Do you think they are worried?


My goodness, they really are feeling threatened at the moment, the denizens of the crumbling, wildly spinning off its axis planet, Precious Union Minor.

As if they didn’t have enough on their plate to occupy themselves with, two and a bit months out from the prospect of end-to-end Eddie Stobart trucks attempting to enter the Guinness Book of Records by achieving the longest traffic jam ever known to mankind, the media onslaught on those that promote the view that it is perfectly natural, and normal, for a country such as Scotland to be mature enough to have confidence in groups of capable individuals who actually live, work, love, and bring up families in Scotland (of whatever political party the majority of Scots favour at any given election time) to make all the important decisions for Scotland, is incessant.

The spreading of fallacious bile never ends, it just goes up and down the propaganda Richter Scale, depending on what day it is.
We’ve had a Sunday newspaper, who for a few years there thought they’d make a few bob out of ostensibly promoting the idea that they were being ‘impartial’ on the subject of the Scottish constitutional question, only to blot their copybook during the summer celebration of the thousands of tramping feet around Scotland’s major towns and cities, and then having to eventually come clean that naw, their Sunday edition is as biased in favour of unionism as their daily version, despicably, in an article about one of the many communities which make up Scotland’s people, supposedly feeling uncomfortable about living in Scotland, using a photograph of the First Minister on a poster which had been defaced with the worst possible kind of hate symbol.

The subliminal message for the casual reader, of course,not being that whomever defaced the poster was probably a nasty piece of work but that the SNP were some sort of evil extremist group. Cheap and nasty tactics indeed.
We’ve had a journalist rehash a story he first produced for an antipodean readership a few years ago to somehow go one better than the John Lennon controversy of some decades past when the hype around the Beatles popularity at the time was compared to the popularity of Christianity. Apparently the decline of the Kirk in Scotland is more than coincidentally linked with the rise of the civic nationalist movement in Scotland, according to Mr Massie. I’ve heard in all now. That even beats the one from 2014 when it was asserted by somebody or other of a precious Union mind that independence would destroy tourism in Scotland because no one from abroad would be able to read gaelic road signs or place names.

I think if Alex Massie is looking for someone or some cultural change to blame for the decline of the Church, in all its forms in Scotland, not just the Kirk, the selfish greed and the seeds that were sown by the me-me society of Margaret Hilda Thatcher would be much nearer the mark than the increasing numbers of Scots who have opened their eyes to reality, to see beyond relentless propaganda designed to maintain the view that another country should make Scotland’s decisions for it, for its own purposes.
We’ve had pundits trying desperately to conflate the recent harassment of a Tory politician in London by Brexiteering protesters (have we learned nothing from the death at the hands of an extremist moron of Jo Cox) with the behaviour of the Yes movement in Scotland of 2014. This is simply ridiculous. Crowds of grannies, papas and young lassies with weans in their buggies walking quickly away in the opposite direction from an increasingly sneery Jim Murphy pleading with them to throw eggs at him ( He even brought his own eggs) does not compare in any shape or form with the nasty insidious hatred, the vile bigotry and nationalism, (the bad kind, the very bad kind)the fascist salutes, the violence, on display In George Square on the 19 September 2014.

I remember thinking, reading the BBC Scotland’s news report on the events in the square online that day, my goodness there must have been several re-writes of that article and much scratching of heads in the editorial room during those hours.

I’m paraphrasing, but the gist of the highly innocuous few words that were used to report what was going on were something like “ Emm, there’s been some teensy weensy, very minor clashes, between some nice, boy next door, clean cut ex-public school graduates celebrating the magnificent result, the continuing glory of our wonderful Union, and those nasty separatists. P.S the Polis are there on horses”. Meanwhile anybody with an internet connection could view  dozens of photographs of what looked like the CGI generated army of trolls from the Lord of the Rings marauding around the square, disturbed and frightened Polis horses up on their back legs, batons being drawn and flares lighting up the scene.

If ever there was a day that absolutely proved that the BBC is biased, that was it.
Now, in the aftermath of yesterday’s decision in the courts regarding the Scottish government’s investigation into the allegations against former first minister Alex Salmond, we’ve got the Herald’s leading headline stirring it up with  “Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond at war over 500k legal case”. As soon as the STV reporter asked Nicola Sturgeon if she had confidence in the civil servant involved in the management of the complaint process, and she replied yes, I think we could all say we could see that headline coming. They’ll now try and goad Alex Salmond into criticising her response. Do you think we’ve got them worried?
Oh for the days of independence to come. Dissolve that Union, and let’s get to it soon. We have a renewed vibrant country to build into a huge success, and we’re all champing at the bit to get on with it.


One thought on “Do you think they are worried?

  1. Was in Glasgow that day, listening to a live reporter on bbc radio, explaining about orange order, union flag waving thugs approaching the somewhat depressed independent supporters in George square. Coukndcwait to get home to see and hear the reports on bbc tv of tgis thuggery. To find the reports were watered down, no mention of OO union jacks and thuggery. So it was all swept under the union carpet as usual. That was tge day I gave up on the BBC as a news service and proved it to be an organ of tge TORY establishment.

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