Grab a headline

They are on it….The online headline reads “Salmond: Michelle Thomson situation ‘handled badly’ by SNP.”

Auntie Beeb are in on the scoop. Have no fear. They are in there spilling the beans on the news you need to hear. Nothing gets past them.

A former leader of the party, knowing full well that that same party is robust enough to take a bit of healthy self-criticism, voices an opinion, his honest personal opinion.

Wait now for the next phase of the story, the extended fables of a wildly speculative nature. Figments of the imaginations of the bank of unionist press hacks sniffing fake horror movie blood in the water. By Monday or Tuesday the likes of the Hootsmon and Depress will be running ‘Is there a split in the SNP hierarchy?'”, ‘Separatists FURY at Salmond’s rant” and ” Indy hits skids amid internal squabble.”

It’s almost laughable. Let’s not worry too much that the media, the BBC included, crucified the poor woman, acting as her judge, jury and public executioner, without Ms Thomson ever getting anywhere near the point of being charged with any wrongdoing. No, let’s just gloss over that one auntie.

Salmond also has suggested that Scotland could return to its rightful independent state within a four year period, depending on any transition period that the arrogant incompetent British government may stumble by accident into negotiating, and that he is willing to ‘play whatever part is necessary’ to secure that goal.

We could do worse than have himself and Angus Robertson lead the way in the upcoming campaign to grow the movement, and the building of self belief in our fellow Scots.

If capable individuals of their calibre were to take it on, one of the first things they may want to tackle is identifying and hiring a communications unit to rebut the propaganda nonsense that comes our way. If we get that part right that’ll be half the battle won.


One thought on “Grab a headline

  1. Agree, but probably more important is to get a good strong clear positive message out there, rather than forever swatting the midges of unionist irrelevance. A good stiff breeze of truth should keep them away. And if AS & AR, real pillars of Indy can’t inspire confidence, then who in the world can?


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