The Tories are in chaos. The delays caused by their continuing talks with the red-handed bowler hatters are seriously putting the chances of the auld lady of London seeing her choice in the 1.30 at Royal Ascot, Lizzy’s Lad at 12/1, from the stands instead of on a jewelled IPad in an anteroom in the Palace of Westminster, in severe danger.

The wee wummin in the golden pokey hat is said to no’ be very chuffed at the prospect of having to drone through the DUP’s first Queens Speech whilst the gee gees are lining up at starters orders.

The prospect of reading out policy drivel about pledges to round up and intern all Catholics in the north of Ireland with a vowel in their surname, or first name, or even street name, and the banning of the words ‘Mass’ and ‘Gay’ and ‘ Global Warming’ once the party of Irish extremes finishes off their protracted negotiations with the former Westminster government, talks that will ensure that Theresa May and her band of circus clowns will provide an informal confidence and supply arrangement to the British (definitely not Irish) new wagger of the dog, is not filling her majestic-worshipful ness with much enthusiasm.

Meanwhile the main creator of the chaos, the bold strong and stable yin herself, having shut down the annual obscenely wealthy troughing of bankers, wankers and Hedge Fund managers at the Mansion house dinner ( no doubt it will be rearranged soon, when they feel they won’t be criticised for it) has made a flying visit to the site of the horrific tower block fire in London, an incident that has made us all weep at the terrible loss of life this week, as the events unfolded, and the sad toll of those gone or missing rises.

In she pops, gets her phoatie opp with the exhausted and traumatised emergency services, the folk putting it all on the line to help their fellow human beings, doesn’t speak to anyone remotely connected to the victims or local residents, and stoats off again. She just disnae get it, does she?

I shook my head at the comments of our pal, friend of the Indy Movement, (not) Laura Kuenssberg, on the subject, when she said not meeting residents could ” prove to be a miscalculation’ because events like this ” can require real displays of empathy” CAN require Laura? I think what you mean is DO require, and on every occasion, we are talking about the lives of human beings. Theresa May just doesn’t have it in her.

I could never be described as a royalist in any shape or form but you can bet your bottom dollar the aforementioned wee Liz will be up off that priceless throne and down to the hospitals, and on the site of the tragedy when it becomes clear that a visit from her won’t impede the emergency services continuing efforts, and she will talk to the families of the victims and the people who live there. A tragedy of this magnitude is not a political photo opportunity to try and yet again look like you are a strong leader, when the fact is that you are a frighteningly weak one.

Coming up very soon for Theresa is a round table get together with EU Commissioners for the start of the Brexit negotiations…. God save us! Talk about a sinking ship.and no lifeboats!

…. Yet the media still managed to convince some in Scotland that Ruth Davidson and her Scottish shock troops are amazingly somehow not a part of this cauldron of raging incompetence.

Take Indy off the table? Not on your life…. It’s more important now than ever.


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