This blog is briefly in suspended animation whilst it’s scribbler…….

(having seen on TV a number of examples of Scottish voters changing their lifetime voting habits to vote Tory at the recent General Election, often for strange and bizarre reasons, and then one such piece where the reporter suggested that the election result in Scotland was “sending Nicola Sturgeon homewards tae think again” (Where does he suggest she goes, back tae Irvine?)

…….gently knocks his head against his padded cell wall as he reflects on what kind of alternative far distant universe anti-Scottish independence propaganda can create when deployed to the level of unrelenting brainwashing.

We’ll be back soon…


2 thoughts on “Bewildered

  1. I’ve had a couple of tries at posting this comment here and there to no avail, it was written two or three days ago. Maybe it will come through here, certainly as good a place as any. So here goes then :

    I must admit to mood swings following the election result; it certainly makes you think :

    It doesn’t matter how many WM MPs Scotland has. They make fine inspiring speeches, Angus especially, but at the end of the day, sadly, it’s just hot air. “Fine words butter no parsnips”, I think is the expression they have. How often, if at all, have they influenced Commons’ business? How often, if ever, have their votes made any difference? Two or three or fifty-six MPs are just a comic turn as far as anyone outside Scotland is concerned. A & A might just as well host a talk-show, that might in fact have more influence;

    The SNP have governed Scotland, within the confines of Devo Middlin’, for over ten years, and done a damn good job within the limits set. But if that doesn’t prove that Scotland can govern herself like a proper grown-up nation, then what will? “How long, O Lord, how long?” Another decade? Twenty years?? Fifty??? Has Holyrood been ‘domesticated’? Like the “little woman” who competently runs the home on the housekeeping her husband deems to allow her, while he alone goes out into the world, makes all the big decisions, does deals with the neighbours, etc.? Getting on with “the day job” is good fine work, someone has to do it, but isn’t there an increasing danger of being boxed in? Of being corralled, penned-up … somehow the image that comes to mind is of a sheepdog trial.

    Down in Wales, Plaid Cymru has gained an extra rural seat but failed to make any inroads into the urban heartlands. Several of the contests, it seems, were close-run affairs only won on slender majorities. To quote one blogger :
    “I often think that if I was running the secret state I’d want a party in Wales just like Plaid Cymru. A party that makes the occasional unimportant gains, can keep enough people enthused with the hope of ‘next time’, and, most importantly of all, act as a block on the emergence of a party that might actually threaten the Union.”
    Could a “domesticated” SNP also be heading for that dismal fate?

    We had the IndyRef and even with sack-loads of ballots literally falling by the wayside, the result was, within the bounds of error, near enough 50-50. A result achieved on the promise of significant extra devolved powers? But Smith talked all that into the long grass of tokenism, the motion was ‘talked out’ as they say. But as it dragged on and on and your average punter, not unnaturally, lost interest. Would another IndyRef be any different? Would the Powers that Be, not simply manage it like before? They after all have the expertise in such matters, they have ‘form’?

    Power Devolved is Power Retained. (Who said that truism?) Nicola asked Treeza, “Please Miss, may we leave the Union?” And the answer came back, neither ‘yes’ nor ‘no’ but ‘not yet’. Which keeps Scotland sitting (with it’s figurative legs crossed) waiting, waiting, hoping … “Not Yet” keeps Scotland submissive, begging. “Not Yet”, keeps WM and Whitehall in full control, while Scotland fidgits and squirms.

    How to break this deadlock once and for all?

    I don’t know the answer, but while it may make sense just to wait and watch the Westminster Farce as it plays out, haven’t we had enough of waiting? Maybe this is exactly the time for Scotland or the SNP or someone to make a bold move that really will move things on once and for all. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea what that move should be, only that “more of the same” seems like a hiding to nowhere.


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