popular as scabies at a face cream launch the chamber was largely empty during the British Prime Minister’s speech except for Barney, the janitor, who had some floors to mop, Boris Johnson who had found a particularly hard snotter to dislodge around the back of his septum, and was therefore disengaged from his surroundings, and the Namibian diplomatic group who had drawn up some Maybot bingo cards with words and phrases like ‘strong’, ‘secure’, ‘America is our special friend’, ‘has anyone seen my magic tree?’ and ‘the people of Scotland voted in 2014 to stay in the union’ scribbled on them, who hung on every word that Prime Minister May uttered.

It’s since come to light that the assistant High Commissioner of Windhoek, visiting New York for his annual jolly, had his card crossed out in under five minutes, and was heard to whoop loudly as his colleagues handed over the several hundred dollars he hastily deposited in his hip pocket. The delegation then adjourned to Mario’s in the Lower East Side for lunch, leaving the unperturbed UK leader droning on to the cavernous empty room, met in silence apart from the gentle sound of Barney’s mop slopping away the falling dandruff from the head thatch of the nasally preoccupied de Pfeffel, her replacement in waiting…..

…and she’s speaking to the EU tomorrow… Heaven help us.


At it, again


He’s at it, again.

This yin is definitely destined for a future hoovering up expenses between luncheon and dinner, luxuriating on one of the comfier, better upholstered red benches in the House of unelected privilege.

Viceroy Mundell, the Secretary of State against Scotland, is pulling out all the stops to once again make sure that the government of the neighbouring larger country which rules over the country he comes from keeps a tight control of the assets and resources of his birth nation.

Having previously gone all the way to Burma to tell an audience of bewildered rubber and sugar plantation workers ” No, we’re not having a second independence referendum. We, the people just don’t want it” he’s set to do a backtrack shuffle worthy of the late Michael Jackson wearing his best dancing pumps on the subject of powers that the foreign government he represents will share with the people who, if they lived in a genuine democracy, should rightfully have sovereign control over the powers already.

He’s gone to Paraguay to do this. Presumably in the hope that months old sprouting and mouldy tawties, half eaten blackening apples, and old copies of the Smith Commission report dipped in yesterday’s dopiaza, all launched in his direction, won’t reach that far when he tells us that when he originally said there would be a bonanza of new powers for Scotland, as a result of his bosses deciding to fall out with every neighbouring country which doesn’t insist on English being its first language,what he really meant was we’re getting the hole in the sole of Hoss Cartwright’s cowboy boot.

Trust us said Davie the Brit originally, it’s not a power grab from London. Would we lie to you? Like Father Ted Crilly’s finances those returned powers from Brussels will only be ‘resting’ in Theresa May’s dysfunctional government’s account for a short time, before we share a few out. However now we’re keeping most of them because it’s actually in your best interests Scotland. There there, rest easy. We’ll look after you.

He’ll talk to the audience of South American soybean packers about how returning powers to devolved parliaments will be extremely damaging for businesses and how UK wide frameworks for returned EU powers are needed to prevent internal trade barriers, but really all he’s doing is adding yet another entry to the very long history of lies, deceit and treacherous behaviour deployed by the power he represents, a ruling power who have no compunction about openly displaying contempt for Scotland.

Kinda turns your stomach, does it not?

If you get it wrong get it right next time


We’re three years down the line from a day when many of our people, many of us, not Tories, not diehard unionists, not Labour, just us, for whatever reason, decided at that time that they were not yet convinced of their own capabilities, and the capabilities of their country to manage its own affairs. Our people, our folk, who have to live with the consequences of their actions, as unfortunately do we.

For some, oblivious to much going on around them that doesn’t impact them directly, not consciously aware of the impact politics has on their everyday life, and the lives of others, that’s an easy thing to do. For others not so.

As the shambolic raft of lies, broken promises, pitiful pleadings, denied vows, planned and unplanned General Elections, the continuing rise of the right and their self abusive plans to leave the world’s largest single market and at the same time chase foreigners who often carry out vital work, and who contribute a net £6billion a year to the income column in the Treasury ledger, out of the country, have come to pass there must be some of our folk wondering what the hell they’ve done.

That feeling is not going to go away, as the next few years promise to be a wacky fun filled ride to an even further marginalised, ignored and dictated to Scotland (so much for “we love you Scotland, don’t leave us, lead us”) and the growth of a far right nationalist government in London, after the Brexit dust clears, buoyant having engineered a dilution of the UK’s version of democracy via their ‘taking back control’ from the EU legislation allowing ministers unfettered decision making powers on a rightwing agenda. A nightmare scenario.

In 2013/14 the British state made great play, a relentless emphasis, a plea to the risk averse amongst us, that voting no was the stable thing to do, to maintain the steady ship, the way to ensure their pensions, their jobs, their status as free movement Europeans. Now? Do you feel your future is secure? Do you feel you live in a country governed by an outward looking, welcoming executive branch?

I will never criticise any of my fellow Scots for deciding no, independence was not for them in 2014. I have met someone who received a phone call from unionist campaigners telling her that her pension would be cut if she voted Yes. They won’t get away with that one again.

Just watch as the circus merry-go-round takes place between a robotic charm-free figurehead who speaks in sound bites and displays the empathy of a housebrick, a wildcard pseudo public school buffoon who havers nonsense financial statistics to blacken the name of the European Union, pronouncements which are so clearly embarrassing lies that a senior public servant has to write to him publicly to tell him he’s talking shite, and a large Hooray Henry with a Lord Snooty complex who thinks Foodbanks are uplifting, (and that’s only the next few months diary of madness).There will be much much more to cringe about between now and the moment Jean-Claude Juncker says ” Merci fuck that’s all over”.

There will be a tipping point. When the time comes, at a moment of our choosing, a time fixed by representatives we have selected to represent us, to exercise the sovereign will of Scotland’s people, Scotland’s future will be examined again by its folk, and this time the evidence before the jury will result in only one outcome. Yes.

We’re still here


On the weekend before the third anniversary of what should have been the greatest moment in the history of modern Scotland, and was sadly not to be, I have some very grave news to share with those who actively, honestly or otherwise, did whatever was in their not inconsiderable power to ensure that Scotland did not return it’s rightful state as a self governing independent nation in 2014.

We’re still here, and we’re not going away.

We are still here despite the campaign of negative propaganda against all things Scotland doing it for themselves, which has never really gone away. We’re still here despite the daily brainwash of state media spun illusion that the UK is actually an entity that works effectively and benefits its component member states, rather than the wildly dysfunctional and archaic class, power and influence-obsessed Bedlam hospital that it actually it. It’s mince at just about everything, (check out economic growth statistics against other countries. Thank fuck for Albania is the hand carved motto above the door at Conservative party HQ. Look at average pensions against the rest of Europe, pick a stat on just about anything financial, social or health-wise in comparison with other western states and the UK is invariably pish at it) apart from Trooping the Colour and displaying golden hats in the back of expensive taxis. Tradition is the UK’s thing you see, hankering for a past of long summers when those with didn’t need to bother too much about those without getting above themselves. Tradition is all the UK has left.

We’re still here despite a Prime Minister and a government who treat the democratic leader of our country, and therefore us, like she is detritus brought in to the cabinet office on someone’s shoe, to be sniffed at, hastily removed and otherwise ignored. Likewise our democratically chosen representatives are treated in the same vein, unless they are of the pet poodle variety, their own kind, who hang around the back benches like sycophantic courtiers flashing their Union Jack knickers whilst waiting to be led in evensong by Viceroy Mundell, the elder statesmen, the grandee, the man who can say just about anything with a straight face, leading them into four verses of ” The Wee Cooper O’Fife” just to establish their Caledonian bona fides you understand.

We’re still here despite the same Prime Minister and her band of misfit billionaire xenophobic neo fascist, semi-fascist, my grandfather was a fascist, and a banker, and a newspaper magnate, but mainly a fascist, elitists being able to stand up in the forum of the chamber of the House of Commons, make completely false statements about anything to do with Scotland, and go entirely unchallenged by a media who could easily report the true facts if only they felt like reporting facts for a change. We’re still here, and more of us are wising up to the reality of what we see on the TV news and read in their daily newspapers.

Three years on despite there currently being no nationally active organised campaign working towards growing the Yes Movement and towards a decisive constitutional vote in Scotland there is no evidence to suggest that the numbers of Scots currently in favour of independence has dropped, in fact a recent poll ( I don’t like polls) shows support slightly up on the 2014 figure. We are most definitely still here.

There are Scots, new, Scots born, young and old walking in demonstration of their commitment to their country’s future this weekend. They are to be commended. There are many more ready to answer the call when the full implications of the sleight of hand of Brexit come to light, when the mask drops on the London government engineering a future decision making process for themselves untrammelled by having to bother with all that democratic debate and voting malarkey, playing fast and loose with powers that if they have to be returned from Brussels should be returned to Scottish control, when this become obvious to all. You won’t see that reported on the BBC though.

We’re still here, and we’re not going away, until we win.

The hard yards


I had the very good fortune recently to be in the audience, (although my time was sadly cut short due to a prior domestic arrangement) at an event promoting the National Newspaper featuring Paul Kavanagh of Wee Ginger Dug fame, and the wee ginger dug itself, who turned out to be not quite as wee as I’d expected.

Paul is a bit of an inspiration to some of us out here in the Indy blogosphere, and listening to him describe his motivations for starting to write his popular blog I was much impressed by his easy manner and obvious passion for Scottish independence.

His style of looking beyond party politics, and straightforward commonsense approach to the subject of his country’s future is communicated well, without bluster, pretension or bullshite, and comes across as a powerful persuasive tool.

The majority of the audience I suspect were of the already Independence minded variety but I would imagine that those who came along looking to be persuaded were left with something to think about that they’ll never hear from Jackie Bird’s scriptwriter.

I can’t help thinking that the independence movement will succeed only on the strength of us finding many more like Paul, driven, committed and willing to sacrifice their time to traipse around their local community centres, church halls, and the back room of the village pub, engaging local community groups, answering the hard questions, setting out the positive advantages and opportunities that independence could bring with it, in an open minded nonpartisan manner.

We, who are already entirely convinced that the best way forward for Scotland is for Scotland to return to being a sovereign country whose citizens govern themselves, can talk amongst ourselves, or write rambling blogs expounding forth on what we think other people should be thinking, but we forget sometimes that our views are just that, only our views, not the views of the people we need to persuade, our fellow country folk. We need to get outside the comfort zone.

Browbeating will never win us the numbers to get us over the line in the next referendum. Respectful confident engagement and persuasion will.

As for Paul Kavanagh, the Wee Ginger Dug is as equally impressive in voice, if not more so, as he is in written prose.

More power to his walking shoes, as well as his keyboard.



Trust us old boy. Come on Jock, be a good sport about all of this. We wouldn’t dare try to deceive you, would we? After all, we love you, we adore you. Remember, we didn’t want you to leave us, we wanted you to ‘lead us.’

Honest. We only supported Cunningham’s late motion in parliament to put the kibosh on your first-past-the-post devolution in the seventies for your own good, you weren’t ready for the responsibility.

What good would have come from you knowing what Gavin McCrone wrote about your oil and the impact it would have had on your economy if you were you free of us? It would just have unsettled you.

We did you a favour when we redrew the maritime borders just before we eventually allowed you some semblance of devolution. We decided that we’d manage those resource rich waters to save you the bother. You should be thanking us.

More recently we vowed that if only you stayed with us that we’d deliver to you ‘the most powerful devolved government on the planet.’ Take it from us we’re working on that really hard. Ask our representative up there, the future Lord Haver of Havering, David Mundell. He’ll put your mind at ease. He’ll reassure you of our noble intentions.

Oh, and during the negotiations to tie up that little Smith circus into something parliament could work with a while back we were just about to mention that additional £7b you were due by right when that infernal chap Swinney brought it up first. It was in our notes, we can show you?

We also promised you that if you stayed with us we’d ensure that you would carry on gaining the advantage of being a member of the biggest free trade bloc on earth. Don’t worry, that will still happen as we plan to gallantly persuade 27 other countries that they should give us something for nothing, a better deal than they have themselves. We will convince Europe to give us preferential relationship simply because of who we are. No we’re not deluded, we’re British.

Bear in mind too that we managed to convince you that if you had left us in 2014 Europe wouldn’t have been at all keen to welcome you, (cough) and all of your resources.

Yes, I know we told you we would not trigger Article 50 to start the clock ticking on the end of our financial commitment to Europe, shooting ourselves in the head and endangering the annual £8b net gain generated from EU citizens working in Britain, until we had reached an arrangement on an exit strategy to the satisfaction of our component devolved governments. However It wasn’t our fault that someone cut the phone line to Edinburgh.

Now, down to the business in hand. We simply cannot understand why it is that you would question our intentions to do the right thing by you when it comes to the likes of fishing, farming, the environment and other powers soon to be returned from Brussels.

That really hurts. We’ve only ever had your best interests at heart.

It’s not as if we’ve ever tried to spin you a googly before, or given you cause to doubt our word.

You are an ungrateful lot you Jocks. Just like India.



It’s now twenty years since the people of Scotland overwhelmingly voted to reconvene their own parliament, given away three hundred years previously, ignobly nobbled by nobles in a London and Edinburgh conspiracy of bribery, blackmail and corruption.

The reopening of a parliament somewhat limited in its devolved powers, redesigned in its manner of electing representatives deliberately to try and stop it ever achieving anything particularly distinct or worthwhile, but at the very least a step back in the right direction towards normalcy. A devolution process that the UK media, the British state organ of propaganda delivery, would now have us believe was all pretty much pointless.

In their view, amidst opinion pieces and spurious spin articles manipulating statistics to support their case, which all but those of a fanatically Great British leaning can see through as being simply untrue, they act as if we’d be better off chucking up all of this self-government lark and giving it all back to Westminster, before they take most of it back, and more powers that should by right be headed Scotland’s way following the upcoming step over the cliff of EU divorce, as part of their reprehensible Gross Repeal Bill anyway.

In response, as is the norm, conditioned to a life absorbing and accepting the views of half a dozen billionaire unionist media barons and the BBC as fact, the apathy and disinterest of our many country folk not-yet-convinced that Scotland can stand on its own foot feet is palpable.

Meanwhile note the goings on in Catalonia in the run up to a democratically mandated referendum where citizens will be asked to cast their vote on self-government or remaining under the control of a central government in Madrid.

Catalonia, like Scotland, is a long suffering cash cow milked and exploited by a former imperial power.

Unlike Scotland, Catalonia has its own established media, its own TV news channels, its own newspapers, its own identity, it has world and local events reported to its citizens in the context of how these events impact Catalonia, The opinions of its people are reflected in its media coverage.

The Spanish government, having declared the upcoming referendum to be unconstitutional, have sent in the heavies to seize blank ballot papers from the printers, raided local newspapers for election material and threatened severe action against those in charge of public facilities and other buildings which will be utilised as polling stations.

Today, on the national day of Catalonia, hundreds of thousands of people will take part in demonstrations in the streets, and when these people decide to march in support of their right to self-determination it is a sight worth beholding.

No matter whether polling booths need to be organised on a ‘Pop up’ basis, and venue details communicated at the last minute through social media, or held in secure ‘underground’ locations, Catalonians will do whatever they must do to have their say, to exercise their democratic right to decide their future. They will not be swayed.

This blog site wholeheartedly supports the Catalonian people in their struggle. Any further interference from Madrid sets democracy in Europe along a dangerous route, a route Spain has taken before.

As for Scotland, as many of us already understand, do not underestimate the power of a media with a predetermined agenda to influence the minds of ordinary citizens, even to the point of loathing ones own country.

When the much anticipated Yes 2 organisation gets up and running addressing that issue, and countering propaganda with facts, should be amongst its first priorities.

Making things


People of Scotland, ignore the spam and spin of the Record, the Sun, the Scotsman, Mail and Express. Pay no heed to the propagandising British state media voices of those, like Ri Chun Hee Burd,”Tonight, on Reporting Scotland….”.

Focus. Really focus. See with your own eyes, listen with your own ears, raise your consciousness above bank holiday visits to DIY stores, two weeks away in July in Costa Teguise, the PPI adverts, the X Factor, the Great British ice bake and ballroom dancing-whilst-eating-a-wriggling Witchetty Grub minor celebrity tranquillisers, and Jeremy Kyle.

Lift your head above the pap reportage of royal babies, of mournful anniversaries of the sad passing of an Earl’s daughter, once a nanny, dragged in to provide service to the Firm, harvested for her youthful innocent public appeal and womb,and discarded later when found to be unable to comply with the rules.

Switch off at the first sounds of a Witchell sycophancy or a stock video shot of a giant golden hat travelling in style, alone, resting on a cushion in the back of a black Daimler. Try it, It’s refreshing.

Yes, my granny could have lived to a ripe old age too, if she hadn’t had to work for most of her first sixty years whilst bringing up a large family on her income and her husband’s wage as a mine and mill worker, and instead was worth several hundred million pounds of everybody else’s money and had the eminent apothecaries of Harley Street examining her every sniffle and change in blood pressure.

(Gran would have found it highly improper to see every new hospital, public building, waterway, bridge, train station, or stadium that they can get away with being named after her. That would have been a step too far, and she wasn’t fond of loud noises, so fast jet trainers cutting up the sky, spewing out a tricolour of vaporised brainwash into the air, wouldn’t have been her thing either).

No, instead good people please tap in to the vibrations, feel the movement under the soles of your feet, hear the rumbling, because change is coming.

The decades long fork in the road between our increasingly right-wing remote ruling power, our large neighbour, who see Scotland as a resource rich province to be milked, exploited and asset stripped when needed, and our progressive and positive increasingly self aware independent government-in-waiting focussed on social justice is widening to a chasm.

The limited powers devolved government of Scotland is getting on with the day job, and the results of that day job are going to lead Scotland away from the basket case which is the last days of the disunited Kingdom.

Fresh on the heels of the opening of the magnificent saltire bridge, a symbol of confidence, of capability, of self reliance, Nicola Sturgeon’s ambitious plan to create a National Investment Bank for Scotland has the potential to transform Scotland’s economy, to slow down, and then start to turn around, many decades of industrial and manufacturing underinvestment, decline and neglect.

A financial institution whose purpose is first and foremost for the common good, for the benefit of Scotland’s people, rather than to simply make profit, by whatever means financial institutions can, is indeed a powerful tool.

“We’re too wee to survive on our own, there’s nothing here, we’ve no industry, we ‘d be broke” cry the not yet convinced.

You think? Give Scottish entrepreneurs, innovators in engineering, in renewable energy, in bio technology, in electronics, in pharmaceuticals, in computer games, in any damn thing they can turn their minds too, from small start ups to ambitious manufacturing projects, the chance to access investment that requires no fast buck return, no instant success or the prospects of facing a sell off, asset strip or liquidation, investment that focuses on the longer term, the growth of a stable successful and sustainable business, and watch what happens.

Put simply, if this is done right, Scotland will make things again. No more will we be heavily reliant on the low wage, low pay, low job satisfaction, insecure employment, retail park economy that the industrial and manufacturing decimation of the last decades of the 20th brought forth. There will increasingly be real jobs, there will be value placed on skills and expertise, there will be higher wages, there will be more tax generated from these higher wages to fund public services.

Nicola Sturgeon has set the bar high on this one. I applaud her ambition. Scotland is a country, not a region, it’s time for more of us to appreciate that, and have the confidence to get on with making it what it can be, shaking off the weight of the neoliberal former empire deadwood that holds us down.

A successfully managed National Investment Bank is one of the many transformative levers which will help make that happen.



The possibilities and the hair standing up on the back of your neck


This came up on my ‘this day three years ago’ Facebook page……

“I write this in the cold light of day, thankfully on a weekend, after a very early morning where I woke in the wee small hours, glanced at my phone, took in the news that was there and then literally could not get back to sleep due to my mind racing. My thoughts were filled with possibilities, alternately shifting, one moment with confidence, the next thinking of the challenges that need to be overcome, feeling delight, excitement, considering the pros and cons and mentally scanning the monumental news for threats.

This morning for the very first time in the intensely fought campaign for an Independent Scotland the massive and diverse grassroots movement, whose enthusiasm and commitment to change the political landscape of their country cannot be questioned, have made their point to the world, a point of seismic proportions! Democracy is breaking out all over the land. The Yes support is ahead in the polls.

Thousands of ordinary Scots, almost all of whom never have had the slightest interest in politics, have awoken from a slumber created by thirty odd years of increasingly right wing policies in the UK (an era which has tried, but not quite succeeded, to destroy brick by brick Scotland’s intrinsic spirit of community, a time where people, as Alan Bissett describes it, have been encouraged to become “Units of selfishness”), to step out of the shadows and take on a manic and almost evangelical challenge to achieve validation of their shared vision, on a certain day, closing in fast, of an alternative future for themselves and their families. This outcome, if achieved, will shake the very foundations of the established political norms of the British Isles, and will kick-start a journey which will result in Scotland taking its rightful place in the world as a sovereign country.

This future, despite the massive forces geared against it, is now in sight, an incredible feat! Up against the might of the establishment, the government, the main political parties of the UK, the mainstream media in all of its shameful glory, fringe extreme political and religious organisations, tapped up leaders of foreign countries happy to oblige in endorsing David Cameron’s plea to retain his membership of their wee club, big business, celebrities, and now, laughably football players. I love wee Bertie Auld but please don’t tell me how to think about my homeland Bertie.

Up until this point you, the voters, have been continually subjected to scare story after scare story of completely unfounded rubbish about everything from currency down to yer Tesco Bill, almost all of which have been immediately exposed and proven false. I”m still angry about the one where Scots were advised that their kids, if they became seriously ill, (which broke when I was home in June) would not be able to get specialist care for cancer or other life threatening conditions.Great Ormond Street Clinic jumped on that one within the same day to assure Scots that this was complete drivel. Did Gordon Brown and his henchmen really not consider beforehand how this scaremongering would make parents of children with these illnesses feel?

As for the egg man and the lady with the foot in her mouth regarding genetic programming I have absolutely no time for ”New” Labour. They have had their day in Scotland, brief as it has been. I am however disappointed in the likes of Lord George Robertson. If you are over forty five you may remember the politics of the 80’s, as I do, when the then popular wee George Robertson was considered as someone who helped protect us from the tories, from the excesses of corporate greed, and was more than able to fight Scotland’s corner at westminster. Years of career building, becoming part of the establishment power, a job at NATO and then the House of Lords has resulted in his lamentable reference the other day to an Independent Scotland, his homeland, his place of birth, as ” A minor entity in the north of Britain”. This is saddening and sums up clearly for me, if he can say something like that, exactly the reason why Scotland needs to become self governing and go it alone. As an aside to his comments and secondary to the main point ie that he has insulted currently approximately 52 per cent of his country folk, he also, by saying this, contradicts previous comments he has made when he stated that Independence would have a “cataclysmic” effect on Scotland. Make your mind up George, it’s either one or the other!

Have no doubt folks, you are in for it this week, big style!I’ve said it before, but this week on a massive scale you’ll have all sorts of new promises flung at you. It’s started already following this morning’s poll result, like offers of a “Radical new Devolution Convention”. They’ve had over 300 years to offer you that one, a week and a half away from Independence is a wee bit late, don’t you think? You’ll also be offered sudden bribes in the form of investment in capital works, and industy in Scotland that were never on the table before, you’ll be further lied to with some more scary stuff and I wouldn’t be surprised if some poor sod who is a recognized figure within the Yes Campaign doesn’t end up with his or her private life splashed all over the rags, because rest assured they will be digging for dirt and digging deep! They are fighting for their political lives and are cornered so please do not under estimate the lengths they are prepared to go to preserve the union.

Meanwhile, In the absence of a credible argument from the No campaign Yes supporters, who have been left to create their own debate, continue to fill town and church halls, meeting on corners , chapping doors, engaging with each other and the undecided in as positive a way as they possibly can, gathering support in droves. Looking at the state of the opposition it is easy to see why! There is a positive wave of hope running through Scotland right now,which has never been seen on this scale before. Today’s poll result is great, but it must be remembered that polls can be manipulated. The only true poll is coming up fast and the only real way to ensure that come the 19th of September the people of Scotland have a mandate to take control of their own government, resources and services for all its citizens is to keep engaging others who are undecided right up to polling day. Their votes are there to be won, and will get us over that line.

I have stopped saying that I am a “proud” Scot. I have seen that phrase used too many times by people who then go on to describe why it is that actually they arent very proud to be a Scot. On 19th September I will be a proud Scot once again.

In the words of the great Jimmy Reid “The eyes of the world are upon us” so lets do this!!!

Saor Alba

Scotland’s bridge

It appears that there is no truth in the rumour that Jeremy Corbyn is set to return to Scotland over the next few celebratory days heralding in the opening of the magnificent new road bridge over the Forth. There were strong whispers that he would return to walk across the surface of the waters beside the giant legs burrowed into the riverbed and take a bow every five or six steps to an adoring massed audience of 39 Labour activists, 25 of whom who would have came with him from London on the same National Express coach.

However being a humble modern day prophet he simply refuses to take any credit for the massive structure, an engineering marvel coming in £245m under budget, which only overran on its proposed schedule by ten weeks over a six year construction period, a project where 15,000 workers were inducted to be employed during that period, and Scottish companies benefitted from sub contracts and supply deals to the tune of £350m.

No, fresh from suggesting that the leadership of his Scottish branch disciples (who have apparently now stopped knifing him in between the shooderblades) miraculously saved what’s left of the Scottish steel industry, ignoring the facts that this this is entirely untrue, and that steel production in Scotland is an industry that the Tories and his own party systematically decimated over decades, Jezza feels he should step back out of the spotlight on this one and leave the visionary who made it all possible, Gordy Broon, to take centre stage. Gordy becoming the British state media face and voice of the bridge by the simple reasoning that his former constituency is nearby and he represents Britain, always loudly, rather than Scotland.

As far as the media and unionist politicians and commentators will have you believe the Queensferry Crossing is a feat of British engineering, British ingenuity, an example of the British bulldog spirit, British pluck and the stuff that built an empire, set to be opened by the adored British hereditary head of state. What a load of bollocks.

Step forward and take a bow the government of Scotland. The credit goes entirely to them. That ‘vanity project’ the ‘Salmond Folly’ that Brown and his red and blue compadres refused to fund or support, the bridge they said that Scotland would never need, until the older Forth Road Bridge was shut for an extended time causing chaos, will be a tremendous success.

This is Scotland’s bridge. A symbol of the new Scotland, the coming Scotland, a Scotland vibrant, positive and confident in its own abilities. Do not let anybody tell you any different.