The Ant & Dec of Scottish politics are at it again, ably assisted by the good old British State Broadcasting Corporation.

Crystal Clear Kez and the wee surly wasp-swallying bully who is indeed a Tory, no feckin doubt about it, are adamant in their unwavering unswerving steadfast determination. They will block any possible attempts by the Scottish government to even whisper the words independence referendum.

Neither of them have anything, at all, useful or informative to say about what passes for policies in their respective parties, one almost having given up the ghost in Scotland altogether and searching through the job ads on Seek and in the vacancies column of the Ardlui Bugle in preparation for her forthcoming parting of the ways in mid June from branch office leadership, the other sniffing around her Supreme Leader like a collie begging for a biscuit, awaiting the call to the Premier League of Westminster, but, it’s the SNP who are obsessed with the constitutional question, not them, and don’t you worry Mr and Mrs Bungalow of Bearsden, we are going to block a second referendum in Scotland.

The SNP have no mandate they say, the people of Scotland don’t want one they say, there is no ‘public consent’ for it they say.

Kez reckons everywhere she goes she meets people who are distressed, upset and worried about a second referendum. She’s picking up the wrong signals, the people she’s meeting are just distressed, upset and worried about meeting her, and are depressed afterwards.

What a pair of chancers. You’d think, both having reached the nosebleedingly lofty heights of quasi leadership, that they would have heard of democracy. Obviously not, and they are clearly dismissive and disrespectful towards the parliament they were both elected to serve in.

The Scottish government already has a clear mandate to take steps to seek the opinion of the people of Scotland on their future once the full implications of the Brexit divorce are known. If those self same people democratically, through the ballot box, choose to return a majority of SNP elected members to Westminster in June, which they will, that will only further cement that mandate.

Neither these two characters or Theresa May, will stop a referendum if the people of Scotland demand it. The weak and unstable Prime Minister may refuse to give her permission as she is doing at the moment, and the powers of unionism can take the huff and refuse to take part if they so wish, that’s up to them, but when Scotland decides to do it it will happen.

Wee Wullie Rennie when asked his view was heard to utter ‘Aye … what they said” before wandering off to scare some sheep.

It’s got to be SNP all the way on 8 June. The alternatives don’t even bear thinking about.


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