The failing guise of impartiality

Oh my goodness, how they are feart. It now surely is reaching the point of farce, the widespread dissemination of falsehood and negative propaganda by the vested interested Unionist owned, financed and backed mainstream media of the United Kingdom.

Up is down, the moon is made of cheese, and if you listen to them Ruth Davidson is the most popular Scot since Ally MacLeod told an adoring public that Scotland were going to the World Cup to win it.

In scenes akin to liberated France during WW2 the streets of Scottish towns are filled with grateful and stoic cap-doffing Scottish peasants, cheering and singing ‘ Stop your tickling Jock’. In many areas the local senior landowner is carried shoulder height above the grinning crowd. The sick and lame, relieved of their mobility vehicles, rise miraculously to join the throng, Foodbanks are closed early for the day in honour of the occasion, and the homeless are scraping the gold off the pavements with the ends of their silver spoons.

The call goes up ‘hoorah hoorah, we are saved from the evil separatist menace. They are defeated’.Someone raises THE FLAG, of red white and blue. The crowd hushes, and as one drops to its knees in dutiful and adoring supplication, many in tears.

All of this is as a result of what the Herald, the Scotsman, the axis of hate ( the Mail, Express and Telegraph) and the telly, describe as a massive electoral ‘surge’ resulting in one unionist party (the nastiest of the bunch) taking a humongous 23% of the vote in the Scottish Local Council Elections, to the detriment of another unionist party. The second unionist party being a near dead entity in Scotland. The ‘surge’ being as a result of some of the second unionist party’s remaining supporters hating the SNP so much that they’d rather switch their vote to the rape clause party than consider their country as capable if looking after itself.

Biased media unionism is now openly rife. The British Broadcasting Corporation at one point as the results came in were telling the viewing public that the Tories had won control of Glasgow. A table surrounded by unionist political talking heads, including the odious Iain Duncan Smith, who considers anyone making less than fifty grand a year as something ripe on the sole of his shoe, and presenter Huw Davies, repeatedly suggested to the onscreen buoyant winning First Minister of Scotland ,whose party clearly won the election by a country mile, that the election was a serious blow for the SNP, and surely now this must see the end of any further foolishness about all of that independence nonsense.

The smirky Duncan Smith, whose party’s Scottish cabal campaigned about nothing else but the constitutional question, even had the neck to suggest that Nicola Sturgeon had made the local elections all about independence and a referendum that she wants asap.

I’m pretty sure when I was at school that 431 is a bigger number than 276. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the negative propaganda about the Scottish education system we’re always hearing is right, but I doubt it. Yet the studio representatives of all the main unionist parties in the UK were advising those watching the programme that the Tories had routed the SNP.

It’s going to be a long, teeth grinding few weeks until the General Election. The tragic thing is that many of our country folk believe the rubbish that the media propagates, under the now clearly failing guise of impartiality.

They are indeed feart of what is coming.


One thought on “The failing guise of impartiality

  1. Aye, I saw that piece too and your description is spot on. Who cares which of the two also-rans came out second? Who cares if the winner won by a yard more or less than last time, compared to their country mile lead? The one thing all of this proves is the wide divergence between English and Scots politics, which in itself ought to be a good argument for independence.

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