A shameful bunch

There are no rules anymore. There is no honour in politics (if there ever was any).

The government of the United Kingdom has just bribed a group of extremists with taxpayers money in exchange for providing enough support in parliament to keep them in power.

The Prime Minister, very possibly the most ineffectual leader of the country of at least the last fifty years, and her cabinet, are hanging on by the thinnest of threads after the embarrassment of calling a snap election to increase her majority resulted in a hung parliament.

They have no plan for Brexit. They have little or no understanding of what the implications of Brexit are. They are a ship without a rudder, they have no leadership. Theresa May has not been replaced simply because they have no natural replacement, and with her credibility already in tatters it is expedient to leave her where she is for the moment to soak up the flak, until they can come up with another plan.

In amongst all of this double-dealing, uncertainty, and gross incompetence sits David Mundell and his chinless ‘honourable’ friends, his Scottish Tory colleagues, new on the scene, finding their feet, and doing exactly what the Tory whips tell them to do.

So much for the utterances of Colonel Ruthie, Queen of Scots, a couple of weeks ago, when she assured us that these new Scottish Members of Parliament would stand up for Scotland, they’d do what’s best for the people of Scotland, and think and make decisions for themselves, Bollox!

These lot are just another set of cheerleaders for the front bench of disconnected right wing millionaires and billionaires, all vying with each other to see who can push Theresa the Robot under the bus first without harming their own political careers.

David Mundell surely must resign. After making loud promises that he would not countenance a backdoor deal where his government passed the sectarian, homophobic, anti women’s choice, climate change denying, creationists of the DUP a large envelope stuffed with used tenners in exchange for votes, thus avoiding having to weigh in additional funding to other parts of the UK via the Barnett formula, vowing that he would fight this all the way, he seems to have disappeared, and no doubt will be backtracking today like a Scottish Labour politician when talking about Jeremy Corbyn.

He has to go. He has no credibility.

Colonel Ruthie? She’s desperately trying to spin the sleazy deal as some sort of special city payout, that…cough cough… the Tories have just this week realised that they should give to Northern Ireland, because of its distinct and unique social problems. Honest.

What a bunch of conniving self-serving careerists. Oh for a bit of integrity, standing up for what is right, and for once, thinking of your own people, your own land as a country, and not as a region of your precious lopsided and corrupt Union.

Roll on independence. If it comes in five years or ten, it can’t come quick enough.


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