A bigger priority


There is no optimum moment, no perfect time, to launch a campaign to return responsibility for the governance of the country of Scotland to the people of Scotland.

If we are waiting for that elusive moment when the ducks are all lined up perfectly we are wasting our time and energy.

Achieving a consensus by majority that Scotland’s future is best served by disentangling itself from the rule of its southern neighbour will only ever be achieved once a date to consult the views of Scots on their constitutional future has been fixed, and the case is convincingly made for a country where the interests of Scotland’s people come first.

Scottish voters not wedded to self-government, not attuned to the premise that Scotland as part of an entirely mis-named Union is simply considered an asset to be used for whatever purpose London’s Westminster government deems necessary to perpetuate the retention of the wealth and power of an entrenched elite, need to be persuaded, by being exposed to convincing, well communicated, supporting facts, to encourage them to undertake their own research, their own personal journey to Yes.

I really do hope that during all of the lengthy farce of Brexit the SNP have quietly had some clear thinking strategic minds working away in the background on campaign planning, on communication strategies, on countering Project Fear, on proposals to support grassroots groups through a campaign, on a draft consultation Constitution for an independent Scotland to be shared with voters, on alternative strategies to proceed once our lords and masters tell us we can’t be consulted again about our future because ‘now is not the right time,’ on making preparations to set out comparisons between what Brexit will mean in terms of impacts on every day life against how things may be living in an independent Scotland which has taken over the warm seat at the EU table which rUK has given up. (they could be forgiven for not getting too far with that one just yet,no one really knows what the impact will be further down the line).

Importantly too, using Brexit as a learning exercise, and by understanding the experiences of countless former imperial colonies seeking and eventually achieving independence, ways must be found to counter and bypass the endless procrastination, inertia, bluster, repetitive obstruction, incompetence and arrogance of the British nationalist mind when placed in a position of government and power.

Clearly, when it comes to the constitutional question this time, our auld pals in Project Fear will attempt to use their own leadership’s handling of Brexit, both in government and their official opposition, as a scare tactic against independence. I can hear it now ‘ See how hard it has been to leave the European Union. Imagine how long and how hard it would be for Scotland to try and leave the UK, Naw, we’re better together.’

We need to be ready and able to counter that statement, and counter it convincingly. Let’s hope someone is working on that.

I fully understand the First Minister’s position on a second Brexit ‘ People’s’ vote, in terms of genuinely doing her very utmost to protect all of the UK from separation from Europe. My goodness it’s a wonder she can stand straight upright the amount of accommodating contortions she’s engaged in in order to demonstrate that she has been more than reasonable in her dealings with Westminster’s government in the last two and a half years.

The media and British nationalist politicians like to talk about us in the Yes movement continually promoting a ‘ grievance’ agenda. If you chronologically record every step the Holyrood government and our MPs at Westminster have made to protect the people of Scotland, and England, from the impact of Brexit since June 2016 I think grievance doesn’t quite cover the injustice and inequity experienced.

At this point I think our leaders should be saying the following to the rest of the UK (with regards to the divorce from the European Union).

You cannot dispute that we’ve tried as best we can to help you, and we will continue to do so as the opportunity occurs and allows, but we have a bigger priority, primarily Scotland is best served returning to its rightful independent status. The people of Scotland are sovereign and by democratic majority they wish to stay in the EU. The Scottish government’s priorities are first and foremost to carry out the instructions of the people who gave us the mandate to govern, and that is what we intend to do.

Let’s get a date fixed to seek a further decisive instruction from the people of Scotland. Let’s do it soon.


One thought on “A bigger priority

  1. In a strange way Indie is like buying a replacement computer.
    Do you buy today based on today’s special offer or wait until the new whizz bang models come out.

    There is no perfect time.

    As an old boss of mine was want of saying.

    Ye just have tae pee wae the cock ye’ve goat

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