We are all in it together


There’s nae truth in the rumour, that I’ve just started, that Keith Richards has been summoned to several Royal estates to share the antibodies he developed by inhaling his old man’s ashes, snorting fifty years of coke off slim blonde starlets belly buttons and swallying vats of Jim Beam.

Yes, there is one rule for us, another for them. Never mind the health and safety of the countless staff, and those exposed to his Royal luggishness in Scotland as it’s made public that Charles Windsor has the dreaded virus. On a human level I hope the man makes a speedy recovery. On a political level I am angry and frustrated that his entourage of advisors and himself can just disobey the advice of medical professionals we, the rest of us, are trying to comply with because, in his position, he can. They all can.

We are all human beings, we are all born equal. Well…. maybe not so much.

Real people, with real lives and real jobs and real everyday problems, with real fears and worries, with parents they love and weans and grandweans they cherish, working around him, and the whole royal pomp and pish are now at higher risk. Think about that.

Monarchy? Royalty? Aye that’ll be right.

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