No credibility


Aw naw. Stop the presses rolling. Gordy has managed to climb out of the library window at the manse again. They really need to get that dodgy window catch fixed.

As a consequence there’s been an intervention!

An intervention from a former politician who has never ever intervened before. In fact we’ve never heard from him since he buggered off into the comfortable world of corporate speechifying, lots and lots of jolly old lolly, and New Labour campfire reminiscences in stately homes and posh hotels.

Nope he’s been as quiet as a Margaret Thatcher tribute seance and BYO Chardonnay night held in a former miners welfare in a village in the Yorkshire coalfields, apart from the loads and loads of other times he’s intervened for the first time on current Scottish politics.

This time we’re not all doomed. Just the weans. There’s a problem, indeed there is a crisis, in child poverty in Scotland and the neighbouring larger country that governs Scotland. Nae kidding. Well spotted Gordy. Nobody else saw that, apart from the entire Yes Movement, who are desperate to end this systematic long term generation after generation blight on our youth. It drives us.

We’ve become accustomed to hearing about primary school teachers putting their hands on their pockets to buy pupils something to eat because they’ve had nothing at home and have the arse out of their troosers, mothers and fathers queuing at Foodbanks whilst the shelves get emptier, and Universal Credit sending families over the edge. It’s no’ peeces that fall out of tall buildings in Scottish cities these days.

Although the Scottish government are addressing the problem as best they can, with plans to eradicate much of child poverty in Scotland by 2030, bearing in mind they have absolutely no control over the reserved economic or financial levers which impact the problem, and are fighting increased spending cuts in Scotland through Westminster imposed austerity which will see annual welfare spending cut by around 4 billion pounds by 2020, Gordy figures they should tax Scots more to solve the problem.

Does anyone in Scotland really think this guy has any credibility? There is one solution to this shameful crisis.

Independence now.

Get back in your comfy establishment box Gordon. If you look in the dictionary under the title ‘Sell out’ you’ll find the definition reads ‘ Gordon Brown’.

Oh, and happy first birthday to the highly successful baby box scheme introduced by the Scottish Government.

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