Simply not credible


It’s not often that this blog rants off at the same rapscallion in two consecutive posts but events lead me to make an exception in this case.
He’s at it again, which seems to be a phrase I find myself writing on an alarmingly regular basis.

The Viceroy of Joy, the jelly-spined face of Scotland’s government by another country, fresh from an early cloak-fitting session at Deidstoat Brothers in Bond Street, has just broken the brass-neck-ometer. In fact he’s shattered it in to a thousand pieces, with each small shard landing on the ground almost in unison to form the perfect shape of the words ‘Numpty Alert, Not Credible’.
The SNP, the democratically elected majority Scottish representatives in the London based seat of power, put forward an amendment in parliament yesterday which specifically sought to exclude any possibility of the UK crashing out of the largest free trading bloc on the planet with No-Deal ‘under any circumstances’.

When voting took place on this amendment the Secretary of State Against Scotland and his ProudScot red, white and blue privilege-chasing colleagues with North British accents on the Tory benches, voted en-masse against this motion, helping to defeat it 324 votes to 288.
Afterwards, whilst being interviewed for the telly, David Mundell, came over all awkward, coy and twitchy (he might have even blinked) when asked why he voted against the SNP’s motion to rule out a No-Deal.

Apparently, and this is a belter, our quasi-potentate voted against ruling out a disastrous No-Deal because he doesn’t want a No-Deal.  Are you following this so far?

Also, and this is one takes the whole packet of digestive biscuits, it’s his firmly held belief (if anything about him could be considered firm, definitely no’ his spinal column, that’s for sure) that the SNP are double-super-secretly pushing a No-Deal agenda.

In his opinion those nasty outward looking progressives, whose policies represent the 62% democratically majority-decided remain in the EU instruction given to them by the people of Scotland, desperately want a No-Deal…… Which is why they all voted for the amendment that they themselves put forward to rule out a No Deal.
Work that one out somebody, I cant. It is beyond rational thought.
A link for this rambling nonsense may follow here…
if the link works.
I’ve said it before, history will not look upon this fellow kindly.


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