We’re not crap!

For the avoidance of any doubt, the two magnificent Kelpies of Fawkurt are just as confused as the rest of us as to how it is possible that the eastern gateway to the Forth and Clyde canal in Scotland can be called the Queen Elizabeth 2 Canal, when Scotland has only ever had one monarch called Elizabeth (wee Lizzie herself), the other Elizabeth having been Queen of England only, but hey ho, many other Scottish buildings, hospitals, streets, decorative commemorative toilet-roll holders, and the odd pub, have suffered the same fate. That’s the way 21st century soft subliminal subjugation goes. At least we can be thankful it doesn’t involve thumbscrews or burning dissenters at the stake.

In other news, and following yesterday’s concerted efforts by almost the entire print media as it applies to Scotland, and most of their telly and radio colleagues, to undermine a good news story about the Scottish NHS, it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out as they tackle their responses to the news later on in the day, much to their disappointment, that Scotland is actually not a blackened husk, spinning off in a burning economic fireball towards a distant dark corner of the galaxy, but is in fact currently back in growth. Official figures show that GDP grew by 0.8%, having shrunk by 0.2% in the previous three months, which means, whilst certainly not in glowing rude health, that Scotland is currently outstripping the UK’s economic performance as a whole, which saw growth of just 0.2% in the first three months of the year.

Following this welcome news, and the Nuffield Trust Report suggesting that the rest of the UK’s health services needs to look north for a model of good practice, the words of the fellow over at Wings Over Scotland sum the current situation up well. ” So, Scotland now officially has the highest growth, the lowest unemployment and the best NHS in the UK, right?’

No doubt we can look forward too to reading the warm words of encouragement from the political coalition of union, both in Scotland, and from the mothership in London, more than happy to see Scotland holding its own and demonstrating resilience, stakeholders in Scotland from a unionist perspective glad to see the Scottish government doing what it can to bolster economic growth in Scotland, with the limited tools it has at its disposal, with one arm tied behind it’s back, without control of the main economic levers that can impact Scotland’s economy, which are retained at Westminster.

Do you think this will happen? No, neither do I.

The prepared statements of doom and gloom, the, we told you so, the ‘you’ve took your eye off the ball with all of this independence nonsense that we never shut up telling everybody that you never shut up about Nicola, and let the economy slide into a recession’ all of that will have had to be hastily amended. I think I read somewhere that the Tories just simply changed their comments to say that the Scottish government had led the country “halfway to a recession” instead of into a recession.

The grand Old Duke of Fluff I see, in the British State broadcaster’s article on the subject, was very encouraged by the published economic results, but just had to let us know that over the longer period Scotland is still lagging behind the UK as a whole (the worst performing state in the OECD ,with growth levels below every European country bar none) and he doesn’t really know why, because the Scottish government, in his opinion, have extensive powers at its disposal to grow and support the economy, but we’ll all march up to the top of the hill together as we prepare to leave the EU. Good old David, quickly and seamlessly assuming his new role as senior North British Tory grandee, a mentor to the assorted dubious characters and fitbaw referees with Scottish accents who guffaw on the Westminster Tory benches, standing up and shimmying from side to side en-masse, whilst waving Saltire coloured pom poms, every time Theresa May gets up to speak. Scotland’s man at Westminster. Ooft! Aye right.

How good will it be when independent governments of Scotland, of whatever political party, have all of the powers necessary to govern effectively available to them, without an outside entity, with a completely different agenda based on protecting and increasing the wealth of a privileged few mainly domiciled in another country, pulling all of the strings, manipulating situations to their advantage. Just imagine what Scotland can do then.


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