The invisible nation


So there we have it. After what has effectively been a nineteen-month long dingie, (I’ve got to give Theresa May’s circus performers their due, they’ve gotten away with it) where every possible attempt by the Scottish Government, and my God there have been many, to try and have even the slightest input or influence on a process imposed on the people of Scotland, who voted overwhelmingly against it, has been ignored by a ruling power in London, the future of Scotland’s economy, and the levers which can help steer and influence that economy, now bizarrely lies in the hands of an unelected chamber of retired and semi-retired wealthy human symbols of the British state.

Think about that for one minute. It really hasn’t mattered what way you voted in June 2016, it really hasn’t mattered whether you think that Scotland should remain as a member of the European single market, or the customs union, it really doesn’t matter whether you think that, at worst, if Scotland is to be dragged out of Europe we should at least have the devolution settlement honoured, and powers returning from Europe, not specifically reserved to Westminster, returned to Holyrood, not London.

It really doesn’t matter because to them, those that govern your country from another country, you don’t matter.

Nicola Sturgeon, Mike Russell and John Swinney must have felt a bit like the the ghost in Randall and Hopkirk at a hoose pairty during the Brexit discussions so far . Nobody hears you, nobody sees you.

By contrast the likes of Seb Coe, Jeffery Archer, David Puttnam, Melvyn Bragg, John Birt (Former Director General of the BBC), yon bra designer who left Scotland because she hates separatists, Michael Forsyth, Alistair Darling, wee George Robertson who had to get sent to NATO to keep him out of mischief, and many many more wholesome and savoury British establishment characters get to make recommendations and decisions about your future. Gives you a right good warm feeling that eh. Our betters know best after all.

Russell, the Scottish Government’s representative tasked with making some sense out of this Brexit chaos and trying to pull the brake on the runaway Union Jack Glorious Trafalgar Express, as it heads to the cliff edge, has done his best. He roped in a squad of these wasters of tax-payers money yesterday, cattle prodding them out from their West End supper clubs and smoky lounge-rooms, prising the brandy glasses oot of their haunds, and waking some from their public-expensed slumber, to listen to a briefing on what it is they should be concentrating on, if they wanted to do the honourable thing for a change, as they debate the EU Withdrawal Bill.

It has also been agreed that former Liberal Leader David Steel, in a chamber completely lacking in members of the party of Scottish Government, who rightly believe in democracy and do not believe in unelected elite bodies being involved in government decision-making, will try his best on Scotland’s behalf, to keep the debate honest. Even if he actually does mean to do so please do not hold your breath that he will be successful. We may well be set for yet more in the way of scorn and having our democratic rights ignored.

Thank goodness the House of Lords is there, because we’re too wee , too poor and too stupid to make decisions for ourselves, aren’t we?

Scotland will do so much better once it returns to its rightful independent state.


5 thoughts on “The invisible nation

  1. What Davie Steel says and does matters not one whit. The rest of that bunch will see to that.

    Not all chains are made of metal which is why we cannot break them.


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