Let off the hook


In these times of grave uncertainty, where chaos and malign self-destructive acts of a political nature are becoming the norm, it is at least reassuring, if predictable, and somewhat depressing, that the editorial perspective of the media arm of British nationalism, entrenched in their perpetual role of maintaining the established constitutional position, have not deviated one iota from their mission. In fact, obviously feeling pressured by the sound of a juggernaut starting to rev up over their northern horizon, they’ve stepped up their campaign to discredit all that threatens the Great British norms.
We’ve moved on from Salmond, then Salmond and Sturgeon, then SNP civil war (again) then SNP crisis, then leadership crisis, then SNP ‘heavy weights’ urge FM to re-consider as there is no appetite for a second Indy Ref, now we’re onto Chief Executive of the SNP, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell. It’s relentless. Anyone would think they were trying to divert attention away from a real crisis somewhere else.
Meanwhile the disco dancing droner of Downing Street continues on her merry way (now surely running on near spent exhaust fumes alone) in her ultra-repetitive drive to run down a self-inflicted clock on a ‘deal’ that nobody wants, neither Leavers, Remainers, hard line Brexiteers or EU negotiators want it.

She has suffered a defeat of an unprecedented magnitude for a sitting Prime Minister in Parliament, a defeat that would have seen any other premier (in what were considered normal times before Brexit) resign and toddle off to a quiet life of jotting down memoirs, corporate stipends and lobbying for multinationals. Yet she carries on like everything is on track, and this, and the many other humiliations she has suffered over the last couple of years, never happened. Her position should be untenable.
The question needs to be asked. Why are the media letting this government off the hook? Can there be any clearer indication for those swithering one way, then back, on the subject of Scotland’s future, that something smells more than a bit off in the reporting coverage of the long slow agonising  downfall of a failed state? A failed state incapable of moving on from a bygone imperial past, completely unable to modernise and genuinely work in partnership with others, both abroad and with its closest neighbour to its northern border, for the common good, not just their own.
Independence for Scotland now. Let’s get to it.


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