A Vow


The year is drawing to a close. Scotland, our country, not a region of another country which doesn’t actually exist, is about to, deliberately by the design of others, become a poorer place, on many different levels, against the democratic wishes of its people.

If there is a simpler, clearer argument for a return to what is normal in most other places in the world, the rightful independence of our nation, let us put it into words and shout it loudly from the rooftops.
I read with anger over the last few days the many stories of our fellow Scots, our friends, our families, not born there, but who have lived, loved, worked and made valuable contributions to life in Scotland, those who chose to live their lives and bring up their children in a country they feel part of, where they feel at home, now being effectively told by a government in London that they are not  welcome. Scots who have resided there for years, many with Scottish born adult offspring, have to fill in a form, pay a fee, disclose personal information, information which the Westminster mafia can then share with whomever they want, go on a list, and be ‘assessed’ as to whether they can continue to live in Scotland after 2020. 

Can you believe that? Think about it. Who gives London’s government the right to speak for us? We voted overwhelmingly against such sinister insular xenophobic nonsense.  That is not my Scotland, and I suspect that for many of you reading this it is not your Scotland either.
2019 promises to be chaotic. There is no certainty about anything other than that. You only need to look at the UK’s political  inter-actions of the last two years to clearly see that Scotland’s people are ignored, scorned and dismissed by those in power in our neighbouring country to the south which makes our decisions for us, whether we agree with those decisions or not. If you can’t see that you are deliberately deluding yourself. The decisions London makes are based on their priorities, protecting their wealth, their control, not our priorities.

Scotland’s abundant assets are seen as theirs to use as they see fit, for their benefit, not ours. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is falling for the deeply entrenched well established propaganda that promotes a view that Scotland requires the security of being chained to England to exist. If that’s your view please do a bit of your own research will you, look beyond Reporting Scotland and the Record, then make up your mind.
Having worked now for several years to further the cause of what I believe is right, Scotland returned to a state of independence as a modern progressive outward looking European nation, able to make its own decisions, with politicians answerable to its people, I say this now, on Hogmanay 2018, a kind of a New Year resolution, I vow (and this is a real vow not a unionist plastic one) that I will continue to do, and with a renewed vigour in 2019, whatever I can do that is within my power to promote that cause, excluding anything of a violent nature, until we achieve our aim of independence.
It is time to dissolve the union. It really is. They are hurting our ain folk. This has got to stop.


2 thoughts on “A Vow

  1. Love your posts.
    May your elbow be bionic in 2019.
    Hibernian :
    A wee scandal –
    There was a wee man called Leigh
    Loved by us he was taken by Wolves
    Spat out there he went on for the Bhoys
    Where he scored big but it seems it annoys !
    Cos tho twice he scored frees versus England
    We find hes not built for success ..
    Somehow we’re told he has issues manifold and not fit to shine or impress !

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