Spin the bottle

Ruthie is back on the glue it seems.

The subject of immigrants, and immigration, in relation to Scotland is a bad thing, a good thing, a stable and strong thing, a ‘ I’m not being racist but…’ kind of thing, and a no’ bad, but I prefer red sauce wae my chips thing, all at the one time.

She and the incredible wooden spinning top that is her Supreme Leader are starting to make Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey Appleby sound plausible in their sheer ability to gibber nonsensical shite with a straight face and hope to get away with it. All that time sooking up tae Theresa May has obviously rubbed off on her North British acolyte.

Scotland is unique in its ability to frighten immigrants away says Ruth, and guess who is getting the blame for that? Yes, those vile civil nationalists are at it again. Not yer actual jingoistic xenophobic British nationalists you understand, who cancel schemes to accept orphaned refugee children at the drop of a union flagged armband, or who desecrate war memorials to Polish airmen who fought in the Battle of Britain to help save the world from an earlier form of fascism, no, not them.

The ones Ruth means is those evil divisive separatists who despise foreigners so much that they make one of them the figurehead of the governing authority of the largest city in Scotland.

Ruth reckons immigrants won’t come to Scotland because Scotland is ‘ now the highest taxed part of the UK’. This, if you recall is due to the fact that the Scottish government chose, as is there right ( for the moment anyway) to not follow the London Tory government example when they cut taxes for the better off in Sidcup. In practical terms the numbers impacted in Scotland are fairly insignificant, it’s hardly the storming of the winter palace, but Ruth will have us believe otherwise.

Reducing the number of EU migrants to Scotland would have a disastrous impact financially for the country to the tune of several billions of pounds.

In a country with an increasingly ageing population it is a simple concept to understand. Working age tax payer contributions pay for current pensions and public services. Reduce the number of working age tax payers and see what happens Ruth. In fact don’t.

It’s got to be a vote for the SNP on 8 June folks. There is no other sensible option.


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