Stand together

Scotland is a country which in 2014 was described by an OECD report as being the 14th richest country in the world, ahead of the UK as a whole, which ranked 18th, if it were to become once again an independent state. (Yes,I know,oil prices do fluctuate, up as well as down).

Yet in 2015/16 more than a quarter of Scotland’s children were living in poverty, a rise of 4% on the previous year. 70% of these children live in homes where somebody is in employment.

In the same period in total 1.05 million Scots were living in relative poverty, after housing costs, up 2% on the previous year.

In 2016/17 the numbers of emergency Foodbank supplies provided in Scotland hit a record high at more than 145,000, marking a 9% increase on the previous year. The Trussell Trust has 52 Foodbanks in Scotland, 52! Around 48,000 of the three day emergency food supplies were to feed hungry Scottish children.

The cumulative supply of emergency food provided to Scots for that period is the equivalent of enough to feed the residents of the city of Dundee for three days, according to the charity’s spokesperson in Scotland.

In Glasgow, our biggest population centre, it is estimated that around 34% of children live in poverty. Life expectancy in some areas of the city is around the lowest in the whole of the current United Kingdom. Almost half of Glasgow’s residents,47.3%, reside in 20% of the most deprived areas in Scotland.

In 2015 706 people died in Scotland as a result of drug abuse. The highest recorded level at that time, 68% more than ten years previously.

Folks, the rifts, disputes and squabbling need to be put behind us, differences of opinion respected and put to one side. Scotland is in a period of ever increasing planned decline brought about by a distant government whose only interests in Scots and Scotland are financial and self serving. We are a convenient resource-rich province to be looted systematically to maintain power and influence for a wealthy minority.

If we are ever to grow a movement capable of doing something about all of this we broadly need to stand together, not in factions. Let’s focus on those that really are doing us harm.


One thought on “Stand together

  1. Stand together? I’m all for that. 1. 6 m opinions and we still stand together on the issue of independence for Scotland? Here’s what might actually be happening –
    There are people purporting to be pro Independence who were given a platform by the Scottish Independence movement who do not believe in Independence. They appear to believe in certain issues which could be favoured by Independence. They certainly believe in themselves and I assume what they see it as their right of in the Indy platform to make careers out of politics in Scotland. They will vote for the british labour party and they will start openly promoting the labour party (An agent of the british state offering scraps of Westminster’s table and jobs for the boys and girls). They also set themselves up as judges, moral guardians ruling on who should and should not be supported, read or listened to within the movement. They move from a position from undermining the SNP government to undermining the movement itself. You will then see those same faces and hear those same voices popping up outside the movement stating ‘Independence might not be necessary – we can get all the change we want .. blah etc. They will be rewarded for it. That’s really how it works in Scotland when Britain’s interests are threatened. People are co-opted then patronised with jobs and money.

    Then again maybe the ‘they’ that I have in mind are simply keeping themselves in the public eye and will still support the cause when push comes to shove. I hope so but am not overly concerned either way. I am confident that Scottish Independence is coming despite the forces working against it.


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