The crumbling facade

Would you want Theresa May arguing your corner? Would you want her standing up for you?

Would you feel confident that she would have the wit, charisma and negotiation skills necessary to go into a room with representatives of 27 other countries, members of a mutually insured bloc which fiercely protects itself, Its free trading agreements, and its partnership principles, and come out later having established a preferential trading relationship for your country with similar benefits to the members of the group but without having to contribute financially or accept the free movement of EU citizens?

No, me neither.

There is something in the wind, and it’s no’ just the whiff of methane that’s released into the atmosphere every time a Tory politician speaks in public. No, this is different. It’s all starting to crumble a wee bit, and campaign guru Lynton Crosby is going to have to earn his cash to get the show back on the road,or that shooge majority they thought they were going to establish ain’t going to happen. (I see he’s made a change though, he’s added a third word to the mantra. We now have ‘clearly’ to go with ‘strong’ and ‘stable’). My goodness he’s not got much to work with in this lot.

Following the TV performances of her band of wandering minstrels , Fallon and co, her own tv performances over the last couple of days were a revelation, that is if you didn’t know that she is clearly neither strong nor stable. In fact as a leader trying to project confidence she is woeful.

She met real people and she was Paxoed. Stuffed like a turkey five minutes before it is introduced to twenty minutes per 2 pound at 220 degrees Celsius.

The fella Paxman is a boorish bullying headline grabber, whose interviewing technique involves interrupting his victims whilst they try to answer his questions, hounding and harrying them into submission. No matter though, you would expect the Prime Minister of the day to be able to handle that, to brush him off, and triumph with well made points and brevity. Oh no, not this Prime Minister.

The look on her face was priceless as her interrogator drew her attention to her proclivity for overturning her own policies at the first sign of a jolt in the polls, her views on Brexit, having been an advocate of Remain, and her U turn on calling a General Election after promising faithfully that she wouldn’t do it because it would only add to the confusion and uncertainty around the Brexit negotiations.

The audience gasped, one wee wummin cupped her hands over her mouth cringing in disbelief, as May firstly looked as if she was going to devour Paxman with one bite, then briefly dropped the mask for a rabbit in the headlights money shot, before responding with a very weak comeback to suggest that Messrs Juncker et al are not in fact wetting themselves with laughter at the prospect of negotiating with her but are fearful of her powerful negotiating skills, superior intellect and excellent bargaining position, all in her wee red, white and blue world.

A fish out of water doesn’t quite cover it. Real people, and answering hard questions.

Theresa May’s General Election campaign style of transporting a bunch of cardboard cutout professional rent-a-Tory crowd from one abandoned securely locked up factory to another, with the public kept out whilst she repeats the same platitudinal nonsense over and over again for the cameras, or her incursions into deepest darkest Scotland in an attempt to meet with an ancient tribe of timeshare owning Tory voting Gaelic pixies hiding in a forest, or her attempts to engage with real Scots by chapping on their front doors whilst they are still locked up in the local BB hut breathing a sigh of relief that’s she’s left, are clearly designed around her strong skill sets, insincerity, lack of humanity, the inability to appear interested and a complete dearth of empathy.

I’d pay to see her face to face in a one on one televised debate with Nicola Sturgeon. It would be a rout.

No courage in her convictions, no honesty, no compelling argument to convince you to agree with her position ( whatever it is this week) just bluff and bluster which dissolves under any sort of pressure from questioning.

Even if you are a Scot who does not see a future for Scotland as an independent self-governing country the alarm bells must surely be ringing about these jokers. Think about this. Theresa May is going to win the General Election and her, and those like her, are likely to be governing in the UK for a long time. Is that what you want?

Voting SNP on 8th June does not mean independence is inevitable, it isn’t railroading anyone into a hell for leather charge towards an independence referendum. It only means that the chances of you being able to have a say in deciding what kind of Scotland you and your children will live in once the full implications of divorce from the EU are known, become more likely. and crucially before any lemmings start to step over cliffs.

It’s about you having a choice rather than having a major decision on the economic future of your country imposed on you, done to you. If you don’t want independence that’s your choice, Nobody is forcing you, but if you let this lot of rightwing political cowboys have their way, your opinion won’t matter either way. You won’t get a say.

Vote SNP on 8 June. Give yourself a choice.


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