Despicable them


I detest the Labour Party. I really do. I voted for them from when I was first able to vote for many years, and now I hate everything about them and everything the feckers do.

At least with the Tories you know straight up that they are a bunch of crazed right-wing greedy selfish over- privileged nasty bastards who hate the very notion that the people who do the working, the sweating and the worrying themselves sick, the folk who keep these sons of Eton and wives of hedge fund billionaires in their comfy cosseted ‘wealth creator’ lifestyle, should benefit from their toil. They don’t try to hide the fact.

We know that when the Tories describe themselves as the party of the working people that’s their cue for us to laugh uproariously at their wit and sardonic humour.

The Labour Party on the other hand are the biggest bunch of fake, lying, conniving,betraying, twisted, forty-faced, bullshyting wankers around.

They have entirely betrayed the motivating factors, fighting poverty, injustice, the lack of fairness and equality, of their origins. The great social reformer Keir Hardie, a name which half the feckers cannae spell, and the other half don’t recognise as spelt wrong on a conference visual aid, has spun his box right out of the grave and is currently balanced against an oak tree in Cumnock weeping his spiritual heart out at the shambles that they are.

The many Scots who have seen through their champagne socialist trickery and the quick and ready willingness with which they ally themselves to the Tories when it suits their needs are clear in their understanding. The Labour Party left us, we didn’t leave them.

As if their actions in the independence referendum in 2014 weren’t despicable enough, frightening pensioners into believing that their pension, one of the worst in Europe under UK power, was in danger, spouting nonsense to Catholic voters that the SNP were anti Catholic and would do away with Catholic schools, and then Gordy Broon, in one of those singular and always unique first interventions of his, suggesting that Scottish children with cancer and other serious illnesses would not be treated at specialist hospitals in the country of our neighbours if their parents vote Yes, despite Great Ormond Street hospital telling him to take his face for a shite for spreading factually incorrect scare mongering nonsense, they are trying to outdo themselves.

One day we have Jezza Pretendy Jesus, always that keen to sit on any fence that’s presented to him, his mind solely and only ever on how he can convince the voters of middle England to vote for him, telling us he’s no’ keen on Scotland being independent but he’d need tae think about the question if he was Prime Minister and a section 30 order was requested by Holyrood.

Then we have Tricky Dicky Leopard, their branch steward in Scotland, a man who has managed to be humiliated by verbal lug skelpings from the First Minister of Scotland during FMQ’s more often in ten months than James Kelly has had brain cell collisions, announces that the Labour Party will be searing in blood a line into their next manifesto which will once and for all, and unequivocally, reflect their view that the people of Scotland are, and forever shall be, British, whether they like it or not.

Permission will never be granted by a Labour Government for a referendum on independence, no matter the will for it, no matter democracy. We’ve just had one, according to Tricky ( 4 years ago) and Scots who voted No wouldn’t have, or never will, change their minds, apart from if it’s Brexit that is.

Here’s the thing Dicky, the people of Scotland will decide when to have the next referendum about their future, not the British Unionist Labour Party, in government or otherwise.

To cap it all off over the last couple of days, from the party, as mentioned earlier, that falsely accused the SNP of being anti-Catholic, we have Andy Kerr, Chair of Labour’s Executive Committee, burst into good old boy Central Scotland casual sectarian bigotry for all to see. What was he thinking?

If, instead of making fun of Catholics crossing themselves, Kerr had mentioned a Jewish Kippah, or a burka or perhaps a skin colour he’d have been punted out of the hall, but it’s only Catholics eh, so it’s just a wee joke that the lads doon at the ludge will have a chuckle at.

Did I mention that I really loathe the Labour Party.

Scotland must get away from the Westminster two party (I don’t count the Libs, why would you) circus of self-preservation and on with building a great wee independent country.


3 thoughts on “Despicable them

  1. The lack of talent in the unionist parties is shining through like a beacon. Labour have no answer to the competence and professionalism of the SNP or the righteousness of the case for independence. They are becoming ever more desperate in their attempts to have meaning in a world where they have lost all relevance. The Torys in Scotland are likewise struggling, trapped in a goodies v baddies scenario where they have openly to lie, cheat and manipulate those in the electorate still gullible enough to fall for their shit. Wullie Rennie and his Lib Dem’s are still, and will remain, inconsequential for much the same reasons.

    It’s becoming way too difficult to sit back and watch the show now, phrases like pass the popcorn are getting excruciatingly old. It’s time for action. OK we do not and will never have the media, but the SNP needs to throw us a bone, because I for one, and I know I’m not alone in this, am getting really impatient and really, really, really pissed of.

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