When the nasty party attack

The nasty party of Great Britain are just about to go into overdrive.

Worked up into a snarling frenzy by the prospect of the total domination of UK politics, and marshalled by right-wing Australian campaign strategist Lynton Crosby, they are set to pull out every dirty trick, smear or divisive tactic they can from their protect the privileged 1% playbook to repel all ‘saboteurs’ of their Empire 2.0 project.

Along with Jeremy Corbyn ( who is becoming increasingly irritating, and surely doesn’t realise that he is insulting a vast number of ex- Labour voters in Scotland every time he repeats his monotonous mantra to any questions about the Independence movement by saying ” it would lead to turbo-charged austerity”, he says it every time, change the record Jezza), First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is just about to receive the Alex Salmond treatment on a scale never before seen.

These vitriolic attacks will be delivered in several ways, by various means, one of which will be by continuous and methodical sniping from the Westminster government’s representatives in Scotland, the Ruth Davidson Party of Scotland having recently been exposed as heartless, ruthless self-serving Tories.

You’ll be seeing Ruth Davidson being furious but stoic in the face of separatist outrages on your telly more often in the next six weeks than episodes of Eastenders. It was worth a sharp intake of breath to hear of her outrage in Holyrood yesterday about the First Minister being disparaging about how life would be in a country where the Tories have a large majority in government.

Ruth ((aTory) suggested that the SNP strategy for the upcoming election would be to try and claim that ” living in the UK under a Conservative government will be hell on earth”. Well yes Ruth, that is the point, for some people, the vulnerable, the sick, the unemployed, the low-waged, for them it will be a bit like living in a hell on earth.

The Viceroy, anxious to get his day in the sun, before it sets on him on 8 June, will be a regular broadcasted companion to your teatime bangers n mash too. The old sausage himself, fresh from his Far East tour telling Singaporean and Burmese building workers that nobody wants another referendum, he’s going to be telling you ad nauseam, that although nobody wants a referendum everybody does want a General Election, oh and that Nicola Sturgeon, see her, she is breaking up families, dividing communities and just plain evil. I don’t think he’ll call her a bitch whilst the cameras are on him though. Once bitten, as they say.

In the absence of his boss, who Crosby is going to tie up in a broom cupboard for the next six weeks, under strict instructions to protect her 20 points lead in the polls by keeping her gob shut, staying away from outraged taxi drivers in Bolton, avoiding having to think quick in debates, and trying not to do that scary dead-eyed stare thing that she does too often, Lord High Commissioner Mundell might be just the chap to wheel out to debate ‘live’ the key issues which will influence voters with the leaders of the opposition parties. Either him or a fruit pudding, it would be a close thing either way.

The Axis of hatred will surely too be battering out the morn’s chip wrappers with ‘FURY’. She takes pelters from the likes of the Express, Mail and the Telegraph in her stride, but look out for the re-emergence of stories trying to link her to dodgy Chinese companies, photos of her standing in a bus queue with Lord Lucan, wee Jimmy Krankie photoshops, references to her constituency as a ‘ hellhole of her making’ and every item of clothes she wears commented on derogatorily, her dresses, her jackets, even the cost of her boots.

The word boot being a useful segue I see a certain shock-jock horseyfaced gossip columnist has had another go at her too, describing Nicola Sturgeon as a ‘ginger dwarf”, as well as suggesting that Mhairi Black, if gotten rid of, ” can use her newly found free time learning how to talk, or write, or use shampoo”. If ever you needed a reason, other than the five hundred other valid and compelling ones, to seek an independent Scotland, to get away from the likes of her would be a good one.

As my granny used tae say, “it’s gonnae get worse before it gets better” …. But rest assured, it is gonnae get better.

Scotland will be so much better as an independent country.


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