I blame the power lines

I blame the power lines.

I was going to blame the schools but that would infer an unfair dig at the SNP, who during their time in office in Scotland are now sending record numbers of Scottish teenagers into tertiary education and technical and vocational training, but recognise, in an age where many children communicate in pidgin English on social media and don’t read books, that they have a real problem with the three R’s in Scottish schools, a problem that they are determined to fix. The BBC won’t tell you about the first bit though.

No, it’s definitely the magnetic force fields from the power lines which are turning the insides of the heads of unionist politicians at all levels in Scotland and England to a mush of self-serving (as if they weren’t self-serving enough ) scrambled egg, situated where what passed for their brains used to be.

Bitterness, bigotry, power-grabbing and career positioning abound.

Get a load of those wax-jacketed, gun-boot wearing lads out at Stirling. Newly elected to seats in auld Viewforth, they are not content with insulting the gay community and describing their membrum virile to all and sundry. They had to take it that one step further and have a go at the Catholic community and primitive African tribes as well. Child abuse and cannibalism is it? how droll. Talk about regressive politics of old empire? Their mothership’s strategy for Brexit is to take the UK back to the 1950’s, these jokers are more aiming at the 1850’s, or perhaps the 1690’s.

Suspended? Aye right Ruthie. Maybe don’t defrock them ( because it will only encourage one of them to start on about his membrum virile again) but most definitely it should be their jotters for these two. Would you want somebody like that representing you?

Then we’ve got the cabal of power grabbing Labour Cooncillors in the granite city. Nae wonder real Labour voters have deserted this lot in droves. Despite the threat of ‘Kez’ coming down hard on them they’ve still climbed intae bed with the devil for the sake of a Provost’s chain and some power.

It’s clear that those evil civil nationalists with their fiendish and sinister policies, free prescriptions, free tertiary education, free school meals for the wee yins, free and subsided nursery care, a better standard of NHS services by at least 10% than the rest of the UK, baby boxes, a commitment to renewable energy sources, all of that real nasty stuff and much more, must be stopped at all costs.

No, what’s needed is to power share with a party, who,in a few years time, will be giving yer granny an annual medical to see whether the cod liver oil capsules have kept her supple enough to bend over far enough to pick tawties in exchange for her pension, if not it’ll be up the road to the workhouse, and days spent sewing sacks whilst watching the Bold and the Beautiful on an old Grundig portable. What a bunch of chinless, spineless, conscience free, power hungry self servers those councillors are. I’m sure the folk that voted for them will have something to say about it. Let’s hope so anyway. You never can tell these days.

‘Let me be perfectly clear Kez’ who very soon will be joining Jimbo the fundillimundilly eggman consulting in overseas development somewhere (or did I hear he’s back working with a war criminal again?) when she gets punted on 9 June, should go to town on this lot. In the end will she, apart from blowing a bit of hot air? I doubt it.

Finally how nauseating is the British State broadcasting and printed media bias against Jeremy Corbyn becoming? For Jezza 2017 read Alex Salmond circa 2014.

Shocking. As supporters of an independent Scotland we’re well used to it, and seeing as the guy says the words ‘ Scottish independence would lead to turbocharged austerity’ almost as often as the Tory Supreme Leader mentions how ‘strong ‘and ‘ stable’ she pretends to be, I’ve got limited sympathy for him, but it’s withering stuff.

The blatant bias is so bad that I’m waiting for a story appearing in the Daily Mail along the lines of an interview with a retired stockbroker from Surbiiton revealing exclusively that he was out one day walking his bulldog Winston in the local park, and had just chucked a tennis ball for Winston to fetch, when suddenly that scoundrel Corbyn jumped out of the peony roses and made off with the ball, leaving the poor pooch traumatised.it’s coming.

If any Labour supporter, any at all, real/old/New, ever tells me again that they don’t think that the BBC and the mainstream news media that they watch and read in the UK are biased in favour of their rightwing ownership, I’ll tell them that they need their heads x-rayed.

Roll on a progressive independent Scotland. Let’s get away from this madness.

I blame the power lines.


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