The chaos of Cummings Britain


If ever there was a moment in time which clearly demonstrated the critical need (once this is over) for Scotland to take up the reins and return to self-government, it is right now.

Observe the chaos which abounds in Downing Street, where they are falling over themselves to contract this mysterious royal/celebrity watered-down version of the dreaded virus, in order to play the, ‘this is all too hard for me, my head hurts, can I hide away?’ type of shambolic behaviour which passes for leadership in 21st century self delusional-former-glory-resting Britain.

Like rats scurrying down the ropes of a sinking ship they are diving for floating debris, all of them two seconds away from screaming “Don’t blame me!”

Media conferences are a farce, leaving the public more confused and less reassured at the end of the briefing than they were at the beginning, they cannae work out whether they’ve ordered ventilators, excavators or refrigerators, and 30 of whatever they’ve ordered, arriving at the weekend, is just a wee bit short of 30,000, even by my arithmetic.

Interesting tactic to use that, ignore tried and tested reliable companies who produce live saving equipment as their core business in order to throw vast sums of money at a guy that makes bagless vacuum cleaners so that he can diversify. Right oot the Government for Dummies manual that one.

Then the gormless toff decides to spend a fortune that could have been spent on manufacturing and supplying PPE to the heroic front line and support workers in health, dealing every day with this curse, on a letter he wants to send to every household in the UK. He’s got the BBC, SKY, his Twitter account, every paper in the country, and a myriad of other ways to communicate FREE, but no, let’s spend the money, £5.7m, let’s have the posties, already at risk, marching up the path with a letter from Boris. It’s like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

Gove, Johnson, Raab C, that weird fellow that is the Health Secretary, these are all henchmen of the running away, self isolating, happy to view pensioners as expendable Dominic Cummings. Watch out soon too as the not so Priti ,when it comes to having an actual heart, Patel rises to the fore. Beware!

The serious side to this, in fact the deadly side to this, is that because of their complete arse up, because of the massive collective incompetence of this bunch of right wing self-serving wallies, ordinary people, mothers,fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, will die, or will suffer grave illness that could have been prevented.

Contrast that approach with what is happening in Edinburgh.

We’re in a once in a hundred years global pandemic situation and the triumvirate of the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Cabinet Secretary for Health Jeane Freeman and Chief Medical Officer for Scotland Catherine Calderwood are impressive in their clear, calm reassuring communication, their responses and reactions to the ever changing goal posts (sometimes hourly) that the huge challenges of this crisis represent, and their honesty and candour.

What they are doing is focusing number one, and above all else, on you, doing what they can to try and keep you and yours safe. Not the markets, not the ‘Square Mile’, you.

I said it myself the other day, and I don’t know where I heard it first, but I heard Nicola Sturgeon say something similar very recently. An economy can be rebuilt, thousands of victims of this virus cannot be brought back to life.

Stay safe and healthy folks, you and your loved ones. Follow the guidance.

Come the day and hour that this horrible situation we all find ourselves in passes there will be a reckoning, and that reckoning will include the final step to an independent Scotland.

One thought on “The chaos of Cummings Britain

  1. Well said. It is indeed a mad hatter’s tea party. BBC TV newsreader, ‘Jane’ finished off yesterday’s farce as she struggled to absorb the new target of 30 ventilators, on her screenscript. Farce continued this morning as they tried to explain 2000 test on NHS staff of 500,000. They don’t know what to do. They don’t understand what is happening. They made an insane plan to make the herd catch the virus and created a dangerous mess. They rejected help from small companies that made ventilators and labs that did tests and handed everything over to Mercedes/ Dyson and other “friends”. Pity help England. Scotland needs to keep control of what is going on here.

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