How to make a story out of nothing

I’m reading with some confusion an article in one of our wholesome and allegedly more cerebral Scottish unionist daily propaganda journals, a somewhat gloating piece about. a back down, a miserable retreat of Napoleon taking the snowy road at Moscow proportions, by First Nicola Sturgeon on her plans to canvass the people of Scotland about the future governance of their country.

According to this newspaper, the First Minister has wiggled her way out of a corner that the modern day armoured suited, or armoured tanked, knights of St George had forced her into by changing her mind on when she suggests the said referendum should take place.

Ignoring the launch of the SNP Manifesto for the 2017 General Election as much as they can possibly get away with, or putting any report on that subject way down their list of headlines (even lower down than the asinine utterances of Small William Rennie on the State Broadcasters site) our pals the mainstream Scottish media have jumped on this apparent climb down en-masse.

Eh? Maybe it’s me, it might be. What climb down? Nicola Sturgeon has said from the moment she was left with no alternative, having bent over backwards for months to genuinely be, as well as to appear, as accommodating as possible to the band of wandering pseudo aristocrats and millionaires who make up the UK government on the subject of Brexit, that a referendum will take place at the end of the Brexit process, but before the painful and damaging divorce into isolationist little Britain takes place. Nothing has changed.

In the vernacular of our wonderfully expressive language the pish was well and truly ripped out of the Scottish government’s attempts to shield Scotland from the worst excesses of the elite troughers new empire adventure. Plans that were put forward to keep Scotland in the single market have been kennellin the fire in the cabinet office at 10 Downing Street for months and Scotland’s devolved government were left with no choice. It’s certainly not a backdown.

This is another example of Tory ”Strong’ and ‘stable ‘ spin and misinformation. Aye, just make stuff up, repeat it ad nauseam and make sure your election canvassers tell granny and granda ( the ones your horrible rightwing party is going to scam out of being able to leave an inheritance to their lassie or laddie, whilst pockeling them out of their winter fuel allowance and reducing their pension tae buttons) that the Conservative & Unionists have protected them from the nasty SNP because the image of Ruth Davidson sitting on the back of a coo with horns has frightened the blue painted savages into delaying their calls for a referendum…. Aye right.

Nicola Sturgeon’s timetable for a referendum is based on the London government’s own plan, and she has consistently said that she will watch that closely and amend her schedule as necessary. The vote will take place before the UK leaves the EiU though, nothing has changed.

Is there anyone left in Scotland who believes that the media is not unionist biased? You’d really need to be zipped up the back if you think they are impartial.

How to make a negative story out of absolutely nothing. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Dear oh dear.

Vote SNP on 8th June to combat Tory austerity and help address dishonest political reporting.


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