Like a bad smell

Like the odd soldier or two of the Japanese imperial army, cut off from news on outlying remote pacific islands for years after 1945 thinking they are still at war, the former ruling party of Glasgow Council seem hard to shift. In fact it seems, like a fart in a boiler suit, they refuse to leave.

One week after the people of Glasgow introduced the champagne socialistas to their jotters the new SNP administration are finding that when they open up cupboards to hang up their coats in the corridors outside their new offices Labour councillors are falling out onto the carpet, and then scuttling back into the darkness behind the jaikets, the brooms and the feeshil Cooncil hoovers and dusters.

Sweaty red faced chateau le coûteux connoisseurs, used to a life of mid-morning canape and latte party policy briefings followed by expenses- paid-for business lunches, are blawing heavily as they engage in a tug- of -war with newly elected SNP councillors over Cooncil allocated lap tops.

Those of the new administration who have so far been able to wrestle IT equipment away from the Neverhavebeen’s of the New Labour former regime have been uniformly disappointed to find, that when they switch on the laptops a screensaver automatically comes up on display depicting a waving Union flag accompanied by a sound like someone blowing a raspberry. The machines internal speakers then automatically break into a loud military marching band chorus of Rule Britannia. (The Council’s IT team are apparently now working overtime to try to uninstall this bug)

On further inspection of these laptops many newly elected members have found,once they get past the initial sign in stage, that stored electronic files under the description of ‘Seriuss Cooncil Business’ contain nothing much else other than video episodes of Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, the Power Rangers and the Great British Bake Off.

Local shoppers and visitors to Glasgow city centre have been entertained all week too by the sight of Cooncil traffic wardens chasing corpulent besuited ex-members of the city politburo around George Square in an effort to try and wrestle their access cards to the executive car park away from them. It’s amazing how quickly middle aged sedentary men can move when they have to.

One or two have been wrestled to the ground, and their pass card removed. In fact one was subdued by a wee wummin fae Partick the other day, who thinking quickly, managed to hoist her string shopping bag over the fleeing freeloader’s head whilst battering him around the melt wae her brolley until the pursuing traffic warden arrived to relieve her.

The new administration team were taken on a tour of the city chambers building this week, into areas where previously access for them was restricted. Some were astonished to note that the control room for the security cameras which cover the city centre and George Square is particularly high tech and that the control staff take pride in the fact that the audio visual system they operate has worked perfectly, without any faults occurring, since it was installed a number of years ago.

SNP elected members were heard to say that they were looking forward to the wider community being able to look in online on any large scale community expressions of civil engagement which take place in the popular gathering place that George Square is.

Technical staff within the control booth were seen to look a bit puzzled as to why that hasn’t always been the case in the past.

A wee jest perhaps but another step has been taken on the road to self government for Scotland. The saltire flies over Glasgow city chambers

Next up? Those of an independence mind need to get out, if they can, and support all of the SNP candidates for the General Election in any way that you think you can help.

Let’s defy all of the brass-necked false confidence of the unionist rape clausers, their media, and their bluster of taking several Scottish seats in June. Let’s ensure Scotland is free of unionist politicians for once and for all.

Then, let’s prepare for a referendum…..


One thought on “Like a bad smell

  1. I never got further into that august pile than a side-office when I needed a chitty signed back when I worked at GCT … but honestly I believe every word and I’m sure ye didnae tell the hauf o’t 😉

    Can’t wait to see what skeletons might fall out of those dusty preases 🙂


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