Growing to win

As a member of the wide and diverse movement committed to the case for an independent Scotland the recent Commonspace article by Common Weal Director Robin McAlpine is very welcome and has much to commend it. I write without the need to add either of the words ‘but’ or ‘however’ to that statement.

We either thrive, as a positive formidable force for change, mindful that we don’t all see things the same way, respectful of other views, accepting that this is the case, with a focus firmly on the issues we do agree on, principally that Scotland has the right, like any other country, to be governed by the people who live there, or we wither. If we choose the second path we’ll chase away prospective future Yes voters, baulking at exposure to a divisive atmosphere of accusation, counter accusation, recrimination, factional disputes and negativity.

As an Indy blogger I often think that if some in our movement who spend time forensically, and often less than respectfully, examining paragraph by paragraph the words of fellow Independence supporters, many of whom who have broadly the same views, to expose where they have gone wrong, where they differ from the true, and only (in their opinion) path to an independent Scotland, focussed their ire and put the same energy into targeting the policies, words and deeds of those that would see us fail, and there are many who are loud and very vocal to choose from, we’d get to where we want to be a lot quicker.

No one in the Indy movement has been appointed God, no one is the ultimate guru of Scottish independence, requiring worship and adoring obedience. We all have something to contribute, we all have value, we all, as human beings deserve to be treated with common decency and respect.

Every single individual who believes in self-determination for Scotland is capable of doing their bit to make our quest successful, helping to grow a sense of self belief in others in our families, group of friends and colleagues, building a momentum for change which will be unstoppable and undeniable. Equally we are all able to do our movement harm, a negative self- harm which holds us back, and makes the chances of us seeing as independent Scotland in the next decade harder.

What a formidable force we are together.

Bullying, badgering and victimisation simply have no place, they are not what we are about. I don’t know anybody who supports Scottish independence who would disagree with that statement.

We, all of us, are better than that.


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