‘We’re caught in a trap’

I know it’s hard but please step away from the keyboard folks, big deep breath now. Open a windae, take in a lungful of fresh air and maybe drink a glass of good Scottish water (before the Tory fracking plan pollutes it).

Ignore the impassioned nurse with the personal plea to Nicola Sturgeon during the Scottish televised General Election leaders debate who may, or may not, be an audience plant. Move on. If she is genuine, she is entitled to her opinion.

If she is not, what happens now, whatever revelations may or may not come out, whatever is exposed, will not be the story which will be portrayed in the media,

The headlines will say ‘Witch hunt’, and the sub text will be evil Cybernats,stoked up by SNP prompting, engage in pitchfork and torchlight hounding of a member of the public who disagrees with them.

This will then give additional grist to the mill for anyone canvassing in the name of unionism to happily chap on poor unsuspecting granny’s door, or write a column in granny’s paper, that she still buys every day, which will gloss over the real issues. the genuine threats to granny’s pension or the brutal austerity measures that will tighten around granny’s throat if the Tories get a larger majority, and will cut to the easypeasy tap-in-goal chase of ‘look granny, see what these evil separatists are doing, victimising nurses, in a county where we fought wars to stop this kind of thing. Vote Tory granny, we’ll stand up to them”.

There will now be a round of unionist owned newspapers ( just about all of them) journalistically lazy and happy to trawl through social media for sensational bumph, who will dig out the most unsavoury comments they can find that have been made about the lady concerned and publish them as clear examples that we are all indeed hateful fanatical cult members, worshipping at midnight covens, naked apart from kilts and painted faces, on our knees before the dark art altar of SalmondGod and his wicked she-devil enforcer.

Their propaganda machine is comprehensive, and let’s face facts, something we will always have to live with, to overcome, until independence. It drives us to the point of distraction but we must find ways to deal with it better, instead of playing into their hands.

Politicians are up there to defend their policies. Public figures who insist on telling us how we should think are entitled to have their views debated, seeing as they’ve entered the public forum, in a fair-minded way. We need to retain our dignity, we are better than that, but those with power who attempt to stifle the rights of the people of Scotland to have their democratic views respected will always trap us with alleged ‘concerned members of the public’.

Step away, and let’s get out there and engage folk on the real issues, Brexit, suppression of democracy in Scotland, the crippling impacts of austerity and right-wing policies, and the struggle to make life better for genuine Foodbank users.

The more we remain above reacting to manipulation the quicker we’ll win.


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