A bunch of chancers


You really have to question exactly what it is the British Conservative and Unionist Party’s representatives in Scotland are actually for other than to undermine the right of Scotland’s people to make decisions for themselves and those who advocate that entirely normal and sensible postulation.

We’re weeks away from their lords and masters in London destroying a relationship with the planet’s biggest free trading bloc, creating mayhem, an act of economic and cultural vandalism beyond the understanding of those who instigated it, financial self-immolation on a scale never seen before, all because of an internal party power struggle between various factions of self-entitled right wing politics trying to establish which side’s nanny had the biggest wart on her forehead, and what are the ProudScotButteries getting their red, white and blue Y-fronts in a twist about? An SNP Car Tax which doesn’t actually exist.

There are many ways to fool the electorate, to spin and deceive, and my goodness over the years the Tories have deployed most of them but this is a cracker.

The Scottish Government, in a salve tae the Greens following the Scottish budget negotiations, propose a discretionary tax raising power for local councils, you know, a bit of devolution, power at a local level, to charge a workplace parking levy if they choose to do so. This is not mandatory. It’s a proposal being consulted upon.It hasn’t even been drafted yet.

Deputy Dawg of the British government’s northern and lucrative province branch, Jackson Carloan (would you buy a Capri Ghia from that man Rodney?) fresh from his pronouncement the other day that Ruth Davidson is ‘likely’ to be the next First Minister of Scotland, had the masses ranks (literally tens of them) of Young Conservatives up and down the country hitting the streets, down among the real people, where the action is, to protest against this cruel SNP Tax, which, as mentioned before, doesn’t exist.

They know that they are promoting an untruth, spinning a falsehood to the Scottish public, but their blinkered one track focus on SNP Bad supersedes everything else. They are oblivious.

Meanwhile Brexit starts to smoulder as their overlords in the British state starts talking about increasing its ‘lethality and mass’.Mental.

‘Precious unionism’ in the control of a bunch of chancers makes no sense for Scotland. It is harmful. They are dragging us down and holding us back. Launch the lifeboats soon First Minister, please.

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