He’s off again


Events are not boding well this week for Scotland.

Following the announcement that David Mundell, who has been standing in the corner of a room, somewhere in the borders, with a bucket on his head channeling a standard lamp for the last week whilst the media has been pretending to search everywhere for him to ask him about the very clear inconsistencies that have come to light in his comments about Brexit, and specifically the existence of any government produced analytical reports about Brexit, is off on yet another foreign jolly, the planets are lining up all wrong.

The Secretary of State Against Scotland, London’s representative in one of the last remaining colonies (for it is becoming more apparent that this is what we are) is off for a five day outing to eastern climes, Japan and Hong Kong.

Like Scotsmen Jardine and Matheson before him, but without the extensive drug-dealing network filling the Empire’s coffers, Mundell will extoll the virtues of such goods as the Great British Tea Cake, Old Britannia whisky, tartans of the Home Counties, and Irn Red, White and Blue to conference rooms full of bewildered Chinese and Japanese government officials and business people, all wondering who this fading gingery haired soor-pickle-faced geezer is, and why he’s making a speech about Scotland and Brexit powers being retained in London, or at the growing by the day Scotland Office, from several thousand miles away from Scotland or London.

That’s his form, we’ve seen it before in Myanmar and South America. He’s not there just for the canapés. If there’s controversial news to deliver do it from as far away as you can get away with, and in a week when it’s been made clear in the media that we are about to be subjected to a very hard sell campaign on the ‘benefits and opportunities’ of Brexit from the robotic leader (in name only) of the British government and her hardline right-wing cabal of Johnson, Gove, Davis, the ever creepy Redwood and Lord Snooty, the heat is about to be turned up on the divorcing Johnny Foreigner plan.

Watch that space.


4 thoughts on “He’s off again

  1. he’s off alright, a disgrace to Scotland, he is taking May’s orders and going to try sell Scotland on the cheap again, she’s been doing it, though the rEU said naw, we like Scotland and won’t buy their goods cheap and their oil, so you can get your hard/soft what ever you want to our detriment, Brexit!
    The likes of Mundell are an utter embarassment to Scotland, and it’s how the UKok wants to portray us, as voting in little lickspittles like him, not competent at running our own affairs, so will you please, pretty please Japan and Hong Kong help us and make sure to give the no nod when the Nats call another silly referendum just to break up the fab UK and we can all be pals and you can have all you want. Oil? Human rights dismantled, no probs, let’s shake on that eh!
    Job done, of a sort, what a waste of freaking time and money, makes me sick!!


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