Now will never be the time

You may have noticed that the British Conservative and Unionist Party have just launched an adapted watered-down version of their main rightwing manifesto for the upcoming General Election for Scottish voter consumption.

Lynton Crosby is earning his money on the big push of one single message in Scotland, one single message only. We the Tories who are obsessed with talking about nothing else in Scotland bar the independence question will stand up to the SNP.

Swing voters who believe saturation state sponsored propaganda, remaining Labour voters who are uncomfortable with self-government, up to the knees loyalists, and actual ScottishTories are the target of the ‘ Strong’ and ‘Stable’ brainwash strategy of the party of the ‘working people’. (If you believe that one can I have your bank account details please, and your PIN number).

Each time I see Theresa May in action I’m becoming more convinced that she’s got a slot for pound coins between her shoulder blades which requires regular feeding to produce the repetitive dogma that comes out her mouth. How robotic can a politician get. She makes John Major look like Billy Graham.

Now is not the time, now will never be the time, according to Theresa. Wee Ruth the bullying mace chucker and big drum banger is going to ‘cut the SNP down to size’ because everybody knows that Theresa is the only leader that’s capable of taking on those pesky European leaders to get the best deal possible out of Britain shooting itself in both feet. This even though the evidence clearly suggests otherwise, Ms May being dreadfully feart of having to defend her position in public debate with her opponents, and avoiding the actual public like the plague, washing her hands in carbolic soap every time she comes within a hundred yards of a real voter during her farcical campaign staged travelling circus.

We are no’ tae get a referendum on deciding our own Brexut fate and future in Scitland unless there is ‘ public consent fir it to happen’, in a kind of unspecified way. It’s hard to imagine what that actually means. If an overwhelming majority vote to remain in the EU, 56 out of 59 MP’s currently at Westminster in favour of it, a democratically elected devolved government in Scotland in favour of it, and a further democratically sanctioned vote in that parliament supporting it, is not considered ‘ public consent’ what is?

Meanwhile, their plans for Scotland include supporting fracking . Not content with our oil revenue, our food and drink export revenue, the benefit of our other resources, using our fishing resources as a trade off in deals to benefit the southern city state,and hoarding the historical wealth of our now defunct industries, they are going to take what’s under us too, and potentially spoil the health of yet another generation of Scots.

Oh, and granny won’t need to worry about getting her winter fuel allowance, just vote Tory granny, until of course 9th June comes along. Nobody can say Unionist government’s don’t have form for breaking promises to the people if Scotland, but we never seem to learn. That’s the beauty of structured relentless propaganda. Granny and the cautious minded believes it.

That’ll be something that those bogeymen pension stealers at the Scottish government will continue to fund as a protection for Scotland ‘s pensioners.

Will all of this Tory bluster be effective come 8th June? Time ,and the BBC, will tell.

Ruth Davidson suggest that the Tories are back in the central ground of politics in Scotland. A place they once held in the old cap doffing days of yore. Heaven help us if they are .

Never mind, there’s more important things to consider, things like Pippa Middleton’s wedding.


One thought on “Now will never be the time

  1. Of course, Ruth Davidson’s manifesto “commitment” to the Winter Fuel Payment is a big con, as it has sod all to do with Westminster (which she seems to forget is what we vote for in a General Election), being a devolved matter and so overseen by the Scottish Government.


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