The less than underwhelming response to the 2 million signatures of the Scottish National Covenant in 1949, the revelations,under FOI,of McCrone, pre-Holyrood sea boundary changes, the outcome of the 79 referendum on devolution where Cunningham’s amendment, and the dead, saved the day for Westminster, the Vow, Smith, the Scotland Act, the Sewel Convention, the Scottish Brexit result, lip-service consultation, and many many more instances of how a valued partner is treated in our ‘precious’ Union.

Grievance, our unionist naysayers would scream, imagined, exaggerated grievance, dismissing us. Treachery, deception and theft is more like how most of us would call it. The real picture.

Now, Stu Campbell has highlighted another. Oh how they crowed, the price of oil has dropped. Aren’t you glad we didn’t vote Yes, we’d be a third world country, begging to be taken back. The oil industry is struggling, it’s also running out, only £588m revenue produced in Scottish waters. You nationalist dreamers are kidding yourselves on. The pensions would stop, it just doesn’t add up. Your all mad Braveheart fantasists.We’d be bankrupt!

They were right on one thing, it doesn’t add up. It doesn’t add up if you just keep applying the largest bulk of North Sea revenues to an “Unknown Region ” and then at some time later rejig the figures under the guise of a change in methodology in how statistics are collected, which, when backdated, suddenly show the true picture, that Scotland has produced more than £15 billion than was previously accounted for, some of it during a period when Scotland’s people were asked to make a choice about their future partly based on financially inaccurate information about the viability of their country.

The British state is not to be trusted.
The people of Scotland continue to be manipulated, swizzled, duped and conned. Their resources, land and the products of their labour treated as possessions of a larger neighbouring ruling power.

It’s time some of our countryfolk saw past the red, white and blue tinted glasses folks. You are being well and truly pumped.


2 thoughts on “Pumped

  1. Trouble is, it can be very hard to admit you’ve been had, taken for a ride. No one likes to admit they’ve been well and truly conned, and the longer it’s gone on, the harder it is to give up. Should Unionism be seen as a dangerous addiction? How can we best help those affected to have the courage, for it may take real courage, to kick the habit?


  2. Well Marc. the first thing that has to happen is that we send in a reputable Law Firm with economist and Financial Advisors to the Scotland Office and do a far reaching look at the books and give as accurate assessment as possible of the true state of our country. Then we will see the hidden moneys that the UK government has taken from us without telling us, and using it as they see fit. A big order, but if something like that doesn’t happen, then we are indeed at fault of lacking the courage to get Independence.


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