He just had tae get a wee dig in, didn’t he.

The Lord High Viceroy of North Britain, now hoisted up to the dizzy heights of having assorted part time fitbaw referees, ex naval officers and current navel gazers look up to him as a seasoned stalwart of Scottish political life, heaven help us, the emboldened David Mundell, has been let out of his red, white and blue box again to take yet another swipe at First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The man who is thought to spend much of his spare time walking his neighbour’s pet bulldog on a long leash,answering fellow dog walkers polite hellos in the passing with the grumpy sideways response, like Scrooge before his three visitors, “nobody wants another referendum” has suggested that there is no possible way that a referendum on self determination for Scotland could be countenanced at least until 2021.

This whilst his political party is gearing up for two significant events this week. One , the start of the lucky dip that will be the Brexit negotiations, as their clueless and directionless representatives engage in preliminary talks with Monsieur Barnier and his EU colleagues, and two, the damage limitation they may have to start upon later in the week when surely to God the big robotic tin wummin eventually gets the internal vote of no confidence, handed her jotters, and the party spin doctors start spinning some sort of tale about their grand secret plan for Brexit not being in trouble because of a change of leader because it’s so good a plan that it doesn’t matter who leads the country at the time, because we’re British, damn your eyes Frenchy!

The Daily Mail will be invoking Winston Churchill, with pictures of the cliffs at Dover, before the week is out.

This being the case he’d be as well keeping his head down, old Fluffy. lest he gets tarnished by being one of Theresa’s team. There will be a lot of flak flying about shortly, and he’s going to need to practice his ‘I’ve always liked Boris, and or David,’statement in front of the mirror to appear sincere when the time comes, and importantly for him, if he’s going to have any chance of keeping that cushy job of his, now that there’s a choice of Scottish Tories (thanks again Kez).

Snidey wee asides about Nicola Sturgeon immediately after the result of last year’s EU Referendum, organising “grand events at Bute House”‘ are kind of typical of the man.

I think, if Mr Mundell was to cast that great mind of his back to the events immediately after the vote last year he may remember that the main focus of Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to the assembled media in Bute House that day was about the human fallout of the decision, and what she, as leader of Scotland ‘s devolved government, intended to do to assure and protect the hardworking, valued and welcome EU citizens who have chosen to make Scotland their home.

As for his assertion that the First Minister was indulging in a ‘vanity photo’ when she was photographed signing a letter to his insipid leader who does he think he is?

Nicola Sturgeon is the democratically elected leader of the party which the people of Scotland have chosen to be their party of government, both in Scotland, and despite what the BBC says, the majority at Westminster. The man shows nothing but utter disrespect for the parliament of his country and far worse, the people of his country.

Vanity photos? Does he mean like the ones last week of himself and Ruthie, Queen of Scots, sitting on the end of Theresa May’s inner Cabinet team (usually he struggles to even get in the room, and Queen Ruthie isnae even a member of that parliament) , or perhaps he’s thinking of the phoaties of his rapidly departing arse out of the emergency door, rather than speak to the locals, on the day he decided it would be a good idea for a Tory MP to turn up at the opening of a Foodbank.

This mob are in chaos, and the only things that are keeping them together, and in power, are the steadfast backing of the media and their own brass-necks.

Watch what happens though when the back bench knives come out and the Tory government descend into a frenzy of power lust, blame, dodgy dealing and survival mode.

Classic Julius Caesar it won’t be. Carry On style Kenneth Williams “”Infamy, Infamy, they’ve all got it infamy” will be more like it, and surely can’t be too far away.


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