Stirring the pot with a shitey stick

I thought at first, seeing on social media Ruth Davidson’s wee dig and faux outrage about the lonely socialist Jeremy Corbyn and the IRA, that surely whoever posted this up on Twitter must be someone purporting to be the branch secretary of the Conservative & Unionist Party in Scotland, hoping to spread a wee bit of mischief.

Bearing in mind that the statement itself was illogical, and for anyone who knows anything about Anglo Irish relations, petty, considering the often lengthy, and sometimes secret talks held between the various parties involved in the conflict, including Thatcher’s government, it didn’t seem plausible that it could have come from her.

Surely a responsible politician, in these days where fringe extremists and heedcases have been known to carry out atrocious acts in the name of politics, wouldn’t contemplate such a stupid move in an attempt to curry favour with her Supreme Leader and to score brownie points with a certain section of Scottish society. No, surely not.

Turns out she did.

As someone who, like many in some parts of Scotland, grew up in an environment where there were certain days of the year where perfectly reasonable and likeable people who I respected, neighbours who would speak to you every other day, tended to ignore you, where old ladies walking past community halls beyond the hours of marching, but during the hours of mooth-wattering, pensioners on their way to Saturday evening worship, would be verbally abused as they passed, where local men coming out of pubs on a parade route would throw handfuls of small change into the passing unionist marchers in order to provoke a fight. where pleasant family men parked their works lorries in the middle of the road to prevent marchers from stopping outside the Chapel to bang the big drum, and were charged with breach of the peace for their trouble, I deplore Ruth Davidson’s actions.

Is this the brave new world of 21st century unionism that the Tories want for Scotland? Is this how they see it? The question seriously has to be asked. Who is it, during this extended period of constitutional debate for Scotland, who is it that is constantly accused of being divisive, and in reality who is it that is actually being divisive?

The British state used the technique of encouraging division to maintain control extensively in the old days of glory around the world, to the detriment of many former colonies.

For many years they tried to keep two communities in Scotland from coming together and recognising the real cause of poverty, deprivation, homelessness, high infant mortality rates and why it is that just being born in certain parts of Scottish inner cities means that the likelihood of you dying before you reach pensionable age is significant.

This whilst they continued to milk the cash cow of Scotland’s industriousness and innovation, and then it’s resources, the few gaining huge profit from the many, and eventually, in terms of industry, leaving nothing behind in their wake but a hollowed out husk.

Keep the peasants fighting amongst themselves and they won’t notice that we’re pumping them rotten might be a modern summing up of that strategy.

They have always feared what will happen once the game is up on that little deception. In 2017 we are getting there.

Scotland is a country with huge potential, in its resources, in its assets, and its people, all of its people. Potential which is suppressed in many ways by a governing neighbouring country to ensure that they retain control.

We are constantly subjected by the state media to the deliberate ‘cringe’, the negative, the too wee, the too poor, the ‘leave the thinking to those with a public school education’ mantra. Manipulating a part of our community by pulling on old outdated and inappropriate allegiances to help perpetuate and prop up these myths, and stir up hate and division, is surely not what we want for our country’s future, is it?

It is clear, following the emergence of elements of the Orange Order into the mix during the Local Council Elections, and the attitude of Ms Davidson, who seems to really be starting to show her true colours, that the British State is determined in Scotland to push forward to the intolerant past in more than just its suicidal Brexit scheme.

As for Ruth Davidson, that was a low blow Ruth, nasty indeed. Like your leader, the more you say, the more people will see you for what you really are.

Oh for the days when we can put all of this divisive nonsense behind us, and start working, as a self-governing independent country, on making life better for all of the bairns of Tamson.

The volunteer workers at Foodbanks are no’ interested in what school our fellow Scots went to Ruth. They are only interested in putting a warm meal in their bellies. Stop stirring the pot of hate.


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