Off the hook

When is a leadership debate not a leadership debate? When Hawdit and Dawdit decide not to take part.

I can understand Theresa May’s reluctance not to show up to the ITV General Election leadership debate, seeing as she is pants at thinking on her feet without resorting to repetitive platitudes, and her policies would have been torn apart under the scrutiny of the studio audience and the viewing public, and she would have surely self combusted under the microscope of the blistering white heat of Nicola Sturgeon’s cross examination skills, but Jeremy Corbyn, what was his excuse?

Surely he would have been better facing the music, promoting his policies and standing up for what he believes to be right. Yet again he’s let the Tories off the hook. Imagine how foolish and weak the current Prime Minister of the UK would have looked if she, and only she, failed to turn up to a televised leaders debate. Jezza has diluted that by doing the same.

What about that UKIP bloke? He might be a dead ringer for Ade Edmondson but he has none of his charm or wit. He just throws out numbers in a childlike simplistic ‘over a game of pool in the pub’ sort of way. You know, like the guy everybody shakes their heads and laughs at when he eventually leaves the bar after hogging the conversation all night.

The population will be 80 gazillion by Christmas, one in, one out, I counted 35,000 Syrian refugees in Tescos the other day. There are 50 million Luxembourgians parked in dirigibles in the straits of Calais heading for Folkestone, and they all like Marks & Spencer Coronation Chicken sandwiches, so there’ll be none left for the locals. What a rocket.

I thought the leader of Plaid Cymru was going to plant him one when he continually got her mixed up with a long deceased Hollywood former child star from the John Ford classic The Searchers who mysteriously fell off a boat and drowned.

Every time I see Nicola Sturgeon in one of these forums she never fails but to impress. Sincerity, honesty and her real commitment to social justice and protecting the people of Scotland always shine through.

Her comment that the nutty far-right Nuttall was there as Theresa May’s spokesperson was gold, pure gold.

Vote SNP on 8 June. It really is the only sensible option.


2 thoughts on “Off the hook

  1. Seeing those ladies in action makes me wish a progressive alliance were possible in this reality. But Labour seem to have backed themselves into a corner with their anti-EU and anti-Scottish stance. I’d hoped they’d be looking to the future and thinking out of the box, but sadly they seem to have just retreated a few decades into a past Labour golden age. Taking a rigid stance when more than ever the need is for flexibility.


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