As happened, rightly, once the information started to come through about the horrific incident in London where a West Midlands man committed the murder of four people and maimed many more in the area of the Westminster Parliament buildings, when the historic vote in Holyrood’s Parliament to ratify a request for a further independence referendum was suspended to another date, it may be appropriate for today’s launch of the SNP Manifesto for the 8 June General Election to be delayed too.

Following the heartbreaking incident in Manchester last night it would make sense to delay, if they can. Today is not a day where politics will mean very much.

There is the old adage about going about your business as normal in the face of terrorism being the best response to combating a terrorist’s intent, but on this occasion I think it would be the right thing to do.

Condolences to all impacted by the terrible losses, to those that were injured I hope for your speedy recovery, and to the emergency services and hospital staff involved, as always you have my admiration.

PostScript update. Reading that the SNP have indeed now cancelled the manifesto launch and suspended campaigning as a mark of respect for the victims. A wise and appropriate step in the circumstances.


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