It is time to go


Folks, if you haven’t already clocked it, and I’m sure pretty much all of you reading this have, beware the rising tide of nationalism in government at Westminster.

However, please please continue to warn your friends and family who are comfortable in their belief that Auntie Beeb and the daily paper wouldn’t mislead them.

From the time when UKIP blossomed, attracting the draggers of knuckles previously aligned with the far right National Front and the British National Party, winning council seats in England, taking Tory votes and eventually latching on to the right-wing of the Conservative party over many mutually held beliefs, and then ultimately being absorbed by the Tories as Farage left the field to act as their spokesperson, spending his days in the media and Question Time normalising and reinforcing extremist racist views and behaviour, it has been growing in government in England.

Brexit is a consequence of it. That horrible hate-filled creature currently in the jail who uses the false name Robinson is another, who incidentally was the subject of pleas for clemency by representatives of Trump’s administration whilst in the U.K last week, that is frightening.

We look at America and all that is happening there. The groundwork is indeed being laid for fascism, and is well down that road. As Fintan O Toole described it in the Irish Times recently, and I paraphrase, Trump is market testing extremism, testing how much the citizens on America will stand on issues like immigration and law and order, before adjusting as he see’s fit to suit his agenda. Make no mistake, It’s happening in Britain too.

People see Boris Johnson as a bit of a clown, like Trump, but do not be fooled by either of them, Johnson and his rightwing cabal are hellbent on creating a Britain where they can delude themselves that the empire didn’t recede to a nominal Commonwealth, where Mosley wasn’t defeated and banished to Paris, where the Suez crisis turned out to be a roaring triumph for Britannia, and a population of worker ants spend their lives running themselves into the ground whilst doffing their caps and gratefully hooraying sycophantly at the good fortune of a small number of elites, our betters, who deserve their entitlement to all of privilege and fame because they make the decisions.

Johnson made a speech yesterday in the House which was considered to be his resignation speech from his post as Foreign Secretary, a role he made a complete farce of during his tenure.

If there was a British subject in trouble anywhere in the world you could guarantee he’d make it worse. If there was a foreign leader requiring diplomacy he’d insult them, if there was a war torn area somewhere requiring the dead and grievously wounded to be treated with respect he’s your man to publicly humiliate them. The words frivolous and lazy on his report card are probably not strong enough to describe his attitude to the duty of government.

He spoke of it being not too late to save Brexit and of a “needless fog of self-doubt” descending in his government since the Brexit vote.

He talked of the ” bright certainties” that followed the referendum on divorce from the European Union.

He sorrowfully mourned that the case for a “strong independent self-governing Britain” hasn’t been turned into what he thinks is a strong negotiation position.

All of his dialogue, all of his sound bites, his quirky wee phrases, are abstract vapid nonsense, with no substance, designed to act as a whistling call to Daily Hate Mail, Express and other right wing newspaper readers.

Two years down the line Brexiteer policy is still ‘We’re British damn you, we built an Empire!’

Worse, him and his right wing mates are self-aggrandising and congratulating themselves to the extent that they consider themselves to be champions of the people, mentally seeing themselves in the mould of their heroes of the past. They will be ‘fighting on the beaches’ next.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, who you could only describe as looking like an older Horace Broon after he’d been ill, described Johnson as a ‘statesman’ after that speech yesterday. He’s obviously a slice of gammon short of a good sandwich, but it’s an old technique, build somebody up as something they are not, keep reinforcing it, get a biased pliant media to help you, and joe soap will believe it.

They are poised to make a move, the placeholder of leadership will be shunted off to walk amongst as many fields of hay as she likes, and they will start setting the scene for a right wing isolationist future which those who fought a war, some making the ultimate sacrifice, would all of these years later never have imagined. Fascism by the back door.

Scotland is not going that way. They are not taking us with them. We will not let it happen. We cannot let it happen.

Independence as a small outward looking positive progressive social democratic Northern European country is the only answer. It is the right answer for Scotland’s future.


One thought on “It is time to go

  1. “ .. build somebody up as something they are not .. “. I thought for a moment you were writing about Ruth Davidson.


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