Friends you know this already, and if you don’t you’ve been reading too many articles in the Daily Hate Mail, you are living in a fabricated construction of false democracy. A false democracy where politicians, aided and abetted by the majority of a pliable media with vested interests, simply refuse to make themselves accountable to you, and get away with it, easily.

Every inter-action with the much referenced “British people” is stage managed, diluted and homogenised to allow politicians in power, who, for all intents and purposes appear to be getting questioned about something important to the evening TV viewers waiting for Strictly Anything Great British in a Jungle to come on the google box, to respond to the questioner with standard one or two sentence bland conceptual intangible answers that really mean nothing and are no use to man nor beast. Real people with views that conflict with what the politician is trying to hard sell you are simply not allowed to intercede or provide an opposing opinion that may inform your views or enrich your understanding of the issue under debate.
In Scotland it’s even worse than that. You just don’t exist.
Reading the BBC news website’s article this morning entitled “ Brexit: Theresa May insists deal with EU is good for Scotland” I noted and accepted the usual British nationalist propaganda, that isn’t nationalist apparently because it’s British, of the first four paragraphs or so, supportive of the most ineffectual PM since Heath’s plan to separate the nations of the UK from their European neighbours in an isolationist orgy of little empire pomp and circumstance, commentary reinforcing and promoting the half a dozen bland phrases that the robotic leader spouts on an hourly basis about the separation.
Then I chuckled at the game effort at a confidence trick  flung in to the text, of the not so subtle project fear variety, suggesting that the UK government had done a bit of analytical work which showed that under Theresa’s separatist plans the economy of the ‘ family of nations’ could be 3.9% wee’er after 15 years but under a no deal it would be the reverse of 3.9% wee’er, a no deal Brexit would deliver a 9.3% hit to the economy! After 15 years? How would they know? These Tory think-tank boffin types must be geniuses, and if they are, why are we in such a mess in the first place? So effectively they are telling you Brexit is gonnae be disastrous, a deliberate act by a British government is going to harm the economies of the countries which make up the UK, but you’ve no’ tae worry because under this plan you’ll get the least worst outcome. Think about it. How mental is that?
The bit that really got me though about this article, that really stuck in my throat, returning to my earlier comment that the people of Scotland don’t exist in the eyes of those that govern them, was the missing sentence from a paragraph referring to the First Minister of Scotland’s views about Theresa May’s Brexit plan which reads “ Ms Sturgeon, who wants the UK to remain permanently in the single market and customs union and has backed calls for another referendum on the Brexit terms, has said the SNP’s 35 MPs at Westminster will vote against the deal on 11 December.”
The missing sentence, the factual context which would have informed any reader of the article as to why the First Minister of Scotland has an opposing view to that of the British government, should have been, of course ‘ The people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the European Union by a margin of 62% to 38%.’ Was it there? No. Not a sniff of a mention, you are not important.
The reasons why Scotland should return to its rightful, and normal, state of being a self-governing independent country are many, but being considered invisible must be high up the list I would think.


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