‘Leading Scotland’s fightback’?

So the dust settles on the local council elections and the revelations start to emerge, from under the odd slimy rock, that some of the new councillor brethren of the red, white and blue variety might not be as wholesome as a 1950’s treacle sponge, misogyny, scoffing at the gay community, accusing the SNP of being nazis, previously voting UKIP and being obsessed with the size of his membrum virile being just some of the alleged foibles, according to the National, of one such Tory worthy.

It appears too that there are several more of Tory Britain’s hardy sons, new to public service, who are known to have equally as extremist views (you won’t read about them in the Express).

Then we have the sinister emergence out into the light of local politics, again in loyal service of the union, of what someone has aptly described as ‘ Bluekip’. or as they are sometimes otherwise known, the ludge’.

Bearing in mind that on the last weekend before the 2014 referendum, whilst a huge celebration of civil engagement was taking place around Scotland, crowds of all ages. singing, dancing and listening to inspiring speakers talking of the ‘early days of a better nation’ (and Dougie MacLean popping up in high streets all over the place leading impromptu gatherings in renditions of Caledonia) the only significant organised event that day on the Bitter Together side was an Orange Walk through the capital, we shouldn’t really be surprised that they’ve decided to get more active in politics to protect their somewhat regressive way of life.

As the campaign for the 2017 General Election gets underway it may be worth those of an independence for Scotland mind, whilst canvassing, asking our fellow community members whether they really consider the likes of these, (their parliamentary candidates will surely be as rightwing and extreme as their council candidates) as the type of people they want to be represented by.

When you consider that in the English council elections support for the extreme UKIP, the home of former BNP fascists, collapsed and the Tory vote rose it is clear that the increased shunt towards hard line right wing extremism,that is the current flight path of the Tories, has done away with the need for the UKIP, who have been reabsorbed into the party of austerity, the rape clause, benefit sanctions, first strike capability, and crucially, blinkered xenophobia against immigrants and foreigners (the ones that aren’t billionaire despots or sheiks).

As Iain MacWhirter succinctly put it ‘Every vote for Ruth Davidson in Scotland is a vote for Theresa May.’

That is the message that needs to get out. Ruth Davidson, who will be presented like she is a saviour reborn by the BBC and others over the next few weeks, represents these extremists. She is of them, she is them. If Scotland rolls over to the 21st century Tories, and gives them a free hand to ram home any wild and weird right wing little Englander nationalist policy that they fancy the days of Thatcher will seem like a walk in the park by comparison.

Let’s face it, after the disgraceful antics of the unionist media’s reporting of the council elections, if the SNP drop more than one seat from a landslide victory on June 8th Auntie Beeb will be reporting it as a red, white and blue ticker tape parade down the Royal Mile with a marching band playing ‘Jerusalem’ whilst Ruth, the representative of the most extreme Tory party in living memory, takes the cheers of an adoring crowd perched in an open topped Challenger Tank. We probably can’t avoid that, but we can, if the General Election goes the way it is expected, not the way the Scotsman says it will, prove it to be farcical.

As for their launch in Scotland, I quite like the Tories campaign slogan ‘ Leading Scotland’s Fightback’. It’s a shame though that the printers were shoddy in their work and forgot to add the last two words of the catchy phrase. Tory HQ should probably get a discount for that but they’d better be careful what they do with the refund as the polis will be watching their spending.

‘Leading Scotland’s Fightback To Serfdom’ has quite a ring to it, and is sure to appeal to voters.

C’mon Scotland. Get rid of these greedy, selfish and sinister ethnic nationalist extremists once and for all, and let’s get on with the real job, making Scotland a better place for all of its people.

Vote SNP on 8th June. Protect Scotland from extremism. It is that important.


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