Look up, not down


Scotland’s looking below the tree line story of the day.

A drag queen coming to tell a story to primary school kids gives me no cause to consider that the kids will end up sullied, depraved or suffer loss of innocence at all. S/he can talk to my grandkids anytime.

In the 21st century the sooner they become acclimatised to seeing real life as ordinary and normal the better, as far as I see it.

The choice of an adult entertainer to an extent to carry out this role, although perhaps misplaced, does not count in my book as wicked, or worthy of a witch dunking, as long as the adult entertainer concerned is not acting in any way as an adult entertainer at the time of reading a story to children.

I am assured that the adult entertainer concerned had nothing but the enrichment of life learning, protection and welfare of the children concerned in mind.

Look up, not down.

One thought on “Look up, not down

  1. No. As a gay man with no children, I can see a problem with a drag queen named Flowjob reading a story to my neice or nephew.
    Lumping f*+k??


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