Lead in their pencils


I note, not greatly with interest (the excruciatingly boring prolongation of Brexit talk at Westminster must surely have just about all of us at the stage of semi-coma by now) that Members of the House are to attempt a new, and somewhat radical, way of making any sense at all of any of it.

This they will endeavour to achieve by perusing lists of various options that might be available to them (cancel the circus, send for a plumber, turn back the clock 100 years and pretend your important, etc) and utilising A3 pencils and ballot papers to attempt to communicate amongst themselves, coming out of their little silos to determine whether there is the slightest chance of any consensus on any way forward at all. Bits of paper and pencils to the rescue.
I fear however, as a result, and going on recent history, that the only feasible answer they’ll  come up with is that Colonel Mustard did it in the conservatory with a candlestick.
Somebody please bring this to an end. What a laughing stock. For the love of goodness, one way or the other, get it stopped or get it done, and let’s get back to the job in hand, returning Scotland to its rightful self-governing status.

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