The unwavering ‘cult’ of Hope


Let us assemble, haud wan anither up by the oxters, put on our pointy hats, and meditate the gither, oh Brithereen and Sistereen of the sacred order of the Unconquerable Saltire. For we have been fhun oot! Somebody has spotted that we are a cult.

It was inevitable that at some point someone would stumble upon our most closely kept secret, but it took the sparkling intellect that is Jackson Carloan,the freshly anointed branch leader of the Tories in Scotland, (stop laughing) to work it all out, by cleverly spotting our complicated handshakes, dodgy eye movements and secret code words, before outing us publicly on one of the British state’s news and propaganda broadcasts.

This on the same day that his master in London, the supreme leader of the new empire project, Dominic Cummings, stage managed his mop-headed stooge’s first Cabinet Meeting after the latest reshuffle of nodding headed muppets.

A meeting indeed where, ludicrously set up for the cameras, the assembled careerist sycophants were encouraged to chant out answers like giggling weans to the questions the erratic posh manboy put to them (kind of like you’d see in a cult). But never mind all that, the red faced, and necked, former car salesman has found us believers in our own self-determination out. The game is up!

Personally speaking I like being part of our cult. I’m comfortable in my beliefs, in my values and in my views. If my unwavering faith in my countryfolk’s abilities to govern my country, and always in the interests of our people, all of them, better than the imposed government by another country with its own interests and agenda, means I’m in a cult, then yes, I’m happy to accept that.

As part of being in that cult It is really great, and in fact uplifting, not being a populist, nationalist, separatist,xenophobic,isolationist,royalist,elitist, quasi-fascist, imperialist, self-serving, greed-obsessed exceptionalist.

Maybe Mr Carloan might want to consider, in his quest to win the hearts and minds of the people of Scotland for unionism, exactly what it is about us that has reduced the membership of his party in Scotland from 35,000 members in the early 1990’s to about 9,000 now, or saw the number of Tory London lapdog MP’s in Scotland more than halved at the last General Election, whilst the ‘cult’ won in a landslide victory?

He may also want to consider why it is that his party’s unionist allies in Scotland, their traditional adversaries, have all but been wiped out in a country which used to count votes for them by weight rather than number?

Being generous, the best the buffoon-like Mr Carloan can possibly hope for is that he personally ascends into that other cult, the ones that wear ermine cloaks and give themselves made up titles (and generous raises on their expenses payments on a regular basis) along with his former leader, who we were led to believe was looking for another career until the dangle of the Lords gravy train was put before her eyes, and, that they get to stay there at English tax payers expenses after we take our country back.

#Independence is normal. Being governed by another country is not.

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