The tipping point


I want to recount a wee personal story that happened to me this week.

There is a member of my very close circle of family and friends, someone I love the bones of, who I entirely respect, who has always had differing political opinions to myself.

So much so that in the run up to 2014 and its aftermath we debated back and forth on all things independence, sometimes with a fury. Each of us arguing the case, me for self-government and change versus him for unionism and the status quo, to an almost standstill.

There were at times, we would both admit, things said that shouldn’t have been, and we caused each other hurt. So much so that for at least the last two years it’s been a subject that we both consciously avoid discussing with each other lest it opens old wounds. We’re both fine with that. We have been friends for many years. We agree to disagree.

About a week ago whilst perusing social media I was astonished to see not one, but two, posts on Facebook from this very same friend which I never thought I would see. One being a Yes Scotland meme, presumably from 2014, extolling the virtues of self-determination in regards to social justice and equality in Scotland, and the other was that magnificent AUOB ‘Scotland will you march with us’ classic photo taken at this year’s Glasgow event.

Daft as this may seem tears started to roll down my cheeks as I looked up his profile page to double check I hadn’t gotten it wrong, I hadn’t.

After I’d wiped the snotters out of the way I pondered why it was that I had reacted in this way, being as sober as a very sober sober person from the planet sober at the time, and not one prone to greetin ma beads oot at Facebook.

I figure it’s this. There is a change on. It’s incremental, it’s steady, the tectonic plates of sovereignty are shifting, it’s been almost imperceptible but now becoming visible, coming to the surface. There is a tipping point approaching in the journey to independence.

If my friend, with his baseline starting point political views, someone who can clearly communicate, argue, debate and provide examples to persuade others to his viewpoint, can shift over the course of two, two and a half years to where he is now, with us, we are most definitely getting there.

I FaceTimed him a couple of nights ago, ostensibly just for a blether.

As his face came up on the screen in front of me with his usual big daft grin, and knowing how close to my heart my political beliefs are he must have been able to read the look on my face.

We looked at each other for a moment or two before either of us spoke. He nodded his head and winked. We both knew what that meant. I almost started greetin again.

It is coming folks. Get out there next Saturday in Edinburgh for a wee stroll and a meander through a public park that belongs to the people of Scotland. This is the big one.

Let them try and ignore 100,000 examples of joyous peaceful civic nationalism, celebrating their unity and determined to be part of a normal self-governing independent social democratic country.


3 thoughts on “The tipping point

  1. Hi, friend and regarding your ‘The tipping point’ story, I must say that your tale is one of the best that I’ve read in recent times. Many of us – if not most of us, could talk about the gradual change in our country’s political climate, but very, very few people could describe such personal experiences as well as you’ve just done!

    Clearly, you’re as devoted to regaining our independence as anyone could be! Perhaps your experience is both an encouragement and a reassurance to others who have been obliged to ‘bite their tongues’? You’re certainly accurate in talking of the tectonic-plate speeds of change… very slow, gradual and unstoppable!

    Moran taing!/Many thanks!


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  2. Thanks for that reminder.
    I know it’s a long and arduous journey we’re on. I know we’re being torn to pieces by print media and rank broadcasters, but I also know there have been few – if any – instances of Yes to No, while at the same time seeing scores of instances of No to Yes. I just like to be reminded, now and then, that our efforts are bearing fruit and winning hearts and minds and that we’re getting there.
    Thanks for that.

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