They are a bad joke


How much of a laughing stock are the British state prepared to make of themselves in the cause of pursuing an imaginary future where their nationalist exceptionalism magically transforms into a golden era of post-European pseudo-colonial pomp and greatness?

Isn’t it supposed to be us, according to the fallacious media propaganda, who are supposed to be the nationalists?

2019 is starting the way 2018 finished in terms of bewildering behaviour from the robotic disco dancer of Downing Street, who clearly thinks that if she continues to run down the clock in the same manner she has for virtually the last two years, to doomsday, that the flock of self serving miscreant wasters who sit behind her in the Commons will come back into line, and vote with her, in fear of the dreaded ‘No Deal’.

Yet again, she’s trying to look busy, diplomatic and important by cutting about Europe pretending to seek further clarity on the clarifications that were previously clarified in much needed clarification talks about clarity.

There is no truth in the rumour that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked doctors in Berlin to place her in an induced coma for a week in order to avoid listening to yet another round of beating around the bush droning repetitive ‘Brexit means Brexit’ pish coming out of the London leader’s mouth. Ms Merkel who at one stage, way back in these discussions, was heard to ask Theresa May “What is it you actually want?” is still waiting for that answer.

Donald Tusk, the European Council President, his ears bleeding, is apparently so emotionally drained by listening to her dribbling on that he is considering retreating to a remote Tibetan monastery where the wifi isnae awfy great and Skyping is impossible.

It’s all just window dressing, for public consumption. As much as the BBC tell us otherwise you’d need to be pretty naive to think it is anything else.

Meanwhile David Davis, the original man for all Brexits, the man who telt us all it would be a scoosh, an easy negotiation, John Foreigner needs us far more than we need them, said Davy, (that’s why he told the British public that his team had done hunners of analysis on how Brexit will impact different sectors of the UK when actually they hadn’t done any analysis and had spent all those months playing Jenga, Buckeroo and the X-Box instead) is urging Theresa to delay the “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal for a second time, because she’s still gonnae lose.

Davis, in his little Englander exceptionalism, insists that we shouldnae panic because a deal will surely be reached “at the eleventh hour” on Brexit. (This from a man who ran away from the job of sensibly extricating the UK from its commitments to the EU when it all got too hard for his wee brain to handle).

He thinks Europe will come to heel because they are frightened Britain will renege on their committed financial responsibilities associated with divorcing themselves from the largest free trading bloc in the world.

What an arrogant attitude. At this point Europe just want Britain to do what they said they will, leave. Flashing yer knickers at EU Commissioners or kidding on that you are a hard man on day release fae the Bar-L is kinda foolish and lacks credibility at this stage.

It is always important to remember that (against the will of Scotland’s people) It was the London government’s choice to leave the EU, not the EU’s choice to leave them. Europeans are scunnered wae the whole thing. Keep yer HP sauce. They don’t want it.

More important than that we must never lose sight of the fact that Scotland has an escape chute from this potentially epic economic, social and cultural disaster. The mandate is there.

I hope that the impacts of Brexit don’t cut too deep before it becomes very apparent, to very many, that independence in an internationalist progressive Scotland is the way forward, the way out.


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