Protecting the innocent

We’re into the final straight of a snap General Election called by a detached Prime Minister so sure that she was going to win by a landslide that she couldn’t even be bothered to get involved in it for the first few weeks, instead choosing to spend her days charging around the country with twenty party activists getting their photographs taken beside their campaign bus in abandoned factories that used to produce plastic coat hangers, until the think-tank focus group who suggested that she call the election in the first place nervously told her she was heading for a hung parliament.

Now, her undoubted inability to even act or pretend as if she has an understanding of how the majority of the people of the countries she governs live, her lack of humanity, her heavy over-reliance on standard platitudes about strength, stability, not having a money tree, alleged responsible management of public spending (or as the rest of us call it destroying the lives of the disabled, vulnerable and underpaid whilst slashing the responsibilities for paying tax of the wealthy), laughably citing her track record as proof of her abilities, and against all credible evidence that the rest of us can see, her repeated statement that her razor sharp negotiating skills make her the right person to tackle those 27 nasty EU leaders over the self inflicted divorce settlement which is the madness of Brexit (despite being too frightened to appear on Woman’s Hour) may be her ultimate undoing. The Robotic Empress’s new clothes indeed.

The incredible thing though is despite her ineptitude and incompetence being exposed in the clear light of day over the last few weeks, defeating the significant efforts of the media and her campaign team to hide it, she will probably still be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as it currently exists come next Friday.

Just think about that for a moment. Think of how the future will look as part of the UK. Scary eh?

For us advocates of an independent Scotland in these last few days before the polling booths open, even more than usual, which is a lot, I wouldn’t believe anything you read in the papers. In Scotland the SNP will be blamed for everything up to and including the extinction of the dinosaurs following a fiery meteorite hurling smack into the earth around the spot where one day years later Jim Murphy was mortally wounded by a double-yoker from Asda.

You know what the strongest thing about the continuing Yes Campaign is? Despite continuous daily unrelenting negative propaganda in all newspapers but the National, and all of the broadcasting media, apart from Channel 4 on occasion, the SNP are going to win the election in Scotland by a country mile. They, their members and the wider non-party supporters of an independent Scotland are not going away. Some of them will clearly demonstrate this today in Glasgow. Independence is inevitable. It is just a question of time.

However Thursday is about something else. Thursday is about protecting the people of Scotland from an increasingly rabid rightwing Tory party. They are after the full set, from pensioners right down to infants in nursery are due to suffer if the Tories are left to starve welfare benefits and public services to increase the wealth of their classmates at Eton and fellow London private club members.

Vote SNP on 8 June 2017. Protect the people of Scotland.


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