The art of being a Bawbag

Caught sight of a clip of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (Privy Council) having a verbal altercation in front of the state broadcaster’s cameras in York with Labour’s Ian Lavery.

Like a spoilt silver-spooned gubbed infant sent home from a posh exclusive kindergarten for setting fire to matron’s whip, pointing his finger in the bloke’s face, shouting “he did it first, he pointed at me first”, before making childish kissing noises,with a smirk on his face, towards his opponent, this rocket is cringeworthy.

What an embarrassment this over-privileged man-child really is. He likes to portray the image of an affable favourite uncle buffoon. That suits his purpose. Meanwhile he floats around causing dangerous mayhem, bearing in mind he was one of the prime snake oil sellers who managed to convince several million folk that the NHS in England would suddenly be awash with cash if only the UK ditched those nasty Europeans.

Johnson is the current (and might still be come Friday) Foreign Secretary! If this is how he conducts himself publicly in the days prior to a General Election how the feck is he going to act once he’s in a room with the representatives of the 27 remaining members if the EU, all determined to ensure that the London government do not weasel out of their financial commitments and statutory obligations during the messy divorce of Brexit?

The Labour politician he was goading did well to keep his temper. The unruly aristocrat was very lucky he didnae get his clock polished.

That would have been better viewing than the usual fare from the BBC.

It’s election week right enough. In the wake of the latest terrorist atrocity May is coming under pressure for cutting around 20,000 polis jobs during her time as Home Secretary, and her, and her furious-faced replacement have been caught out lying about it, according to an ex senior detective, and now Jezza C is calling for her resignation.

Things are gonnae get crazier by Thursday, but whilst these two concentrate on battering each other about the napper with rolled up copies of their party manifestos, Nicola Sturgeon is going about the business of campaigning for the 59 candidates on whom the people of Scotland can assuredly count to have their best interests at heart.

Vote SNP on Thursday for a strong voice for Scotland.


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