Consider the facts


Now, if you are someone living in Scotland whose viewpoint is straight down the line of seeing yourself as being first and foremost part of an intangible but nevertheless exceptional place called Britain the following text is not geared towards you.

It is not geared towards you because there will never be any circumstances or events impacting Scotland that will change your opinion. The British state can do anything to you, or to others ostensibly on your behalf, and you’ll accept it, taking the view that you trust what they are doing is for the best for your country, which for you is Britain.

You may consider yourself a proud Scot, a phrase repeated ad nauseam by an element of No voters in 2014 but you see Scotland as only a part of some other entity, an entity which you must think Scotland cannot thrive without. Fair enough, that’s your view. There’s no point of flogging a deed coo.

However, for everybody else who is currently not an advocate for Scotland returning to its rightful state as an independent country, those who have no strong views on the sovereignty of Scotland, those who voted No in the September 14 referendum without strong convictions, those who have not been convinced otherwise in the period since then, ladies and gentlemen please I beg your indulgence for just a few minutes.

First up, a bit of an example for you, of which there are many, of the type of behaviour demonstrated by hose who have control over decision-making for your country, for you, and for your family, the British State.

40 odd years ago vast reserves of a precious natural resource were discovered in the waters around Scotland, as were similarly found in the waters of our neighbour Norway. Norway, taking the sensible approach to this massive windfall of good fortune decided, after some thought, to greatly benefit their citizens by creating an ‘oil fund’ from the tax receipts gained from the extraction of this resource. They then used this fund to create an extensive gold star quality network of public services, a welfare system based on need, and a first class public health service facilitating a standard of living envied by other countries.

So much revenue came from this approach that Norway has enough to keep much of that money, earned from its natural resources, aside for a rainy day, when things are tight, when the world has an economic slump, they have a bit put aside to cushion the blow.

So what happened after the discovery of a vast wealth of natural resources in Scotland’s case?

Well, first of all following initial surveys establishing how much oil potentially was actually in Scotland’s waters the British State’s Westminster government rubbed their hands at the prospect of the potential tax revenue the London treasury would receive, Britain could be great again, the decline of a dying empire could be halted, or at least slowed down.

However, as is their way, self protection being paramount at all times, which is how they have survived for so long, they considered the consequences of the people of Scotland finding out that they were sitting on a lottery win beyond their wildest dreams, and they panicked. Would Scotland take the opportunity to break away from the entangled web of Union now that there future prosperity was assured?

With this fear uppermost in their minds the cabinet ministers of the British government then made a conscious decision to throw a veil of secrecy over the facts, to hide the extent of the oil reserves in Scotland’s water from the people of Scotland, a deception which continued for 30 odd years.

If you think what I am writing is fabricated or some sort of conspiracy theory please google ‘The McCrone Report.”

Professor Gavin McCrone at that time was a highly respected UK government economist who wrote a paper about the consequences of Scotland’s extensive reserves of oil . He deduced in his paper that if the people of Scotland had access to the financial benefits of their own natural resource Scotland would be one of the richest countries in the world. His work was buried, stamped confidential for many years, and only saw the light of day after a concerted freedom of information campaign by Scottish politicians. Look it up. Please do.

So what did the government of the UK from London do with all of the money they gained from the tax receipts from the oil found in Scotland’s waters?

The vast amount of revenue gained from tax receipts from oil found in Scotland’s waters was spent financing Margaret Thatcher and her successors golden age of Britain. It built the M25, Canary Wharf, the Channel Tunnel, it financed weapons of mass destruction, it provided the financing that bailed out high risk failures in the City. It ironically paid the unemployment benefits of the vast number of Scots Thatcher’s withering policies put out of work.

The Unionist backed media, (let’s not beat about the bush here, the BBC is an arm of the British State, it is not impartial, it is not providing you with a fair reflection of events, it’s telling you what you need to hear from the perspective of protecting it’s patron. If you don’t believe that go and look up how the BBC World Service is funded, up until 2014 it was directly funded by the Foreign Office in the form of grants) will tell you that according to reports like GERS Scotland is poor and couldn’t possibly survive financially, meanwhile in reality before the oil price dropped, which is now coming back up again, Scotland per head of population contributed each year for several decades to the Exchequer in London far in excess of the monies returned to Scotland to pay for essential public services by way of the block grants Westminster decides Scotland should have.

You have helped keep the rest of the UK afloat for decades, yet as long as the newspapers, who are all owned by individuals or organisations who stand to lose out if Scotland becomes independent, and the unionist broadcast media, tell you that Scotland is the only country in the world who couldn’t possibly govern itself you seem to believe them. Now that the oil price is back on the rise they’ll be telling us it’s running out again, even though we hear pretty regularly about new fields opening up.

Please, I implore you, take a step back, have a think about all of that. Do your own research. Be informed.

That’s a wee insight into the kind of people we are dealing with, who are not interested in yours or my views. They only see Scotland as something they can milk, exploit and take advantage of.

Ok, so you don’t believe that they are not interested in your views? Let’s look at that.

In 2014, when they feared the worst, that the people of Scotland would in fact take control of their own affairs, they promised you the earth. We love you Scotland, don’t leave us, we need you to stay, we need you to lead, Cameron and his cohort said. We’re a family of nations, they said. They promised Devo Max, control of just about every power under the sun apart from foreign affairs and defence. They made Vows, they pleaded with you. You don’t need independence they said, what we’ll give you will be virtually independence, in fact it will be better because you’ll still have the Union.

On the morning after you voted No things changed dramatically. The trap had been sprung. You were invisible again. Suddenly all the rhetoric was about England. Scotland had caved in so they didn’t need to bother about convincing you anymore. It was a day of English Votes for English Laws initiating a clear attempt to change the goalposts so that Scotland could never be so close to so much power ever again, even to the extent that a Scottish politician will never again be Prime Minister.

By voting No you sent Westminster a clear signal that Scotland has no respect for itself therefore it can just be walked all over. The British State only understands power. How do you think they managed to manipulate a quarter of the planet for so long?

Every promise they made you before 18th September 2014 was backtracked on, wormed out of, and diluted, resulting in the farcical half-soaked Smith Commission giving Scotland control over the colour of its signposts, and very little else.Even now, three years later, the Scottish Government has control of only 15% of the public revenue and expenditure of the economy of Scotland. Westminster firmly retains the economic levers of control.

There was, of course, a backlash to all of this dishonesty. In the subsequent General Election the people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to send 56 of a possible 59 members of parliament representing Scottish constituencies to Westminster from the party which advocates self-government for Scotland.

The UK government had one, yes one, representative in Scotland, at that time, an odious fellow who has admitted that he does not represent Scotland in Westminster’s government, instead he represents Westminster to the people of Scotland. He also insists that Scotland doesn’t actually exist as a country since it was swallowed up as part of the Act of Union.

He’s still the Secretary of State for Scotland now in 2017 despite having to backtrack on so many promises that he’s made in the past. He has a solid brass neck. Have no doubt, the man in question does not have the interests of the majority of the people of Scotland as his prime motivator. His career prospects and ermine cloaked pension plan are his guiding lights.

This one-off electoral political landslide was subsequently rebalanced following the London Premier Theresa May’s ill- judged snap General Election of this year which resulted in her government losing its majority, and having to scramble around and pay off Northern Irish unionists to support them in parliament.

However in Scotland Unionist parties worked together during the election (hell take you Labour) with no policy agenda other than to stop a second independence referendum, convincing some of an electorate scunnered with elections and referendums to oust some notable scalps from the SNP, who now have 35 seats, still a massive increase on any other period before 2015, and still reflecting the clear majority of Scottish MP’s at Westminster in favour of Scottish independence.

Yet they continue to be ignored and scorned. The individuals you have chosen to express your opinions, and champion your views, you the people of Scotland, are insulted. The very mention of St Andrews Day by a Scottish MP resulted in boos and hissing from the childish privileged public school educated benches across the floor.

The referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union is a prime example of the people of Scotland being ignored, invisible, of no consequence or relevance, (unless they are threatening to leave the Union) to the decision-making of the British State.

Facilitated by the Tories, in an effort to pander to the far right UKIP faction of Nigel Farage and Co, the modern day equivalent of the BNP, near fascist in their hatred of immigrants, and paranoid about the UK’s European partners, the EU referendum resulted in Scotland voting overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union by 62% to 38% , England and Wales voted to leave.

It would be reasonable then to assume that democratically the people of Scotland should have a say in whether they should remain as part of a trading bloc of 500 million potential customers for Scotland’s goods and services.

No, Theresa May’s UK government has ignored any attempts for this to happen. The Scottish First Minister, after much consultation with European partners and experts in the field, produced a document outlining ways in which firstly the UK itself could escape the ravages of a “hard” Brexit”(leaving the single market and the common justice agreement), and secondly, if the UK didn’t want that, proposals to protect Scotland’s place in Europe, which Scotland’s people have voted resoundingly for. That document is now sitting under a table leg in Downing Street stopping Brexit Minister David Davis’s desk from wobbling.

This same man has admitted recently to a parliamentary select committee that all the preparatory work for Britain’s exit from the EU, analysis reports into the economic impacts on sectors of the UK economy, work that he has previously advised was happening, is in fact false. These reports do not exist. There is an arrogant madness about British State attitudes to foreign relations in the year 2017 which defies credibility.

Scotland stands to lose up to 80,000 jobs as a direct consequence of a ‘hard’ Brexit. No matter you didn’t vote for it, you don’t count, you have no say.

It’s all about immigration. The British government would rather sacrifice their economy than agree to the free movement of foreigners in the UK. They are even now backtracking on the begrudged verbal ‘ gentlemen’s agreement’ made recently on the movement of EU citizens in the U.K which EU negotiators squeezed out of them with their backs to the wall and the clock running out.

Scotland, with an increasingly ageing population, relies on EU citizens coming to live, work and pay taxes in Scotland to help pay for its public services. It needs at least 25,000 immigrants a year to settle and work just to remain economically stable. No matter, you don’t count, you have no say. Don’t worry though, you can have a blue passport.

Why bother, I hear you say, they are all just the same, politicians are only in it for themselves.

You could be living in a country right now where an Independent Labour Party with real Labour values, not the current plastic socialists of Westminster, and Holyrood , are vying with the Greens, the SNP, whatever the SNP becomes after achieving its goal, and a de-Unionised Scottish Conservatives in an independent Scotland, for your vote, by putting forward policies that benefit you, your families, and future generations of Scots. not London and the home counties, not a government who knows you don’t vote for them, which has no need to ever keep any promises to you, or even consider you because arithmetically you literally don’t count, not a government that sees you as a non-entity.

A second independence referendum is coming, the polls are remaining consistent, have no doubt, and when it does it is not the SNP’s referendum, or Nicola Sturgeon’s referendum. It is not about political parties, it is your referendum. It’s your future, it’s your children’s future.

If you’ve got this far sincere thanks for taking the time to read this. Please consider the facts. Please do your own research. Please look for balance, don’t just accept what you are told.

Scotland will only really prosper as an independent country, where those you place in charge of government are answerable to you.

Otherwise you may as well just build another royal yacht.


6 thoughts on “Consider the facts

  1. None necessary except, this is my type of blog article; historically informant, revealing and leading to a , pretty much, logical choice of impoverisation or economic growth.


  2. This makes me incredibly sad. Our resources stolen and wasted…our economy being ruined by Tory greed and arrogance. Thank you for this. I will share it as much as I can.


  3. Good Blog, with most pertinent points covered.

    I note that even the Torygraph is now admitting that it is North Sea Oil/Gas which has been mostly responsible for keeping the Pound Sterling afloat against the Dollar, post Brexit Vote – so much for those resources being “spent”, as previously promulgated by the Unionist MSM/BBC etc….
    And that Oil – 90%+ of which would be under the control of an Independent Scotland – is now at $70 a barrel,with analysts predicting further climbs towards $100 – and, due to the much different Pound/Dollar exchange rate now, worth even more proportionally than it was in 2013/14.

    Even the most reticent Soft-No voters must now surely see that Scotland would be a very successful small Independent country, if only it could break away from that 85% Westminster fiscal-control and be like its other, self-determining peers.


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