Is it over yet?

It is indeed going to be a long and teeth-grinding few weeks until the 8th June.

My goodness, the brass-necked Conservative and Unionist Party of Great Britain are surely reaching out beyond the bounds of any previous campaign of false empty promises made in the past in order to trick voters into mandating their real plans, aren’t they? Where there is no conscience there is indeed no barrier to deceit.They really are going for it.

In a scattergun approach it is blatantly obvious that they’ll promise anything, anything at all, to voters between now and when the voting booths close, to ensure that they can then renege within the blink of an eye and do exactly whatever they want with impunity.

Once they’ve got what they want of course, they’ll then cite,nauseatingly, that they have a mandate to impose whatever hard right-wing nationalist scheme that they desire.

If you doubt their ability to be forty-faced please bear in mind that only a few weeks ago Theresa May was telling us that there was absolutely no chance that she would calling a snap general election. Before June last year she was telling voters that Brexit would be an economic nightmare for the UK, as was Ruth Davidson.

They are currently trying to be all things to everybody in order to chalk up votes. Workers, have no fear, for the strong and stable Supreme Leader, in one of her stage-managed visits to a workplace, has promised you rights beyond your wildest dreams.

You’ll have representation on boards, protections beyond the scope of EU regulation, a year off (unpaid) to care for a sick relative, pensions protection, a swimming pool out the back of the plant boiler room, Mars Bars in the staff canteen and free helicopter rides to Euro Disney for the annual works outing.

Unions, when asked to comment on these Tory proposals were succinct in their response, ‘absolute and utter bollocks’ said one local trade union representative once she’d stopped laughing and had composed herself.

Pensioners and maturer aged remaining traditional Labour voters in Scotland, watch out, they are coming for you too.

In a contrived strategic policy position move of damascene proportions, which they know doesn’t impact them as they have no control over it anyway as it’s a devolved responsibility, the sudden fondness for the free prescription scheme which has been a key policy pillar of the Scottish government for a number of years, is all about making you think that the Tories have human emotions other than greed, selfishness and a lust for the blood of small bushy-tailed mammals. They don’t.

Don’t be fooled by it folks. Be
prepared too for them suddenly backtracking on their recently caught out hesitation on the pension triple lock. They’ll be telling you that because of their sensible and frugal management of the economy, through their programme of austerity (the national debt is wildly out of control) that they’ll suddenly now be able to ensure that you pensioners never ever have to even pass your local branch of Poundstretchers and Iceland again. It’s pâté and Royal Game soup all the way from now on (until 9th June). Get yet coat on Granda, we’re off to the travel agent’s to check out prices for the Seychelles.

You might want to make yourself comfortable and settled in your favourite chair too, with a couple of Hobnobs and a mug of tea, as the TV dial is turned all the way up to ‘Extreme boak’ on the Propaganda Channel, with a steady stream of party political broadcasts heading your way citing VE Day, Trooping the Colour, six month long birthday celebrations every year for unelected heads of state, and Wullie Windsor’s wedding, as occasions that we can no longer share if the evil pension-stealing separatists get their way and sneak their agents of divisiveness back into parliament.

Our sacred strong and stable bond will be broken the el Supremo will tell us(Theresa May can manage to say all of this with a straight face, her only talent).

Wee Ruth, who as she becomes more ebullient about her party’s prospects in Scotland, falsely confident as she may be, seems, at the moment, to be getting a wee bit more full of herself than usual, and not a tank in sight, yet.

I don’t know if you saw her performance the other week during her Supreme Leader’s visit to Scotland, when the Tory party campaign organisers decided to head into the Enchanted Forest, presumably to see if they could meet with some tree pixies rather than have to encounter Scottish voters.

The video of the run up to yet another behind -closed-doors meeting in a small village hut shows a fleet of expensive cars turning up in the middle of the forest, wee Ruth gets out of one, with the speed and agility of a mountain goat offered a bunch of carrots,and nearly takes the feet from a substantially sized flunky/ Security Officer in her sycophantic haste to get to her leader. Not even a passing apology was made to the bloke, who was just blanked. Presumably he’s been in therapy since.

Aye, she thinks she’s the queen bee right now, does Ruth, as her jocular comments at the weekend on the possible timing of the next independence referendum surely demonstrate.

According to Ruth the question of self-determination for Scotland should not be considered again by the people of Scotland until at least 2049, and she intends to do what she can to ensure that this is the case.

In coming to this conclusion the Scottish branch leader of a party which has just recently reabsorbed a far-right fascist fringe offshoot party back into its ranks, cites the oft misquoted words of Alex Salmond ‘s ‘once in a generation’ in 2014.

As the saying goes, bolt hen. The people of Scotland, on a date yet to be determined by the democratically elected Scottish government some time within the next two years, when they step out to make the historic decision to return their country to its rightful sovereign self governing state, will do so between the hours of 7am and 10pm on that day. Giving them only an hour and 11 minutes to vote is impractical.

We’d still win by a mile anyway.

Roll on an independent Scotland, when we can get rid of all of this nonsense and get on with the job of making Scotland a better place for all of its people, and for our children and grandchildren in 2049.


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